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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 10:08

Fremont High School

Photo of Fremont High School
Alicia Mitchell 8014524000


Alicia Mitchell


1975 North 4700 West
Plain City, UT 84404


P. 8014524000

F. 8014524049

Located in Plain City Utah, Fremont High School serves the communities of Marriott-Slaterville, Harrisville, West Weber, Hooper, Taylor, Plain City, and Farr West. The student-body of Fremont High School is made up of students from Rocky Mountain and Wahlquist Junior High Schools, in grades ten through twelve. Fremont High School is a 5A Utah secondary school with an enrollment of approximately 1975 students. Since 1994, our vision and mission has been to “Educate and Inspire… Preparing to Learn and Preparing for Life.” Student learning is the focus of our school and our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that all students learn. Our motto, “Expecting Excellence” and the focus on recognizing individual strengths and individual self-worth makes Fremont a tremendous experience for all who enter here. At Fremont, there is truly something for everyone! Fremont High School is spread across 50- acres, which includes a football stadium, softball and baseball complex. The school offers over 30 clubs, sports, and groups that give students many opportunities to grow and have a memorable high school experience. Fremont has continued to its climb as an elite academic institution with robust community partnerships and outstanding links to local universities and colleges. We have built a strong and effective learning community and our stakeholders are invested in making Fremont a top tier academic experience. We are proud of our past accomplishments in athletics, the arts, and academics, but we are looking vigorously forward as we prepare our students for a future in the 21st Century and the learning that comes with the future.

Fremont High School faculty and staff have taken a leadership role in our professional development. Our teachers are always looking for ways to improve instruction. Fremont offers 14 AP Courses and many concurrent enrollment courses that point our students toward college and career readiness. Enrollment in AP and Concurrent classes has increased by 25% in the last two years! Fremont’s students are encouraged to take rigorous courses that challenge them and our teachers encourage and support students and are committed to their success. We firmly believe that our students can do hard things and our community embodies this virtue.

Our staff at Fremont High School consists of a principal, two assistant principals, one administrative intern, five counselors, 82 teachers, seven secretaries, 16-aides, five full-time custodians, one CTE coordinator, one law enforcement officer, one computer technology specialist and one media specialist. What a great opportunity it is to be a part of the of the Fremont High School family. FHS is a great school and a tremendous place to come and be a part of during these critical years. The community supports FHS – what it represents, the facility, the faculty and staff, supportive parents, established traditions, and undoubtedly the world’s greatest students. Together we will continue to build upon the high standard of excellence that has been set academically, athletically, in the arts, in career and technical, and through personal character and service. It’s a Great Day to be a Silverwolf!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 09:37

Bonneville High School

Photo of Bonneville High School
Richard Murray 8014524050


Richard Murray


251 E 4800 South
Ogden, UT 84405


P. 8014524050

F. 8014761837

Bonneville High School is a 4A High School with approximately 1400 students and 118 faculty and staff members.  Bonneville High School is located in the Washington Terrace area of Ogden, Utah. It serves the residents of four communities which include: Uintah City, Riverdale City, South Ogden City and Washington Terrace City. It is part of Weber School District and includes grades 10-12. 

Bonneville High School resides on the sandy remnants of Lake Bonneville. Its doors first opened in 1960. The first classes that occupied the school included freshman. As the finest staff was assembled and the first students began, it was decided that a symbol of a chain encircling the Anchor “B” would signify the strength of all working together in common goals. As the population around the area continued to grow, it became necessary for the school to expand also. The school has been added on to several times to keep up with the growing demands of the area. Bonneville High School has seen 18 state championships in a variety of areas. As Bonneville High School staff prepares students for careers and college, the school offers a variety of AP classes, concurrent enrollment courses, Project Lead the Way, magnet classes, and college prep classes. Bonneville High School has always had some of the finest teachers and staff members in the State. Bonneville High School embraces diversity, providing a safe and friendly environment for all students.

Monday, 02 February 2015 13:29

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