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Tuesday, 07 July 2015 06:25

2015 SAGE Reports are Now Available on the Parent Portal Featured

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Your student’s score reports from the 2015 administration of the SAGE end-of-level assessments are now available on the Parent Portal. In order to access these reports, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your Portal account.
  2. Identify the student for whom you wish to view reports.
  3. Click on the documents tab.
  4. Click on the View Document link following Year 15 Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence.

All test reports for your student are located in a single file. The file includes the English Language Arts (ELA) component (with a Writing subscore), the Mathematics report and a Science report for grades four and above.

SAGE results are reported with a scale score and a proficiency level for each test. A scale score represents a student’s performance on a particular test and is reported as a number from 100-900+ for each test. These scale scores allow for consistent interpretation of the scores and provide a clear illustration of student growth from year to year.

SAGE tests were developed to include vertical scales in both Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA). These scales link the subject-based assessments from grade to grade to provide information relative to student growth over time. Vertical scales are used in Math and ELA since the content standards in these disciplines follow a meaningful progression over time. However, Science assessments do not include a vertical scale since proficiency in one grade/course doesn’t necessarily require proficiency from the previous grade/course. In other words, proficiency in Physics doesn’t necessarily affect a student’s potential for success in Chemistry.

A great deal of information about your student is present on the Individual Student Reports. The scale on the left side of each document serves as a “thermometer” to indicate your student’s performance on each SAGE test. The thick, horizontal, black line in the middle of the graphic represents the scale score necessary to be considered proficient. The text next to each scale score documents the skills and abilities students who fall into each of these categories demonstrated during testing. The Reporting Category section details your student’s strengths and weaknesses relative to their overall performance on the given SAGE assessment. A legend is provided in the upper right-hand corner of the document to better help you understand this section.

In the lower-right corner, you can compare your student’s score to those of the school, the district and the state for that grade level and subject. Math and ELA reports also include a graphic of Student Performance over Time to illustrate changes in testing performance from one year to the next. The taupe, horizontal line indicates the scale score necessary to be proficient on the given exam.

As you study the SAGE reports for your student, please keep in mind that these scores are only a single measure of performance for your child. In order to truly understand the skills, abilities and needs of each student, one must consider the entire picture of student achievement including many more elements than test scores. If you have questions about these reports, please contact your building administrator. 

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