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Bond Surveys

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Y2 Analytics Survey Results

Bond 2021Bond 2021

1Y2 Analytics 2021 SurveyY2 Analytics 2021 Survey11.6 MB14 times


Bond Survey - Employees, Parents and Public - Spring, 2021

Q1 - How likely are you to vote in the November 2021 election?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Extremely Likely 1,757 77.40% 2,266 74.90% 453 77.40%
Somewhat Likely 351 15.50% 546 18% 84 14.40%
Somewhat Unlikely 86 3.80% 112 3.70% 16 2.70%
Extremely Unlikely 76 3.30% 102 3.40% 32 5.50%

Q2 - Did you have a child attend school in Weber School District during the 2020-2021 school year?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Yes 956 42.60% 2,943 97.50% 355 62.60%
No 1,285 57.30% 21 0.70% 201 35.40%
My child attended in an online-only format 3 0.10% 53 1.80% 11 1.90%

Q3 - What is your overall impression of Weber School District?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Excellent 1,270 57.10% 1,092 36.40% 184 32.70%
Good 839 37.70% 1,589 52.90% 296 52.60%
Fair 107 4.80% 291 9.70% 73 13%
Poor 9 0.40% 31 1.00% 10 1.80%

Q5 - With respect to past bonds, do you believe Weber School District delivered as promised on each proposed project?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Yes 1,311 60.10% 1,043 35.20% 236 43.40%
Somewhat 397 18.20% 539 18.20% 153 28.10%
No 49 2.20% 106 3.60% 29 5.30%
I'm unsure 424 19.40% 1,277 43.10% 127 23.30%

Q6 - With respect to past bonds, do you believe Weber School District has been responsible with taxpayer money?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Yes 1,345 62.70% 1,127 38.70% 229 42.80%
Somewhat 440 20.50% 577 19.80% 163 30.50%
No 57 2.70% 166 5.70% 47 8.80%
I'm unsure 303 14.10% 1,045 35.80% 96 17.90%

Q7 - What do you feel is the greatest need facing Weber School District in terms of construction projects?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Replacing aging facilities. 297 14.00% 376 13.10% 84 16%
Building new facilities to accommodate continual growth. 305 14.40% 582 20.30% 118 22.50%
Striking a balance between building new schools and replacing aging schools. 1,494 70.50% 1,821 63.60% 297 56.70%
There are no construction needs in the district. 22 1.00% 83 2.90% 25 4.80%

Q8 - Which five (5) possible projects do you think are the most important?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
A new high school in western Weber County. 1,304 57.40% 1,685 55.70% 325 55.60%
A re-build of Roosevelt Elementary (built in 1957) in Washington Terrace. 1,224 53.90% 1,366 45.10% 227 38.80%
A new junior high school in western Weber County. 1,057 46.60% 1,321 43.70% 268 45.80%
A re-build of T.H. Bell Junior High (built in 1962) in Washington Terrace. 1,028 45.30% 1,190 39.30% 206 35.20%
A new elementary school in western Weber County. 860 37.90% 1,061 35.10% 242 41.40%
A relocation or re-build of Canyon View School (built in 1968). 749 33.00% 667 22% 121 20.70%
A new elementary school in the North Ogden/Harrisville area. 519 22.90% 728 24.10% 139 23.80%
Another project not listed (please specify). 259 11.40% 449 14.80% 100 17.10%

Q9 - Would you support a bond in the November 2021 election to fund the replacement of older school buildings and the construction of new school in Weber School District if it did not include a tax rate increase?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Yes 1,668 81.20% 2,036 74.30% 354 71.70%
No 45 2.20% 98 3.60% 38 7.70%
I need more information before I make a decision. 342 16.60% 605 22.10% 102 20.60%

Q10 - If a bond included a tax rate increase, how much extra would you be willing to pay in new property taxes?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
$3.00 a month 599 29.40% 783 28.80% 121 24.70%
$6.00 a month 254 12.50% 354 13% 82 16.80%
A tax rate increase isn't a deciding factor in my decision to vote on a school bond. 851 41.70% 1,010 37.10% 188 38.40%
Nothing. I wouldn't support a bond if it included a tax rate increase. 336 16.50% 573 21.10% 98 20%

Q11 - Would the COVID-19 pandemic have any influence on your vote for or against a school bond in the November 2021 election?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Yes 187 9.20% 262 9.70% 58 11.90%
No 1,847 90.80% 2,449 90.30% 429 88.10%

