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HMH Collections Online

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HMH Collections OnlineHMH Collections is a Secondary English Language Arts online curriculum resource for grades 7-12. This digital resource provides all secondary ELA teachers with valuable resources to support students in becoming successful in meeting the rigorous Utah Standards for English Language Arts.

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Preschool Programs

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High Quality Preschool Programs

The High Quality Preschool Program is a state funded program. The program is provided at no cost to those students who qualify. Children must be four years old on or before September 1st of the school calendar year to enroll. The parent must provide transportation to and from the program location for the student.

Comprehensive Program

  • Based on all domains of child development and learning –physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language/literacy.
  • Aligned with Utah’s Early Childhood Core Standards
  • Supported by research-based curriculum
  • Designed to meet the needs of all children through the medium of play
  • Taught by supportive and qualified staff
  • Includes parent involvement through activities, training, and support

Eligibility for Enrollment in the High Quality Preschools

  • 4-years-old by September 2, 2018
  • Priority for enrollment in the program will based on several factors including but not limited to residency in the local school boundaries, qualifications for TANF funding (income level) and the weighted risk factors from the application form 
  • Continuous enrollment will be based on attendance requirements of the program

2018-2019 Tentative Locations for High Quality Preschools (subject to change)

  • Country View Elementary
  • Lakeview Elementary
  • North Ogden Elementary
  • Roosevelt Elementary
  • North Park Elementary
  • Washington Terrace Elementary

Sessions for High Quality Preschools

  • 3 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • AM: 9:00 – 11:30
  • PM: 12:15 – 2:45
  • September 4 – May 17

Tuition for High Quality Preschools

  • TANF eligible students – no fee based on income (Priority Enrollment)

Application Process for High Quality Preschools

  • Online HQ Preschool Application – HQ Preschool
  • Downloadable Form (submit to location site or Weber School District Office)


For questions concerning the program, please contact Weber School District at (801) 476-7870 or (801) 476-7819

Friday, 27 January 2017 07:57

Updated Timeline For Educator Evaluations

Evaluation System 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
USOE PEER Advisory Committee District evaluation plans
approved in May
Districts send updated report on to USOE in May for approval Districts pilot local evaluation systems and provide updates in spring of 2015 USOE begins accountability audits in selected districts
Observation Tools Teaching and Leadership Year 1 observation
measurement tools pilot in
16 districts
Year 2 observation tools pilot in 38 user group districts (teaching and leadership); other districts piloting observation tools based on UETS and UELS

Full implementation of observation tools aligned with UETS and UELS

Pilot electronic platforms selected by districts

Full district implementation of professional performance component

Electronic platforms in place

Student Growth

Student Growth Workgroup
recommendations finalized

SAGE adopted

USOE begins to develop
statewide example SLOs
(SS, Fine Arts, Special
Education, CTE)

USOE conducts pilot study of SLOs in volunteer districts

SAGE Year 1 test data

USOE continues to develop statewide example SLOs (Early Childhood, PE, Health, K-3 Science)

Statewide pilot of SLOs Statewide pilot of SGPs

SAGE Year 2 implementation year

Districts begin SLO development plan using example SLOs and USOE SLO Toolkit

Full district implementation of student growth component: SGPs for tested subjects and grades and SLOs for non-tested subjects and grades
Surveys for Stakeholder Input Year 1 pilot of survey
questions (Utah Education
Policy Center)
(teachers, parents, students)

Year 2 Pilot of survey items (Utah Education Policy Center)

USOE creates rubric for scoring educator response to survey feedback for effectiveness

Districts decide survey(s) to use and then pilot in local schools Full district implementation of stakeholder Input component
Weighting of Evaluation Components   USOE works with consultants to formulate study of determining weights of three components USOE pilots statewide to determine weights of three components using district data Utah State Board evaluates the component weights selected to determine final weighting
Rater-reliability and Calibration   Online resources created and distributed to districts to ensure rater-reliability of teaching and leadership observations USOE rater-reliability certification process with master-coded exemplars in place and professional development provided in districts

USOE reliability certification pilot conducted in districts

Observer certification required

Professional Development Professional development
(PD) for districts piloting observation tools for
teaching and leadership

USOE and districts provide PD for instructional effectiveness using UETS

PD on Leadership and role of administrator in improving teacher performance

USOE and districts continue PD on following:

  • Reliability
  • Instructional effectiveness
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Observations
  • SLOs
USOE and districts continue PD as needed

**2016-2017 school year includes performance pay for principals as outlined in SB101-2014 | USOE:March 25,2014

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Dual Language Immersion Programs

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Dual language immersion is a 50/50 instructional model in which students spend half their day learning in English and the other half learning in Spanish or Chinese. Through developmentally appropriate curriculum, students naturally pick up the language as they learn other subjects. The program is based on the total language learning approach incorporating content-based instruction and explicit language instruction. Our goal is that our immersion students will become bi-literate and bilingual.

