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Civil Engineering and Architecture

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The course introduces students to the interdependent fields of civil engineering and architecture. Students will learn about the similarities and differences between architecture and civil engineering, and how both work together in achieving a common goal. The major focus of the course is a student-driven project that involves the development of a property site. Students will learn about various aspects of civil engineering and architecture, and will apply what they learn to the design and development of this property. Students will use state-of-the-art architectural drafting software to develop architectural plans and 3-D renderings of all their designs. In addition, students will be exposed to various aspects of civil engineering including: soil analysis, rainfall runoff, 3D topography, structural heat gain/loss, and structural design analysis. Along the way students will learn the skills of: documenting projects, problem solving, and communicating to gain knowledge and share results.


  • Credit: CTE
  • Grade level: 11, 12
  • Schools: Magnet at Two Rivers
  • Course length: 2 blocks in 1 semester
  • Fee: $10
  • WSD Course #: 84450
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