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2021 Bond Information

How Can Bond Money Be Used?

Bond money can only be spent for new school construction, property for school sites, furnishings, and remodeling/renovation projects. Bond money cannot be used on operation expenses.

What Is The Plan

$279 million

This bond WILL NOT increase the Property Tax Rate!

Aerial photo of proposed high school site.

New High School

$157 million

Start date: Nov 2021
Completion: June 2024

Aerial photo of proposed junior high school site.

New Junior High

$51 million

Start date: Mar 2022
Completion: June 2024

Aerial photo of proposed elementary school site.

New Elementary

$34 million

Start date: Oct 2022
Completion: June 2024

Photo of existing Roosevelt Elementary.

Rebuild Roosevelt

$37 million

Start date: Jan 2024
Completion: June 2026