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About Student Data Privacy

Weber School District strives to protect a student’s personal data. We endeavor to maintain the confidentially, ntegrity, and accessibility of student data, while still allowing students to obtain a technologically rich educational experience.

Student Data Protection Policy

Weber School District is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of students in accordance with the Student Data Protection Act. To comply with the law, information about students must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and securely, and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully.

Data Governance Plan

In compliance with Utah State laws, Weber School District has adopted a Data Governance Plan containing precise instructions on how all student data is to be collected, stored, distributed, and disposed of.


It is our responsibility as a school district to ensure that parents are knowledgeable on what is contained in a student data record, why information about the student is collected, and how it will be stored, used, and shared.

Metadata Dictionary

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Utah’s Student Data Protection Law, all student data that is sent to a third-party vendor must be catalogued on the Utah State Board of Education’s metadata dictionary. The metadata dictionary is open to the public and contains all entities that Weber School District shares data with and what data is shared.

Use the link "View the Dictionary" to see all approved vendors.  Chose a vendor to see the individual data elements for each vendor.

IT Security Plan

Weber School District uses technology to enhance a student’s education.  With the use of technology comes a responsibility to ensure all aspects are secure. The IT Security Plan outlines steps that will enhance security across all devices, as well as outlining steps to be taken in the event of a security breach or disruption in service that would affect the district.