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Monday, 01 October 2012 17:56

October Superintendency Message

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Linda Carver, Asst. Superintendent of Weber School District

We have had a wonderful start to our school year. It always amazes me that on a certain day in August over 30,000 students begin a new year and it goes so efficiently. As a superintendency, we are truly grateful to all persons that make this happen. There are many unsung heroes and heroines behind the scenes in our educational world from bus drivers, maintenance workers, lunch room staff, secretaries, custodial staff, para-professionals, IT technicians/staff, other support staff, administrators and most importantly teachers. When one thinks about all the various components that go into a typical school day, it really is astounding.

We are especially appreciative and indebted to our great teachers. They are innovative, caring and devoted. They have the ability to create captivating atmosphere’s in which they instill dreams and goals for so many students.

When I was younger, I had an elementary teacher named Mrs. Kelly, she was from New York City. Her stories of that grand metropolis and especially Coney Island captivated me. From my desk in her classroom, I could hear the carnival sounds, the roar of ocean waves and taste the famous Coney Island hot dogs. She had a gift with words, a way of sparking my imagination and she instilled in me a desire for adventure. She was a teacher I will never forget.

This summer I found myself in New York City with my two daughters, who are also teachers. They had an endless list of ‘to dos” and “must sees” while we were there. My list was simple; I only had two requests; ride the subway to Coney Island and eat a hot dog on the boardwalk.

I am no longer that young girl sitting in Mrs. Kelly’s classroom, but her influence is still there. As we rode the subway out to Coney Island my thoughts drifted back to Mrs. Kelly and her stories. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness for not only Mrs. Kelly, but for all of the teachers that go beyond their call of duty.

I don’t know where Mrs. Kelly’s path led her. She only taught one year at our school. I am certain she would be very surprised to know that I am mentioning her in this article and even more shocked that because of her I took the subway train out to Coney Island to consume a hot dog. It turned out to be a memorable day. Each of us has similar anecdotes regarding a teacher.

I wish that I could thank Mrs. Kelly for the adventures that she created for me. And in that sense of appreciation I would most sincerely and respectfully like to thank teachers everywhere for their positive contributions to our culture and society.

Linda Carver

Assistant Superintendent

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