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Friday, 28 October 2016 14:33

Video Policy

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1. Effective Video Utilization

  A.  All videos must be previewed by the teacher before showing.  
  B. Intended instructional objectives must be written and filed.  
  C. Sound instructional principles that maximize instructional time should always be employed (e.g. show only relevant clips, inform students of the instructional purpose, stop and start video to integrate other instructional activities, use pre/post questions and discussions and assessment, etc.) 

2. Video Usage

  A. Instructional Use: The primary use of videos is for instructional purposes. By law, any video that does not include "public performance rights" must comply with the "fair use" provision of copyright law. This requires that videos  
    (1) be used with students in "face-to-face" instruction with the teacher.  
    (2) be correlated to instructional objectives.  
    (3) be shown in a normal instructional setting, (not in large group settings such as in an auditorium or assembly hall).  
    (4) not be shown for reward, entertainment, fund raising, or the charging of admission.  
  B. Non-instructional Use: Only videos that include "public performance rights" may be used for reward and entertainment. Videos shown solely for reward or entertainment must be approved by the building administrator. 

3. Video Ratings  

  A. Elementary Schools may only show "G" rated videos.  
  B.  Junior High Schools  
    (1) may show "G" rated videos.  
    (2) may show "P.G." rated videos with approval of the building administrator and the parents (written).  
    (3) may not show videos with more restrictive ratings (e.g. P.G.-13, R, NC-17, X).  
  C. Senior High Schools  
    (1) may show "G" rated videos.  
    (2) may show "P.G." rated videos with approval of the department.  
    (3) may show "P.G.-13" rated videos with approval of the department, a building administrator, and the parent (written).  
    (4) may not show any video with more restrictive ratings (e.g. R, NC-17, X). 

4. Video Sources  

  A. Any video from the district media center may be shown to students. (Grade level recommendations in the catalog should be observed.)  
  B. Any video recorded from Instructional Television (i.e. ITV channels 7 & 9) may be shown in accordance with the rights stated in the ITV Schedule Book which is produced and distributed quarterly to all schools.) 
  C. All videos legally purchased by the school media centers may be shown if approved for purchase by a building adminstrator and the department (secondary) or grade level team (elementary).  
  D. Commercially rented videos carry individual restrictions and may not be shown.  
  E.  Privately owned videos may not be shown unless approved by the building administrator.

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