Within Weber School District there are four language immersion programs. A separate application is required for each program. If you would like more information about a specific program, you are welcome and encouraged to attend an informational meeting hosted by the school principal and a school district representative. Only students entering 1st grade during the 2018-2019 school year are eligible to apply. All applications are due March 29rd, 2018 by 11:59 pm.


Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are due
March 28, 2019 by 11:59 PM.
Please contact the school principal for additional information.

--Applications may only be submitted on behalf of incoming first graders.--

The Application Process

  1. Carefully review the dual immersion application information packet.
  2. Attend the information meeting if possible (not required)
  3. Complete the application forms for the programs to which you would like to apply. Applications are due by 11:59pm on March 28, 2019.
  4. Your application(s) will be entered into a lottery system. This system is detailed in the dual immersion application information packet.
  5. You will receive notice by the end of day April 26, 2019 concerning acceptance into the programs.

Chinese at Uintah Elementary:

Chinese at Bates Elementary:

Spanish at Majestic Elementary:

Spanish at Freedom Elementary:




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Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

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Reference Materials

Reference MaterialsReference Materials

1Elementary Introductory PowerPointElementary Introductory PowerPoint1.38 MB877 times
2Guide for Teachers Writing SLOsGuide for Teachers Writing SLOs958.48 KB1081 times
3Indicators of Strong SLOIndicators of Strong SLO620.88 KB891 times
4Quality Check ToolQuality Check Tool322.28 KB623 times
5Secondary Introductory PowerPointSecondary Introductory PowerPoint1.11 MB727 times
6Three Main Criteria for a Quality SLOThree Main Criteria for a Quality SLO350.24 KB821 times
7Utah SLO Development GuideUtah SLO Development Guide31.87 KB714 times
8WSD SLO TemplateWSD SLO Template47 KB1146 times

Student Learning Objectives


Science SEEd Standard SLOs (updated October, 2017)

Click on an item to expand.


1Math SLOMath SLO72.5 KB1710 times
2Reading SLOReading SLO60 KB2068 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO56 KB790 times

1st Grade1st Grade

1Math SLOMath SLO59.5 KB1160 times
2Reading SLOReading SLO209 KB1320 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO433 KB929 times

2nd Grade2nd Grade

1Math SLOMath SLO64 KB1426 times
2Reading SLOReading SLO56.5 KB1352 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO61 KB801 times

3rd Grade3rd Grade

1ELA SLOELA SLO25.22 KB1011 times
2Math SLOMath SLO54.99 KB1185 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO26.57 KB883 times

4th Grade4th Grade

1ELA SLOELA SLO38.98 KB1059 times
2Math SLO - MultiplicationMath SLO - Multiplication63 KB1351 times
3Math SLO - Problem SolvingMath SLO - Problem Solving28.18 KB1946 times
4Writing SLOWriting SLO63.5 KB1190 times

5th Grade5th Grade

1ELA SLOELA SLO60 KB1042 times
2Math SLOMath SLO61.5 KB1250 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO25.64 KB778 times

6th Grade6th Grade

1ELA SLOELA SLO22.82 KB929 times
2Math SLOMath SLO21.65 KB1621 times
3Math SLO Data FormMath SLO Data Form13.85 KB586 times
4Reading SLO Data FormReading SLO Data Form14.81 KB609 times
5Writing SLOWriting SLO24.77 KB667 times



