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December 2017 Superintendency Message

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It’s hard to believe that the holidays are here. What a great time to be part of education. Hopefully it is a time to reflect and be grateful and happy for what we have. It is also a season to give. Last week I attended the Christmas Tree Jubilee and it was a fabulous event. At this event I was reminded of what it is to give during this season. When you first walk into the event you are greeted with numerous Christmas trees that have been uniquely and beautifully decorated, you see baskets that have been created and also decorated that are loaded with gifts and goodies. All of these items that you see have been donated so they can be purchased later with the proceeds going to the Weber School District Foundation. As I admired the wonderful trees and baskets and other gifts donated, I thought of the countless hours that went into the decorating and purchasing these items. I thought of the countless people that were there at the event donating their time, the student groups that performed during each day of the event and other students that helped with whatever else was needed. I watched our own foundation team and the many hours that were put in months ago to make this event a success. I watched as so many community members and business owners dug deep into their pockets to pay for tables at the dinner, purchase the trees, baskets and other gifts as well as the many others that just made donations in general to the event. Finally, I watched as so many more volunteered to deliver these trees and gifts to those who had bought them. All of this to help children. Being able to see this whole process take place from beginning to end was heartwarming and eye opening. We are part of a great district and community and I am proud to be a part of it. Have a great holiday season this year.


Kevin Sederholm
Assistant Superintendent

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