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In August 2018, Weber School District began a one-to-one technology initiative paring a Chromebook with each student at four pilot schools: North Ogden Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Orion Jr. High and Wahlquist Jr. High.

Since then, this exciting program has expanded throughout the district, continuing the goal of developing and supporting the aquistion of 21st-century skills in every student.

Chromebooks are nothing new in our district. Over the last 6 years, students have utilized Chromebooks and other mobile devices as part of digital learning. A total of over 14,000 Chromebooks and 2,500 Ipads are currently available for student use in the classroom.

Typically, these devices are stored in carts and are moved from classroom to classroom as they are needed. Now with our one-to-one initiative, students will  be assigned their own device which will empower them with an increased level of ownership over their personal education.

As a Google Reference District, students and staff have full access to a variety of G Suite tools, which includes such apps as Google Sheets, Docs, Classroom, and the Chrome Internet browser. All of these apps and more will be available at the tap of a button anytime and anywhere from inside and (for those students enrolled in the junior high pilot schools) outside of the classroom .

Our district is able to receive a discount through CDW for Chromebook accessories (cases, headsets, chargers, mice, etc). Please follow the instructions on the provided link for purchase.

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Weber School District is delighted to begin offering this one-to-one technology to our students as we prepare them to be 21st century citizens and learners. Through our one-to-one initiative, we will succeed in our mission to "Prepare Students for Success"