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Friday, 07 July 2023 13:26


New Employment/Change Forms


Wednesday, 28 June 2023 14:41

Free and Reduce Price Application

Applications are Online

Use our NEW online system to apply for your free & reduced-price meal benefits instead of the old paper application.

Apply Online | Fast and Discreet | Receive Meal Benefit

Online applications can help your child's application be processed much faster than a paper application. 

Apply online after July 1st at or download the Linq Connect App.

Questions about free and reduce-price meals? Call 801-476-7836.

Paper applications are available at all schools, the CNP office, and below:

Free & Reduced LunchFree & Reduced Lunch

 This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

CNP Online Application Notification

Bonneville High School students recently competed in the National German Exam competition. Over 15,000 students across the nation compete in this exam, and many of our students scored in the top half of the nation: Collin Reynolds, Madison Brand, Allie Robinson, Jake Roberts, Bailey Hyde, Ryan Torres, Dantley Doutre, Chandlyr Noble, Mackenzie Faulkner, Drew Parry, and Issac Martinez.
Two students in particular, Lucas Staten and Speirs Fonnesbeck, scored in the top 10% of the nation! As a result, both of these students advanced to the state-level competition.
Lucas Staten placed first in Utah, advancing to Nationals where he won a gold medal and a trip to Germany. He will be traveling to Germany in June to further his language studies, live with a local family, and attend a German high school in Berlin. Congratulations, to Lucas and all of our Bonneville High School German Class students and faculty who are representing Weber School District so well on a national stage.
Friday, 21 April 2023 14:21

West Field Cone Boundary Study

Open House Presentation

Weber School District will open three new schools for the 2024/25 school year, West Field High School, Mountain View Middle School, and a yet-to-be-named elementary school. The Weber District Board of Education opened a boundary study in November 2022 to create the attendance boundaries for these new schools. As part of that process, current school capacities were studied to determine the best way to alleviate crowding at schools while populating the new schools. This may result in modifications to current school boundaries. 

Weber School District will be hosting open houses to help educate stakeholders on the process and share the boundary scenarios that the school and district teams have helped facilitate. We invite all stakeholders to attend these open houses to review the scenarios and offer feedback. If you cannot attend, you may also use the links below to review the information and share your thoughts. All open houses begin at 6:00pm.

Open House Dates and Locations

  • April 18 - Orion Junior High
  • April 19 - Rocky Mtn Junior High
  • April 20 - Roy Junior High

Boundary Study Map - Current proposals for new boundaries

Current vs Proposed Maps with Swipe Capability

Current Capacity/Future Capacity Information - Student Enrollment Numbers (Still working on future projections)

Study Area Map - This will help identify which study area you live in. 

Boundary Study Feedback Link - This will be active starting the week of the open houses.

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 15:15

School Safety Message

March 29, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are probably aware, numerous calls have been made to school districts across the state regarding a possible active shooter threat.  It turned out to be a hoax and there was no emergency.  One of the calls was directed at Ogden High School which created a county-wide law enforcement response to the school.  As a precautionary measure, many of our schools went into a secure protocol at the direction of law enforcement.

A “secure” is part of the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and it is initiated when there is a possible threat somewhere in the community.  During a “secure” everyone is brought inside the building and the exterior doors are locked.  No one is allowed in or out of the building until the protocol is released.  During a “secure” it is business as usual inside the school.

A secure differs greatly from a “lockdown.”  A lockdown is a much more serious action because it involves a possible threat inside the school.  For your reference, we have attached information on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) which describes all of our emergency protocols.

We also want to make you aware of the many safety and security measures we have in place in our district:

  • Safety committees - We have two safety committees that oversee school safety for the district.  These committees meet regularly to review safety procedures and implement  security initiatives.  
  • Site assessments - We are in the process of conducting site assessments at all of our schools to help identify and address security concerns.
  • Secure entrances - Over the past several years, we have been redesigning the main entryways at all of our elementary schools to allow for secure, single-point entry.  This coming summer, work will begin on many of our secondary school entrances.
  • Electronic access control - We’ve also been working on upgrading our exterior doors with electronic access control.  This allows for better monitoring of doors while providing for a more secure building perimeter.
  • Door lock upgrades - We are in the process of replacing interior door locks so doors can be more quickly and easily secured during an emergency.
  • Audio Enhancement - These devices give teachers and staff the ability to immediately alert authorities in the event of an emergency at their school.
  • Security cameras - We have nearly 1,200 security cameras in schools throughout our district.
  • Threat assessment - We’ve had a functioning threat assessment team in place for many years that helps to identify and monitor potential threats within our schools. 
  • Partnership with law enforcement - We have a strong partnership with local law enforcement and there are officers assigned to each of our secondary schools.  They also help to cover our elementary schools.
  • Safety Drills - We conduct regular safety drills according to the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).  These include drills for fire, threats of violence and other emergencies.
  • Mental health therapists - We continue to add mental health therapists to our schools to help students who may be struggling with mental health challenges.
  • Monitoring software - We have software that monitors our district network and devices for potential threats and concerns.
  • SafeUT app - We continue to use and promote the SafeUT app which is an anonymous tip line and crisis line.  Tips that are submitted help us to address concerns early while preventing school violence. 
  • WSD Notifier - In the event of an emergency, you will receive texts and emails through the WSD Notifier.  It’s important that you have updated your contact information in this system in order to receive notifications.
  • Social Media - We try our best to monitor activities on social media but we need your help.  If you choose to allow your children to use social media, please talk with them about appropriate use and posting responsibly.  Making threats or even posting jokes related to school violence isn’t funny, it’s criminal.

The safety and well-being of our students and employees is foremost on our minds. We are navigating a societal landscape wherein school shootings, threats and disruptions are far too commonplace. We acknowledge that this creates heightened fear and anxiety for students and families. Please be assured that we are doing all we can to keep our school settings safe. The saying, “See something, say something” is more relevant today than ever before. Everyone plays an important role in school safety. We must look out for one another and work together. 


WSD Superintendency

Roy High’s Play Productions class 2022/23 proudly presents this year's play Cases of Mistaken Identity, a fun comedy. We open; Thursday February 9th at 7:00 pm in the Little Theater and it runs Friday Feb. 10th @ 7:00 pm, Sat. Feb. 11th matinee @ 2:00 pm, and closes on Monday Feb 13th @ 7:00 pm (a great pre-Valentines date activity!) Tickets are $8 for students (18 and under) and teachers/ staff, and $10 for adults. Tickets can be purchased at the door, at the bookkeeper's office, or online at (Please print your receipt as your ticket.)

On behalf of the cast, director, and crew we happily would like to invite you all to attend and hope you will encourage others to attend as well. The students really love when their teachers and staff attend to watch these important activities outside of the classroom and the Theater Arts department also really appreciates and really needs the support. This is a hilarious play which will be entertaining for all audiences! The cast is AWESOME!!!! We have some extremely talented and hardworking students in the cast and we all are very excited for these performances and are looking forward to entertaining you!! 

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