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Board Meetings

Board Meetings (6)




to increase its property tax revenue.

    $520,000 residence would increase from $1,127.41 to
    $1,269.55, which is $142.14 per year.
    $520,000 business would increase from $2,049.84 to
    $2,308.28, which is $258.44 per year.
  • If the proposed budget is approved, WEBER COUNTY
    would increase its property tax
    budgeted revenui by 5.68% above last year's property tax
    budgeted revenue excluding eligible new growth.

All concerned citizens are invited to a public hearing
on the tax increase.


Date/Time: 8/2/2023 6:00PM

Location: Weber School District Offices Board Room
                5320 Adams Avenue Parkway

To obtain more information regarting the tax increase,
at 801-476-7800.




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Wednesday, 26 July 2023 08:27

Truth In Taxation

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The Weber School District Board of Education will hold a Truth in Taxation hearing on Wednesday, August 2, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in the BoardRoom at the District Office, 5320 S. Adams Ave.,Ogden. The purpose of this hearing is to consider increasing the tax rate along with providing opportunity for the public to comment on this matter.

In November 2021, voters approved a $279 million bond to build a new high school, junior high school, and elementary school in western Weber County, along with rebuilding Roosevelt Elementary in Washington Terrace. Escalating construction costs and inflation over the past two years have created some financial challenges in completing the rebuild of Roosevelt. The Weber School Board is considering other options to ensure this project is completed as promised under the 2021 bond.

The Board recently created a Municipal Building Authority which will enable the district to issue revenue bonds for capital projects. This is common practice utilized by municipalities, school districts and other government agencies.

During the Truth in Taxation hearing, the board will position itself to issue a revenue bond for $52 million to complete the Roosevelt rebuild project. The revenue bond will be funded by raising the Capital Outlay Levy; however, the board will also be lowering the Debt Service Levy to offset the tax increase. These adjustments are predicted to have a zero tax impact to taxpayers.

As outlined during the 2021 bond campaign, the board will also be considering making a scheduled adjustment to the local tax rate. This adjustment will go to fund the ongoing expenses associated with operating the three new schools. These expenses include utilities as well essential personnel such as a principal, head secretary, custodian, media specialist, school resource officer, and other non-teacher positions. There will be no increase in costs associated with the rebuild of Roosevelt Elementary since the school already exists with supporting faculty and staff.

The board will also consider making a one time adjustment to the Judgment Levy to offset the amount of $453,436 that was awarded to PacifiCorp and CenturyLink after they appealed their assessed property values to the State Tax Commission. This judgment affects tax revenues collected by the state dating back to 2018. 

Members of the public wishing to attend the hearing can sign-up online. Public comments will be limited to three minutes per person.


Thursday, 07 September 2017 15:07

First Reading

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Below are policies that were passed on first reading.

First ReadingFirst Reading

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 10:38

Public Comment Rules & Guidelines

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The Board of Education welcomes input from the residents of Weber School District, students, parents/guardians, and current employees. The Board of Education shall allow time for public comment at the beginning of regularly scheduled Board business meetings (“Public Comment Period”) after recognition and awards of employees.  The Board desires to conduct its meetings in an orderly and efficient manner. Consequently, the Board adopts the following Public Comment Period Rules for its regularly scheduled board meetings:

  1. Those wishing to address the Board must sign up prior to the start of the Board Meeting either online as directed on the District website or on the sign-up sheet provided at the District Office. 
  2. Sign-up is handled on a first-come basis, with preference for those who sign up online. If additional time is available after online sign ups close, the Board will have a sign-up sheet available at the entrance to the Board room, for patrons to sign up for public comment. The sign-up sheet will be available until five (5) minutes prior to the start of the Board meeting.
  3. Patrons may sign up for only one Board Meeting at a time and may not sign up for a Board Meeting until the previous Board Meeting has concluded and the online sign-up process for the next Board Meeting has been enabled. 
  4. Patrons who sign up using the District website must do so no less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the Meeting. Patrons shall list:
    1. their name,
    2. the schools their children attend,
    3. their city of residence, 
    4. the topic they wish to address, 
    5. and whether they are representing themselves or a group.
  5. Speakers will be given up to three minutes to address the Board. The District may time speakers either publicly or privately to ensure compliance with this provision. The public should be aware that the Board is unable, by law, to take action on items not on the agenda.
  6. A maximum of eight (8) speakers will be given an opportunity to present to the board. 
  7. Patron comment time is limited to residents of Weber School District, students, parents/guardians of current students, and current employees of the District. All others may address the Board with prior approval of the Board President.
  8. The Board President will take public comment in the order patrons signed up, by topic, or according to some other order as determined by the President.
Sunday, 30 October 2016 22:53

Archived Agendas and Minutes

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For Board Meeting Agendas and Board Meeting Minutes from prior to June of 2014 please email .


Sunday, 30 October 2016 22:42

Upcoming Meetings

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Board Meeting Schedule 2024-2025

  • February 7, 2024
  • March 6, 2024
  • April 10, 2024
  • May 1, 2024
  • June 12, 2024 (Budget Hearing)
  • No Meeting in July
  • August 7, 2024
  • September 4, 2024
  • October 2, 2024
  • November 6, 2024
  • December 4, 2024
  • January 8, 2025
All meetings start at 6:00 PM and are at the Weber School District Office, 5320 Adams Avenue Parkway, Ogden, UT.