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Washington Terrace Elementary

Photo of Washington Terrace Elementary
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Tana Chipp


20 East 4600 South
Ogden, UT 84405


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Washington Terrace is a Title One school with an enrollment of approximately 500 students. It is located in Washington Terrace in South Ogden, Utah and serves the students in Washington Terrace and South Riverdale. WTE is part of Weber School District and includes grades K-6. WTE also partners with YMCA to provide after school activities for the students throughout the school year and during the summer.

Washington Terrace began as the clouds of war gathered on the shores of the United States in 1940, and the government rushed to completion numerous Army, Navy, and Air Force installations in various parts of the country. To provide sufficient labor to work in these installations, recruiting teams were sent throughout the U.S. to hire workers. To insure necessary housing for these people who were uprooted from their own homes, a program of constructing large housing projects was instituted by the Federal Government. Thus Washington Terrace Housing Project came into being in 1942-43, three miles south of Ogden City on 283 acres of sand on the terraced hills just west of Washington Boulevard giving the name of Washington Terrace to the 1400 two-bedroom family homes.

The first school began in Washington Terrace on October 11, 1943, with 665 pupils and 17 teachers. There were six grades crowded into nine double dwelling-family unit houses with improvised furniture supplied by Hill Air Force Base for the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Benches and tables were constructed for the first, second, and third grade students.

The sixteen-room school building was completed in the 1945. Fifty years later in 1996 a new building was constructed on the city park southwest of the old school. Following the dedication of the new building the old school was torn down and made into a beautiful new city park with walking trails.