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Child NutritionChild Nutrition

1Unpaid Meal Charges Procedure - SpanishUnpaid Meal Charges Procedure - Spanish65 KB367 times
2Unpaid Meal Charges ProcedureUnpaid Meal Charges Procedure64.56 KB531 times
3Special Meal Request Form 2017-18Special Meal Request Form 2017-18182.25 KB728 times
4Special Meal ProcedureSpecial Meal Procedure350.2 KB51 times
5Meal Prices 2018-19Meal Prices 2018-1935.08 KB833 times
62018 8 ELEM LUNCH MENU2018 8 ELEM LUNCH MENUEmpty0 times

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch MenusBreakfast and Lunch Menus

12018-9 JR LUNCH MENU2018-9 JR LUNCH MENU7.88 KB115 times
22018-9 JR BREAK MENU2018-9 JR BREAK MENU7.38 KB61 times
32018-9 HIGH LUNCH MENU2018-9 HIGH LUNCH MENU7.96 KB57 times
42018-9 HIGH BREAK MENU2018-9 HIGH BREAK MENU7.51 KB45 times
52018-9 ELEM LUNCH MENU2018-9 ELEM LUNCH MENU7.39 KB282 times
62018-9 ELEM BREAK MENU2018-9 ELEM BREAK MENU7.22 KB80 times
72018-8 JR LUNCH MENU2018-8 JR LUNCH MENU6.92 KB221 times
82018-8 JR BREAK MENU2018-8 JR BREAK MENU6.76 KB107 times
92018-8 HIGH LUNCH MENU2018-8 HIGH LUNCH MENU7.08 KB81 times
102018-8 HIGH BREAK MENU2018-8 HIGH BREAK MENU6.81 KB68 times
112018-8 ELEM LUNCH MENU2018-8 ELEM LUNCH MENU6.71 KB519 times
122018-8 ELEM BREAK MENU2018-8 ELEM BREAK MENU6.67 KB255 times
132018 5 JR LUNCH MENU2018 5 JR LUNCH MENUEmpty0 times
142018 5 JR BREAK MENU2018 5 JR BREAK MENUEmpty0 times
152018 5 HIGH LUNCH MENU2018 5 HIGH LUNCH MENUEmpty0 times
162018 5 HIGH BREAK MENU2018 5 HIGH BREAK MENUEmpty0 times
172018 5 ELEM LUNCH MENU2018 5 ELEM LUNCH MENUEmpty0 times
182018 5 ELEM BREAK MENU2018 5 ELEM BREAK MENUEmpty0 times
192018 4 JR LUNCH2018 4 JR LUNCHEmpty0 times
202018 4 JR BREAK2018 4 JR BREAKEmpty0 times
212018 4 HIGH LUNCH2018 4 HIGH LUNCHEmpty0 times
222018 4 HIGH BREAK2018 4 HIGH BREAKEmpty0 times
232018 4 ELEM LUNCH2018 4 ELEM LUNCHEmpty0 times
242018 4 ELEM BREAK2018 4 ELEM BREAKEmpty0 times
252018 3 ELEM BREAK2018 3 ELEM BREAKEmpty0 times
262018 2 ELEM LUNCH2018 2 ELEM LUNCHEmpty0 times

Carbohydrate Counts

Carbohydrate CountsCarbohydrate Counts

12018-9 JR LUNCH CARB2018-9 JR LUNCH CARB51.92 KB34 times
22018-9 JR BREAK CARB2018-9 JR BREAK CARB31.5 KB36 times
32018-9 HIGH LUNCH CARB2018-9 HIGH LUNCH CARB52.26 KB34 times
42018-9 HIGH BREAK CARB2018-9 HIGH BREAK CARB33.85 KB30 times
52018-9 ELEM LUNCH CARB2018-9 ELEM LUNCH CARB30.64 KB38 times
62018-9 ELEM BREAK CARB2018-9 ELEM BREAK CARB27.88 KB43 times
72018-8 JR LUNCH CARB2018-8 JR LUNCH CARB27.49 KB37 times
82018-8 JR BREAK CARB2018-8 JR BREAK CARB18.19 KB41 times
92018-8 HIGH LUNCH CARB2018-8 HIGH LUNCH CARB27.75 KB31 times
102018-8 HIGH BREAK CARB2018-8 HIGH BREAK CARB19.32 KB34 times
112018-8 ELEM LUNCH CARB2018-8 ELEM LUNCH CARB18.49 KB49 times
122018-8 ELEM BREAK CARB2018-8 ELEM BREAK CARB16.4 KB45 times

Free and Reduced

Free & Reduced LunchFree & Reduced Lunch



12018-9 JR LUNCH SODIUM2018-9 JR LUNCH SODIUM51.26 KB29 times
22018-9 JR BREAK SODIUM2018-9 JR BREAK SODIUM18.02 KB29 times
32018-9 HIGH LUNCH SODIUM2018-9 HIGH LUNCH SODIUM51.45 KB32 times
42018-9 HIGH BREAK SODIUM2018-9 HIGH BREAK SODIUM33.42 KB32 times
52018-9 ELEM LUNCH SODIUM2018-9 ELEM LUNCH SODIUM30.28 KB36 times
62018-9 ELEM BREAK SODIUM2018-9 ELEM BREAK SODIUM27.55 KB31 times
72018-8 JR LUNCH SODIUM2018-8 JR LUNCH SODIUM27.17 KB31 times
82018-8 JR BREAK SODIUM2018-8 JR BREAK SODIUM18.02 KB39 times
92018-8 HIGH LUNCH SODIUM2018-8 HIGH LUNCH SODIUM27.36 KB32 times
102018-8 HIGH BREAK SODIUM2018-8 HIGH BREAK SODIUM19.1 KB30 times
112018-8 ELEM LUNCH SODIUM2018-8 ELEM LUNCH SODIUM18.32 KB33 times
122018-8 ELEM BREAK SODIUM2018-8 ELEM BREAK SODIUM16.22 KB31 times


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