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Substitute Teaching

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Substitute Teacher Application Process


            Applicants must meet the following qualifications:


  1. Elementary school substitute – high school diploma or equivalent
  2. Secondary school substitute – high school diploma or equivalent.  If under 21 years of age you must be admitted into a university teacher licensing program.
  3. Have a teacher license, enrolled in a university teacher licensing program, or complete a substitute training course.

Application Process


Individuals who are currently enrolled in a University pre-service education program, have a teaching license or who have successfully completed substitute training in the past 5 years do not need to complete the training and assessment.  Please bring proof of successful training or university pre-service enrollment to Human Resources.  Proceed to step # 3.


  1. Subskills Training Course (Must Complete Options A or B):


  1. Weber School District will be providing free subskills training classes. Contact Human Resources for class dates (801) 476-7886.


  2. Go to, select Purchase Training, then choose the SubSkills Online Training Course (for $39.95), and Add to Cart. Weber School District does NOT have a Coupon Code. Review your order and click on Proceed to Checkout. Please complete the requested information and remember to choose Utah as your “State” and Weber School District as your “District”. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to confirm you have done so.


    Once you finalize your transaction and have received an Order Number, you will be able to immediately begin your 8-hour training by clicking on the dark blue button that says “Go to Course”. You may come and go as you please in the lessons and you may take each of the SubAssessments up to four times


    When you have completed the training and have achieved the required 85% composite score on your SubAssessments, a SubDiploma will be available to print or email to the district office.


    Questions: Contact Kelley by telephone (1-800-922-4693), email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or live chat for help. Office hours for help are Mon – Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST.   


  1. Complete District Substitute Teaching Application packet at the District Office (Hours 7:30-3:00pm)


  1. You must bring the following items with you to complete the paperwork:


  1. Substitute training completion certificate, copy of current teaching license, or proof of admittance into a university teaching program

  2. Driver’s License

  3. Social Security card, passport or birth certificate

  4. Direct deposit information- “Voided check” OR documentation from bank

  5. $62.75 cost of background check and fingerprinting (cash, check or card)


After fingerprint and background check is cleared and paperwork has been processed you will receive an email with your employee log in information.  Once you have received your employee log in information the following needs to be completed:


On line Appropriate Use Policy


Go to and complete the appropriate use policy pages.  Use your network employee username and password when it prompts you to do so.



Complete Weber School District online Training / Certification

This is obtained by viewing an online training found at Click on Employees, then Inservice Trainings, from this point you will need to login to Weber Online. This will allow you to access all 3 trainings.

                      1.  View and study the following online trainings:


A. Blood Borne Pathogens


                                       B. Right to know Training   


                                       C. Weber District Policy on Harassment and Discrimination


                        2.  Take the test in each area

                        *Scores will be sent directly to Human Resources


 Please contact WSD Human Resources (801-476-7886) after you have successfully passed the online trainings to be activated as a substitute and receive you AESOP login number and pin. If you do not sub at least one day in a school year your name will be taken off our list and you will be required to do the background check and fingerprinting again.




PCAU HB 286 Utah Child Sexual Abuse Online Prevention Training Instructions:

Click Link:

1. Select Register
2. Complete Registration
· Parents/Caregivers must select I am a Parent of a Student from the registration drop down box in order to access the parent course.
· School personnel must select School Personnel from the registration drop down box to access the educator course.
3. Click Register Button
4. Click Launch Course
5. There will be a Certificate of Completion issued at the end of the course that the user needs to print or download as a PDF

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Classes Offered

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Praxis Training (PLT)

April 18th    4pm      Weber Innovation High in the Training Room

Friday, 28 October 2016 14:56


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New Employment/Change Forms

New Employment - Change FormsNew Employment - Change Forms

1W-4 FormW-4 Form102.66 KB599 times
2New Personnel Information SheetNew Personnel Information Sheet255.1 KB1828 times
3I-9 FormI-9 Form388.21 KB554 times
4Employee Online InstructionsEmployee Online Instructions21.3 KB699 times
5Employee Disclosure StatementEmployee Disclosure Statement112.14 KB772 times
6Employee Appropriate Use PolicyEmployee Appropriate Use Policy1.09 MB925 times
7Direct Deposit FormDirect Deposit Form54.09 KB619 times
8Address changeAddress change222.02 KB590 times

Employment Separation Forms

Employment Separation FormsEmployment Separation Forms

1Cobra Request FormCobra Request Form1.3 MB559 times
2Cobra NotificationCobra Notification21.91 KB634 times

Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT)

Academic Pathway to TeachingAcademic Pathway to Teaching

1Academic Pathway to Teaching ProgramAcademic Pathway to Teaching Program184.68 KB996 times

Catastrophic/Sick Leave Bank

Catastrophic/Sick Leave BankCatastrophic/Sick Leave Bank

1Healthcare Provider FormHealthcare Provider Form622.85 KB519 times
2Catastrophic Sick Leave Request GuidelinesCatastrophic Sick Leave Request Guidelines15.94 KB474 times
3Catastrophic Sick Leave GuidelinesCatastrophic Sick Leave Guidelines27.16 KB748 times
4Catastrophic Sick Leave Donation FormCatastrophic Sick Leave Donation Form27.81 KB462 times

FMLA Forms

FMLA FormsFMLA Forms

ADA Accommodation

Please contact Human Resources for ADA Accommodations 801.476.7953

Worker's Compensation Forms

Worker's Compensation FormsWorker's Compensation Forms

1Worker's CompensationWorker's Compensation1.01 MB560 times
2Employee Statement Regarding AccidentEmployee Statement Regarding Accident3.01 MB536 times