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Thursday, 29 September 2016 10:12

West Haven Elementary

Photo of West Haven Elementary
Courtney Geisler 8014524960


Courtney Geisler


4385 S. 3900 W.
West Haven, UT 84401


P. 8014524960

F. 8014524979

West Haven Elementary (WHE) is located in West Haven at 4385 South 3900 West. The school sits in a growing rural area west of Roy City. West Haven Elementary is named after the city it is located in. Our mascot is the “Hawk” due to the fact that they frequently fly overhead. The “Hawk” reminds us to “Soar High” in all of our endeavors.

WHE is one of the newer Schools in the Weber School District. After its completion in 2004 it had an enrollment of about 500. Currently there are 680 students and 30 teachers. Our students will attend Sandridge Jr. High and Roy High School. 

WHE is also the meeting place for a high school class, Education 1010. The students in the class are seriously considering education centered careers and will receive college credit. This is a mutualistic relationship where students learn hands on, and teachers receive much needed help with various tasks in their classrooms.

The Mission of West Haven Elementary is to ensure that all who pass through our doors will develop a sense of Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity. West Haven Elementary has an “Open” Door policy and encourages parents to get involved with the PTA and to volunteer at the school.

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