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Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:44

Staff Directory

Henrie, Jamie

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (801) 476-7905

Lewis, Nicole

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (801) 476-7880

Mortensen, Mandy

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (801) 476-7887

Teuscher, Dax

Purchasing Agent

PURCHASING (801) 476-7800

Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:40

Invitation to Bid

Want to be a vendor?

The following documents may be included in this solicitation: Solicitation forms, general terms and conditions, provisions and general instructions, and bid specifications.

Please review all documents carefully before completing.


1Invitation to Bid Vendor Response FormInvitation to Bid Vendor Response Form68.83 KB2225 times
Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:31


 Warehouse Catalogs 

   Custodial ServicesInstructional Warehouse








 Purchasing Staff

Dax Teuscher, Purchasing Agent


Buying Resposibilities: Audio Visual Equipment, Computer & Technology, Contracted Services, Copiers, New Construction,
P-Card Manager, Playground Equipment, Surplus, Transportation

Jamie Henrie, Buyer


Buying Responsibilities: Athletic Apparel, CTE, Maintenance Supplies, Safety Equipment, Transportation, Uniforms (Custodial, Maintenance) P-Card 

Nicole Lewis, Buyer


Buying ResponsibilitiesChild Nutrition, Fine Arts; Music & Art, Piano, Equipment, Science, Uniforms, Amazon, D.O Supplies,

Mandy Mortensen, Buyer


Buying Responsibilities: Curriculum, Furniture, Instructional Supplies, Special Education, Textbooks (Rebind & Discards) P-Card


  Purpose 2017 new










 Bid Information

Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:15

Suicide Prevention

Sunday, 30 October 2016 20:56

Find Your Nurse

Elementary Schools Nurse Phone Email Fax
Bates Sheila Moesinger 801-452-4591 801-476-7654
Burch Creek Miriam Ito 801-476-5305 801-622-8482
Country View Patricia Lords 801-452-4400 801-629-7648
Farr West Shalene Elgiar 801-452-4371 801-629-7653
Freedom Leslie Farmer 801-452-4116 801-622-8481
Green Acres Jamie Abney 801-452-4431 801-622-8480
H. Guy Child Lisa Phelps 801-452-4151 801-629-7654
Hooper Stacie Simpson 801-452-4320 801-629-7651
Kanesville Mindy Coombs 801-452-4694 801-629-7644
Lakeview Leslie Farmer 801-452-4380 801-622-8481
Lomond View Marcia Hollingsworth 801-452-4780 801-629-7643
Majestic Shalene Elgiar 801-452-4260 801-629-7653
Midland Stacie Simpson 801-476-5400 801-629-7651
Municipal Miriam Ito 801-452-4124 801-622-8482
North Ogden Jamie Abney 801-452-4309 801-622-8480
North Park Melinda Costa 801-452-4352 801-629-7652
Orchard Springs Sheila Moesinger 801-395-5658 801-476-7654
Pioneer Melinda Costa 801-452-4570 801-629-7652
Plain City Mindy Coombs 801-452-4226 801-629-7644
Riverdale Miriam Ito 801-452-4551 801-622-8482
Roosevelt Debra Mines 801-452-4520 801-629-7649
Roy Leslie Farmer 801-452-4160 801-622-8481
Silver Ridge Pamela Ballif 801-395-5611 801-629-7641
Uintah Janessa Whitesides 801-452-4993 801-629-7645
Valley Debbie Campbell 801-452-4187 801-629-7642
Valley View Patricia Lords 801-476-5210 801-629-7648
Washington Terrace Debra Mines 801-452-4200 801-629-7649
West Haven Mindy Coombs 801-452-4978 801-629-7644
West Weber Pamela Ballif 801-452-4280 801-629-7641
Jr. High Schools Nurse Phone Email Fax
North Ogden Marcia Hollingsworth 801-452-4800 801-629-7643
Orion Janessa Whitesides 801-452-4709 801-629-7645
Rocky Moutnain Stacie Simpson 801-476-5200 801-629-7651
Roy Patricia Lords 801-476-5288 801-629-7648
Sand Ridge Marie Evans 801-476-5336 801-629-7646
Snowcrest Debbie Campbell 801-476-5378 801-629-7642
South Ogden Debbie Campbell 801-452-4472 801-629-7642
T.H. Bell Debra Mines 801-452-4600 801-629-7649
Wahlquist Shalene Elgiar 801-452-4659 801-629-7653
High Schools Nurse Phone Email Fax
Bonneville Lisa Phelps 801-452-4050 801-629-7654
Fremont Pamela Ballif 801-452-4000 801-629-7641
Roy Melinda Costa 801-476-3615 801-629-7652
Weber Marcia Hollingsworth 801-476-3700 801-629-7643
Other Schools Nurse Phone Email Fax
Canyon View/Pre-K Meghan Smith 801-476-3978 801-629-7647
Weber Innovation Janessa Whitesides 801-452-6500 801-629-7645
Two Rivers Lisa Phelps 801-476-3920 801-629-7654
Sunday, 30 October 2016 20:52


5th & 6th Grade Maturation



Sunday, 30 October 2016 20:44


Marie Evans Head Nurse (801) 476-7800

Marie Evans

Head Nurse

(801) 476-7800

5320 ADAMS Ave Parkway
OGDEN, UT 84405

Documents & Forms



Saturday, 29 October 2016 22:48



1Ineligible Student FormIneligible Student Form32.74 KB2842 times
2Alternate Bus Stop Request FormAlternate Bus Stop Request Form135.23 KB2821 times

Saturday, 29 October 2016 22:43

Busing Procedure

Busing Procedure

Due to liability and safety concerns, the district strictly adheres to the busing procedure set forth by the Weber School District, the Utah State Office of Education and Risk Management.

The procedure states that school bus drivers are not authorized to allow eligible students, those who are assigned to their bus route, to be dropped off or picked up at unauthorized bus stops nor to allow students not assigned to their bus route to ride the school bus.  Ineligible students, those who do not qualify for busing services, are also not allowed to ride the school bus to or from school.

Transporting students to such activities as parties, scouts, sleepovers, achievement days, piano lessons, daycare, etc. will not be allowed.  The school bus is only to be used for transporting eligible students to and from their registered residence.

The Utah State Office of Education determines student eligibility as follows:

R277-600-4. Eligibility.

B. Transportation eligibility for elementary students (K-6) and secondary students (7-12) is determined in accordance with the mileage from home specified in Section 53A-17a-127(1) and (2) to the school attended by assignment of the local board.

F. The distance from home to school is determined as follows: From the center of the public route (road, thoroughfare, walkway, or highway) open to public use, opposite the regular entrance of the one where the pupil is living, over the nearest public route (thoroughfare, road, walkway, or highway) open regularly for use by the public, to the center of the public route (thoroughfare, road, walkway, or highway) open to public use, opposite the nearest public entrance to the school grounds which the student is attending.

The parent of a bus eligible student may request an exception to this procedure due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. a relative or friend may be taking care of your student(s) while you are out of town).  The parent must fill out and sign a copy of the district Alternative Bus Stop Request Form which is available on the Transportation website, or may be picked up in the office at the student’s school.  All forms must be signed by the parent or legal guardian, phone calls are not accepted.  This form is to be presented to the school bus driver showing authorization for the student to ride the alternative bus. Parents may also call the Transportation Office at 801-476-7930 for assistance.  We appreciate your cooperation with this important safety issue.  

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