Q12 - Which source do you feel is best to find information on a proposed school bond (check all that apply)?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
The Weber School District website 1,643 72.40% 1,778 58.80% 306 52.30%
Weber School District email 1,363 60.00% 2,042 67.50% 221 37.80%
Facebook 707 31.10% 857 28.30% 282 48.20%
Media sources 648 28.50% 624 20.60% 136 23.20%
Mailers and flyers from the district 638 28.10% 903 29.80% 134 22.90%
Town hall and community meetings 602 26.50% 608 20.10% 116 19.80%
District employee 507 22.30% 197 6.50% 62 10.60%
Other community online sites or pages 254 11.20% 251 8.30% 54 9.20%
Other social media sites 196 8.60% 144 4.80% 57 9.70%
Friends 190 8.40% 265 8.80% 48 8.20%
Twitter 140 6.20% 70 2.30% 25 4.30%
Other (please specify) 27 1.20% 52 1.70% 10 1.70%

Q13 - Do you have any other comments, input or suggestions related to potential construction projects in Weber School District or to a possible bond in the November 2021 election?

  Employees Parents Public
  N-Size Percent N-Size Percent N-Size Percent
Yes 192 10.10% 310 12.50% 67 15.80%
No 1,715 89.90% 2,161 87.50% 358 84.20%
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Official Public Notice Of Election

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Municipal General Election

The 2021 Municipal General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters starting on October 12 and arrive around October 19.  Voters must be of legal voting age, citizens of the United States, and reside in the precinct in which they are registered.

Voters can verify their registration status, and view a full sample ballot for their precinct at

Registered voters who do not receive their ballot by October 19 should contact the Elections Office.

2021 General Election Contests

Farr West City


City Council

Harrisville City

Council 4 year term

Council 2 year term

Hooper City

Council District 1&2

Council District 3&6

Council District 4&5

Hooper Water Improvement District

 Board of Trustee At Large

Board of Trustee Division 3

Huntsville Town


Town Council

Marriott Slaterville City

No City Election

North Ogden City


City Council

Ogden City

City Council Seat At Large A & B

City Council Seat 1 & 3

Plain City


City Council

Pleasant View City


City Council

Riverdale City


City Council

Roy City


City Council

South Ogden City


 Council 4 year term

Council 2 year term

Uintah City


City Council

Washington Terrace City


City Council

Weber Fire District

Board of Trustee At Large

Weber School District

Special Bond Election

West Haven City


City Council

Visit for a sample ballot and to learn more about the candidates and issues

Ballot Drop Boxes are conveniently located at every city office, county library, and on campus at Weber State University. Drop boxes are open 24 hours a day and until 8 pm on November 2. More information is available on our website and at 2380 Washington Blvd STE 320, 801-399-8034, or

Ballots must be postmarked no later than November 1 or placed in a drop box before 8 pm on November 2.

This election will be conducted by mail. In-person voting will be held October 27, 28, 29 and November 1 from
12 pm - 6 pm and on Election Day November 2 from 7am-8pm at the Weber Center located at 2380 Washington Blvd.

Voters who need assistance voting or other accommodations should call 801-399-8034 or email

A public demonstration will be held on October 8 at 12 pm to test the voting system that will be used for the Municipal General Election.  An audit of the General Election signatures will be held on November 10 at 10 am.  Both of these will be held in the Elections Office on the first floor of the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Boulevard. 

More information is available on our website at or contact us at 801-399-8034,
2380 Washington Blvd STE 320, or

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2021 Bond

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Thursday, 24 June 2021 12:25


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Bond 2021

Weber School District is considering going out of bond in the November 2021 Election. The Board of Education is currently gathering information through surveys, focus groups, public meetings and other research methods in order to make an informed decision on what projects should appear on the bond and what the potential impact will be to taxpayers. The Board is expected to make an official decision in August. For more information on the 2021 bond, go to:

Bond 2021

Past Bonds

Bond 2006


Bond 2012


Bond 2017

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Audit Committee

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The District’s independent auditor uses the District’s audit committee to communicate certain matters to upper management and the Board. The audit committee includes three members of the Board, the District superintendent, and the business administrator. The three members of the Board report audit findings and other financial considerations to the Board. The Board is responsible for the oversight of the financial reporting process.

Audit Committee Members

Jon Ritchie - President, Weber Board of Education; Audit Committee Chair
Douglas Hurst - Member, Weber Board of Education; Audit Committee Member
Paul Widdison - Member, Weber Board of Education; Audit Committee Member

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First Reading

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Below are policies that were passed on first reading.

