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Snow Days

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Weber School District Vehicle getting ready to clear snow Weber School District Vehicle getting ready to clear snow

Closures, Delayed Starts, and Early Releases Due to Weather

(Snow Days)

Utah is a winter state with the Ogden area receiving over five feet of snowfall annually. During winter months, temperatures can average in the 20s & 30s, and it’s not uncommon to experience patterns of cold and snowy weather.  

Despite inclement weather, Weber School District has a responsibility to keep schools open as long as they can be safely and effectively operated. The public relies on our schools to be open as we provide many services for children and families.  

  • In addition to learning, our schools provide breakfast and lunch to many children who might go without.  
  • Unscheduled closures on short notice may create hardships for working parents, and many children could be left home unsupervised.  
  • Neighborhood schools provide a warm and safe place for all children, so any adjustment to the school schedule must be carefully considered.

With these factors in mind, all Weber School District schools will be open on all regularly scheduled school days unless circumstances exist that create serious health and safety concerns.   

On days when snow is expected, our custodial and maintenance crews will be out early to evaluate conditions at each school. They will be checking to make sure the building can be safely opened, which includes clearing snow from parking lots and sidewalks and ensuring all heating and lighting systems are functioning properly. It’s critical that we have adequate staff on site prior to the start of classes.

Another important consideration is busing. Our transportation department is constantly monitoring weather forecasts and road conditions. They must determine if the main roadways have been cleared by plows, and if our buses are able to safely and effectively operate.

If buildings can be safely opened and buses are able to pick up students at regularly scheduled times, then school will be in session. In the event that conditions don’t allow this, the decision to modify the school schedule will be the decision of the superintendent.

We plan on our schools to be open and functioning normally throughout the school year, so notifications will only be sent out when there is a disruption to the schedule. If parents and students do not receive a notification advising them of a change in the schedule, then they should plan on school being in session.

Notifications will be sent out through the WSD notification system, so please make sure your contact information is up to date. Information may also be posted on district and school websites, as well as social media pages. Teachers and/or principals may also send out messages from their schools. Notifications will be sent out as soon as reasonably possible in order to give parents and students advanced notice of any changes.

In the event of a delayed start, morning preschool classes will be canceled. With a two hour delay, students would have minimal time in the classroom between drop off and pick up (only approximately 45 minutes) which would be disruptive to younger children to not be able to participate in a regular classroom routine. 

In the event of an early release, elementary and junior high students will be kept at school until parents have been notified and students can be safely released.

Weber School District operates 45 schools serving over 34,000 students throughout Weber County. We understand that weather and road conditions may vary from one school community to another. Any decision to delay or cancel school is based on the school or district’s situation as a whole, and not according to anyone's individual circumstances. Please consider that adjusting the schedule may be best for one family, but it could be just the opposite for another, so it’s a decision we don’t take lightly.

Ultimately, it is a parent’s decision to send their child to school. If circumstances exist where a parent doesn’t feel that their child can safely get to school, then we expect parents to make the best choice for their child in regards to attendance. Parents should also have a backup plan in place for daycare and supervision in case there is ever an adjustment to the school schedule or if they decide to keep their child home.

If a student is late or missed class due to concerns over being able to get to school safely because of adverse weather conditions, then we will work closely with them in making up any missed assignments.