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Graduated Chromebook Purchase Program

As the academic year draws to a close, Tech Services is excited to introduce the Graduated Chromebook Purchase Program for high school seniors. This initiative offers graduating seniors the choice to either return their assigned Chromebook with charger or purchase the device for a nominal price of $25. In May, Tech Services will announce the program district-wide, with pre-purchase options available until the Friday before graduation week. Students who haven't returned or pre-purchased their Chromebook by the cut-off date will be billed $25. This program ensures seniors have a working device for college, other endeavors, or home and family use while contributing to the maintenance and sustainability of district devices. 100% of the monies from the sale of Graduated Chromebooks is put back into the process of purchasing and maintaining Chromebooks for Weber School District Schools.


Purchase eligibility is limited to graduating seniors receiving ownership of their currently assigned Chromebook for $25. Parents or students may pay online through PowerSchool or at their school bookkeeper window. Students who do not wish to purchase their Chromebook, are required to return their Chromebook with its original charger, or one purchased from Weber School District. See pricing below. In most cases, the $25 cost of purchasing a Graduated Chromebook is more economical than purchasing a charger needed in order to return the device. Chromebooks returned with damage or graffiti will also incur the same $25 fine again encouraging the student to keep the device for the same cost.



  • The student must be a graduating senior.
  • The pre-purchase extends only to the senior assigned to the Chromebook.
    • If a Chromebook is physically damaged and unusable, the student will pay $25 for the loss of the Chromebook and keep it. The student will also have the option to purchase a functioning Chromebook for an additional $25. This will only apply if the damage/functionality is reported prior to payment.
    • In the event that a Chromebook is damaged and unusable after the pre-purchase of said Chromebook, the option to purchase a functioning Chromebook is no longer an option.
  • Seniors may not purchase additional Chromebooks from Weber School District.
  • The Graduated Chromebooks available for purchase at the end of the 2023-2024 school year are devices on the Purple and Aqua refresh cycles only. 
  • Senior Chromebooks swapped out earlier in the year were fully assessed for damage and functionality prior to assignment. Any damage found to the device after assignment will be considered a result of misuse. 
  • Chromebooks are purchased on an AS-IS basis.
    • Between the announcement of the Graduated Chromebook Purchase Program and the Friday prior to graduation week, seniors with Chromebook issues may visit their school's Chromebook Specialist for troubleshooting. 
    • Questions regarding functionality prior to committing to pre-purchase may be addressed at the school's Senior Turn-in date when technicians will be available.
  • All sales are final. No returns or refunds.


Seniors not wishing to purchase a Graduated Chromebook

Seniors who would not like to participate in the Graduated Chromebook Purchase Program will be given the opportunity to turn in their Chromebook at their school's scheduled Senior Turn-in date(s) or to the Chromebook Specialist. Refer to the school calendar for these dates. Do not return Chromebooks to the office, counselors or bookkeepers.

Chromebooks being returned to Weber School District must meet the following criteria;

  • The Chromebook must be in working condition with no physical damage and be accompanied by the original charger or a charger purchased through Weber School District. 
    • The device must be charged to a minimum 20% in order to be assessed for return.
    • If the student is missing the charger they may purchase a discounted charger through the school bookkeeper. 
      • Currently we have a limited stock of chargers for the cost of $13.99. 
      • Once those chargers are no longer in supply the cost to turn in a Chromebook without a charger is $25. The student may then keep the Chromebook in lieu of purchasing a district-approved OEM Dell 65 watt charger for $39.95.
    • If the Chromebook has physical damage the student will be fined $25 for damages. In which case the student has the option to pay the fine and surrender the Chromebook or obtain ownership. 


Previous repairs and invoices

Lost/Missing, totaled and other previous damage billed prior to the Graduated Chromebook Purchase Program announcement on May 1st will be billed for the full amount invoiced. 

  • All part and/or replacement fines prior to the May 1st announcement are a result of a replaced part due to physical damage inhibiting the functionality of the Chromebook for student use. Students are not fined for hardware failure part replacement. 
    • The Technical Services Repair Technicians have not been repairing physical damage to secondary devices sent in for repair, unless the damage inhibits the functionality of the Chromebook and/or coincides with the reason for the initial repair request. This practice ended in early 2023.  For example: A Chromebook is sent for repair for keyboard issues but also has a cracked bezel. The cracked bezel will not be repaired since it’s not related to the issue nor does it affect the functionality of the device. 
    • Part fines incurred during Chromebook swaps earlier in the year are a result of damage needing repair in order to deploy the swapped device back into our schools. 
    • Chromebook swaps took place to align students with devices that will enter the Graduated Chromebook Purchase Program the same year the assigned student graduates. 

Purchase and Release of Ownership information

Pre-purchase of Graduated Chromebooks may be paid for through:

  • PowerSchool under Purchases and Payments with the $1 transaction fee waived. This payment method is available to both students and parents. This is the preferred method of payment.
  • In person at the bookkeeper window at the students' school. Bookkeepers do not have the ability to take payment over the phone. Be aware that long wait times may occur. 

To pre-purchase a senior’s Chromebook through PowerSchool enter the online payment portal using the Purchases and Payments option. This option is available in student and parent accounts. Select the appropriate student. Under the ‘Shop’ section select ‘Items At Student’s School’. ‘Graduated Chromebook’ will be listed in the ‘Categories’ section.

Weber School District maintains ownership of pre-purchased Chromebooks until the morning of the purchasing senior’s graduation date (see your school calendar). The Chromebooks will be deprovisioned and released from our Google Administration System on that morning. We ask that Weber School District labels be removed from purchased devices. 

Purchased Chromebooks will not be permitted to be used in Weber School District schools by siblings or other family members after purchase. Following the release of ownership purchased Chromebooks are considered personal property.

Non-returned Chromebooks

Students who did not pre-pay for their Chromebook and have not turned the device in by Friday, May 17th, 2024, will be fined $25. If the decision is made to keep the Chromebook instead of returning it to the school, ownership will not be released until the fine has been paid. Fines can be paid through PowerSchool under Purchases and Payments or in person to the school bookkeeper. A fine will replace the Graduated Chromebook option in the payment portal. Once the fine is paid the Chromebook ownership will be released to the student within 1 business day. 

Students Google Drive and Google Takeout

Chromebooks do not store student work locally but are a tool for accessing Google’s Cloud storage and applications. We strongly encourage seniors to transfer all data stored on their Drive to a personal Gmail address. email and Google Drive accounts are disabled on July 31st, 2024. Using Google Takeout allows students to transfer all of the work they have stored throughout their time at Weber School District. It is common for students to want previous work for college applications, future papers, and as reference. 

Secondary students in Weber School District are given 30 GB of Drive storage for their student accounts. Free Google services offer 15 GB of storage. Students may need to clean out their Google Drive prior to using Google Takeout. Photos and videos have the largest impact on storage space.  However Google Takeout does allow some options as to what is transferred. To transfer data visit while logged in with the account.

Questions and concerns

Any questions or concerns regarding the Graduated Chromebook Purchase Program should be directed to your school's administration team.

About Dell 3100 Chromebooks 

ChromeBook 3100

Built to withstand the demands of the modern learning environment and designed with rounded corners and rubberized edges on the palm rest for drop protection.