First ReadingFirst Reading

1Revised Policy 4170  AttendanceRevised Policy 4170 Attendance137.6 KB7 times
2Revised Policies 3300 and 3310Revised Policies 3300 and 3310266.15 KB8 times
3Policy 3130Policy 313040.44 KB7 times
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2012 Bond FAQ's

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The process where a public entity goes to the voters to ask for permission to borrow money for facilities.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, in conjunction with the general primary election.

A request for voters to approve the issuance of bonds for 65 million dollars to be used for renovation and new school construction.

The tax rate will remain the same; and therefore, property owners will see no increase in their tax rate. However, the ballot will show a $37.00 increase on a $193,000 residence, which would be the increase if the district was not restructuring current debt.

Bond money can only be spent for new school construction, property for school sites, furnishings, and remodeling/renovation projects. Bond money cannot be used on operation expenses.

Money would be used for the replacement of:

West Weber Elementary (1928)
Wahlquist Jr. High (1942)
North Park Elementary (1959)
Marlon Hills Elementary (1960)
Club Heights Elementary (1942)
(Note: Marlon and Club Heights would be consolidated.)

Money would be used for a Rocky Mountain Jr. High ten-classroom addition, North Ogden Jr. High gymnasium and cafeteria expansion and other smaller construction projects throughout the district.

The average age of the schools being replaced is 68 years old. The oldest is 84 years old. These schools lack the safety features, accessibility to the disabled as well as the infrastructure needed for optimal education. In addition, construction costs and interest rates are at an all time low.

The district has grown by 2,322 students in the past decade and 1,649 since the bond of 2006. We are currently using 78 portable buildings as a temporary solution for overcrowding. Growth is particularly heavy in the northern and western portions of the school district. Bonding will enable the district to better address increased enrollment.

Weber School District officials are aware that there are other needs in our district. More than half of all schools were built before 1970. An in depth evaluation has been conducted and the schools slated for rebuilding are those in the greatest need of replacement at this time. The construction of additional schools is planned for the near future; however, doing so now would mean having a tax increase associated with the bond.

The schools in our community have needs that must be addressed. Our schools continue to age and construction costs continue to increase. If the initiative did not pass it would be placed on the ballot at a later date, however, the cost to the taxpayer would likely increase.

(801) 399-8400 or you may obtain an application online at

(801) 476-7800 or email us at

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 13:36

Bond 2006

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On June 26, 2006 voters said "YES" to a $65 million dollar bond to give Weber School District the go-ahead to replace and upgrade aging school buildings. The district's plan for a new elementary school, an addition to Farr West Elementary, an addition to Hooper Elementary and a remodel at Roy High School started immediately. Future plans involve a new building for North Ogden Elementary, an addition to Valley Elementary, a new building for South Ogden Jr. High and one new additional elementary school.

"Growth is the primary factor for the need for new buildings and additions. As populations grow, obviously needs grow, so that's really what we're looking at," said district facilities director, Drew Wilson. The collaborative effort between the school system and patrons demonstrates leadership, teamwork and vision. "Together we?re facing the challenge head-on."

The new elementary school in Plain City is nearing completion with an opening date scheduled for the fall of 2007. The community of Plain City is buzzing with excitement about the new school and the resources and opportunities it will bring to the area.

The new school is a prototype of West Haven Elementary and Freedom Elementary. The building will consist of 37 classrooms, a media center, gym, cafeteria, office, computer room and an assortment of smaller areas to add flexibility to the environment and curriculum.

Also, additions to Farr West Elementary and Hooper Elementary and the remodel at Roy High School, is well on its way.



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Public Participation

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The Board of Education welcomes public input and participation at Board meetings. During the meeting, individuals or groups may address the Board concerning any agenda item subject to the following rules:

  1. Any discussion may be limited in time at the discretion of the Board President.
  2. Board members may question speakers in order to clarify the discussion.
  3. No person shall discuss complaints against individual employees of Weber School District.
  4. Individuals making presentations shall be courteous and proper. Any person who is abusive or who disrupts the meeting may be removed.
  5. Persons wishing to have an item placed on the agenda should make a written request to the Superintendent at least one week in advance of the Board meeting.
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Pending Board Meeting Minutes

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Pending Board Meeting Minutes are below.

Pending MinutesPending Minutes

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