1Accounting I - SLO #1Accounting I - SLO #121.48 KB532 times
2Accounting I - SLO #2Accounting I - SLO #221.32 KB527 times
3Adult Roles/Financial Lit - CommunicationAdult Roles/Financial Lit - Communication21.04 KB541 times
4Adult Roles/Financial Lit - Decision MakingAdult Roles/Financial Lit - Decision Making21.8 KB549 times
5Animal Science - NutritionAnimal Science - Nutrition56 KB521 times
6Art Foundations I - Creating Expressive ArtArt Foundations I - Creating Expressive Art22.53 KB520 times
7Art Foundations I - Elements & Principles of DesignArt Foundations I - Elements & Principles of Design65.19 KB521 times
8Art I - Visual CommunicationArt I - Visual Communication59.5 KB519 times
9Automation and RoboticsAutomation and Robotics55 KB726 times
10Automotive - Lift ProceduresAutomotive - Lift Procedures57 KB536 times
11Automotive - Repair OrdersAutomotive - Repair Orders60 KB509 times
12Child Development - 5 Areas of DevelopmentChild Development - 5 Areas of Development58.5 KB697 times
13Childhood Education (Early) 1AChildhood Education (Early) 1A63 KB572 times
14Clothing I - GuidesheetClothing I - Guidesheet58.5 KB534 times
15Clothing I - MachineClothing I - Machine60.5 KB588 times
16CNA - Basic SkillsCNA - Basic Skills55 KB566 times
17CNA - Beginning and Ending ProceduresCNA - Beginning and Ending Procedures52 KB494 times
18College and Career Awareness - Business ApplicationsCollege and Career Awareness - Business Applications60 KB614 times
19College and Career Awareness - Career ExplorationCollege and Career Awareness - Career Exploration61 KB735 times
20Computer Programming 1AComputer Programming 1A21.22 KB549 times
21Computer Technology - Cross-Curricular ProjectsComputer Technology - Cross-Curricular Projects18.25 KB543 times
22Computer Technology - SpreadsheetsComputer Technology - Spreadsheets54.5 KB554 times
23Computer Technology - Technology in SocietyComputer Technology - Technology in Society19.06 KB542 times
24Computer Technology - Word ProcessingComputer Technology - Word Processing57 KB704 times
25Design & Visual CommunicationsDesign & Visual Communications60.5 KB508 times
26Digital Electronics #1Digital Electronics #155.5 KB695 times
27Digital Electronics #2Digital Electronics #257 KB1198 times
28Digital MediaDigital Media20.9 KB573 times
29Digital Photography - CompositionDigital Photography - Composition29.92 KB500 times
30Digital Photography - Exposure ModesDigital Photography - Exposure Modes21.51 KB486 times
31Drafting - ArchitectureDrafting - Architecture94.5 KB632 times
32Drafting - Tech Design 1Drafting - Tech Design 173.5 KB548 times
33EMR - CPREMR - CPR55 KB591 times
34EMR - SAMPLE HistoryEMR - SAMPLE History53 KB500 times
35Engineering Design ProcessEngineering Design Process60 KB523 times
36Engineering DocumentationEngineering Documentation62 KB532 times
37Exercise ScienceExercise Science51 KB497 times
38FACS A - Interior DesignFACS A - Interior Design59 KB539 times
39Fashion AFashion A21.39 KB456 times
40Foods I - 6 Basic NutrientsFoods I - 6 Basic Nutrients19.54 KB586 times
41Foods I - Food Borne IllnessesFoods I - Food Borne Illnesses20.02 KB483 times
42Foods II - Knife Techniques & CutsFoods II - Knife Techniques & Cuts65.5 KB654 times
43Foods II - Yeast BreadsFoods II - Yeast Breads64 KB604 times
44Foundations of Art (HS) - LogosFoundations of Art (HS) - Logos59.5 KB486 times
45Industrial DesignIndustrial Design62.5 KB495 times
46Intro to Health Science - Anatomical StructuresIntro to Health Science - Anatomical Structures54.5 KB505 times
47Intro to Health Science - CareersIntro to Health Science - Careers56 KB642 times
48Keyboarding #1Keyboarding #152 KB541 times
49Keyboarding #2Keyboarding #252 KB678 times
50Law Enforcement - 4th AmendmentLaw Enforcement - 4th Amendment53 KB519 times
51Law Enforcement - Criminal CodeLaw Enforcement - Criminal Code53.5 KB494 times
52Manufacturing MeasurementManufacturing Measurement60 KB541 times
53Manufacturing SafetyManufacturing Safety55.5 KB543 times
54MAP - DiseasesMAP - Diseases53.5 KB501 times
55MAP - TermsMAP - Terms59 KB541 times
56Medical Forensics - Lab NotebookMedical Forensics - Lab Notebook54.5 KB495 times
57Medical Forensics - Lab Safety and Equipment UseMedical Forensics - Lab Safety and Equipment Use54.5 KB639 times
58Plant & Soil Science - Std. 3Plant & Soil Science - Std. 355 KB541 times
59Plant & Soil Science - Std. 4Plant & Soil Science - Std. 454 KB525 times
60Plant & Soil Science - Std. 5Plant & Soil Science - Std. 561.5 KB553 times
61PLTW - Control SystemsPLTW - Control Systems20.2 KB561 times
62PLTW - Simple MachinesPLTW - Simple Machines20.13 KB647 times
63Small Engine Repair - Part IdentificationSmall Engine Repair - Part Identification57 KB596 times
64Small Engine Repair - Reading a MicrometerSmall Engine Repair - Reading a Micrometer53 KB568 times
65Sports Marketing - Events TriangleSports Marketing - Events Triangle56 KB537 times
66Sports Marketing - Promotion CampaignSports Marketing - Promotion Campaign58.5 KB523 times
67Teen Living - RelationshipsTeen Living - Relationships56.5 KB496 times
68Teen Living - Vision and GoalsTeen Living - Vision and Goals59.5 KB484 times
69Travel and TourismTravel and Tourism21.25 KB500 times
70Welding Technician - GMAWWelding Technician - GMAW90.5 KB623 times
71Welding Technician - SMAWWelding Technician - SMAW58 KB551 times
72Woodworking - JoineryWoodworking - Joinery59 KB515 times
73Woodworking - SafetyWoodworking - Safety57.5 KB621 times

ELL (English Language Learners)ELL (English Language Learners)

1Speaking SLO ElementarySpeaking SLO Elementary64 KB551 times
2Speaking SLO SecondarySpeaking SLO Secondary39.3 KB577 times
3Writing SLO ElementaryWriting SLO Elementary66 KB636 times
4Writing SLO SecondaryWriting SLO Secondary384.69 KB559 times

English Language ArtsEnglish Language Arts

Fine ArtsFine Arts

1Art Foundation I - Elements and Principles of DesignArt Foundation I - Elements and Principles of Design65.63 KB763 times
2Art Foundation I - Perceiving, Critiquing and Evaluating Works of ArtArt Foundation I - Perceiving, Critiquing and Evaluating Works of Art58 KB696 times
3Band I - NotationBand I - Notation19.57 KB502 times
4Band I - ScalesBand I - Scales19.99 KB510 times
5Band II - NotationBand II - Notation19.5 KB514 times
6Band II - ScalesBand II - Scales19.48 KB540 times
7Band III - NotationBand III - Notation19.63 KB534 times
8Band III - ScalesBand III - Scales19.68 KB459 times
9Choir - Intermediate Large Group EvaluationChoir - Intermediate Large Group Evaluation22.98 KB507 times
10Choir - Intermediate Notation LiteracyChoir - Intermediate Notation Literacy23.29 KB672 times
11Choir - Music Notation (Junior High)Choir - Music Notation (Junior High)22.69 KB564 times
12Choir - Sight SingingChoir - Sight Singing22.67 KB568 times
13Choir - Technical Performance Skills (Intermediate)Choir - Technical Performance Skills (Intermediate)22.45 KB618 times
14Foundations of Art - High School (Symbolism and Metaphor)Foundations of Art - High School (Symbolism and Metaphor)59 KB666 times
15Guitar - NotationGuitar - Notation19.78 KB493 times
16Jewelry IIJewelry II58.5 KB501 times
17Jewelry MakingJewelry Making60.5 KB498 times
18Music AppreciationMusic Appreciation20.64 KB521 times
19Orchestra I - NotationOrchestra I - Notation21.12 KB499 times
20Orchestra I - ScalesOrchestra I - Scales19.61 KB464 times
21Orchestra II - NotationOrchestra II - Notation19.84 KB474 times
22Orchestra II - ScalesOrchestra II - Scales19.56 KB508 times
23Orchestra III - NotationOrchestra III - Notation19.17 KB481 times
24Painting - Symbolism/MetaphorPainting - Symbolism/Metaphor59 KB495 times
25PotteryPottery58 KB724 times
26Theatre Foundations I - Constructing MeaningTheatre Foundations I - Constructing Meaning20.59 KB696 times
27Theatre Foundations I - TechniqueTheatre Foundations I - Technique19.71 KB494 times


1Drug and Alcohol PreventionDrug and Alcohol Prevention64.5 KB694 times
2Suicide PreventionSuicide Prevention64.5 KB587 times


Physical EducationPhysical Education

17th Grade PE - BG Team Sports7th Grade PE - BG Team Sports68.5 KB960 times
28th Grade PE - INT ACT8th Grade PE - INT ACT70.5 KB593 times
39th Grade PE - S & T (A)9th Grade PE - S & T (A)70 KB1039 times
4High School Fit for LifeHigh School Fit for Life60.5 KB816 times
5High School ILAHigh School ILA61 KB531 times
6Participation Skills and TechniquesParticipation Skills and Techniques63.5 KB719 times

Reading SpecialistsReading Specialists

11st Grade Intervention1st Grade Intervention547 KB609 times
23rd Grade Intervention3rd Grade Intervention61.5 KB705 times


Social StudiesSocial Studies

Special EducationSpecial Education

World LanguagesWorld Languages


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