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Monday, 16 October 2017 09:58

Emergency Notifications

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Parent Sign-up

  1. Login to

  2. Click on the Tools menu in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click on the Notification Preferences menu item.

    Picture showing menu location of notification preferences. Located under the tools menu >> notification preferences

  4. Enter your cell phone number and press the UPDATE NUMBER button. This will send an invitation text to your phone

    Screenshot of the notification preferences screen.
  5. Reply to the text message with YES. This will confirm the phone is yours.

  6. Refresh the Notification Preferences screen and set your preferences.
Thursday, 20 October 2016 23:25

School Notifications

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What: AcyMailer is a school based utility to mass email parents and students within their school.

When: This is for sending newsletters, emails with attachments, emails to specific grade levels, PTA, Etc.

Who: Building administrators have access to AcyMailer. For help contact Vincent Coates.

How: AcyMailer is a Joomla web site application. Administrators log into their Joomla site and can send the content out to groups specified in that list.

Thursday, 20 October 2016 23:24

Classroom Notifications

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What: MyConnect is an “opt in” notification system. (Similar to remind101) Teachers and administrators can create a list associated with a course or other group of students. Students/parents connect to that text/email feed for any type of notifications or messages associated with that course or list. These messages are logged and can be scheduled.  Parents/Students can also unsubscribe.

When: This is for normal classroom notifications, athletic and club notifications, administrator to faculty notifications and messages, etc.

Who: All teachers and administrators in Weber School District have access to MyConnect. For teacher and administrator help contact Vincent Coates. For help joining a list associated with your students, contact the school or teacher.

How: MyConnect is a button located in the MyStudent suite of classroom tools. List management can also be accomplished via website

Thursday, 20 October 2016 23:15

Emergency Notifications

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What are the best methods for me to receive timely WSD notifications?

We offer the ability to sign up for email and text alerts

To sign-up to receive emergency notifications through text and/or email, login to and click on the emergency notifications link in the menu.

Other methods for getting WSD notifications are to:

  1. Visit the main web site
  2. Visit your school web site.
  3. Check our district Twitter account. To sign up to follow our Twitter account, text “follow @wsdnotification” to 40404.
  4. Check our district Facebook page. Please keep in mind that our Facebook page is not monitored 24/7, so any messages you send may not be responded to immediately.

Emergency Notifier

What: The emergency notifier is linked to all email addresses, mobile phone numbers that have been added to the emegency notifications in myweber, the district twitter account, the district Facebook account, as well as all Weber School District web pages. It is accessed through a button in MyStudent that is only accessible by particular district administrators.

When: This is for emergency type notifications; (i.e. school closures, late start, early out, lockouts,) and other situations when we need to get information to parents and students. To unsubscribe login to and adjust your Emergency Notification preferences.

Who: The Emergency Notifier can only be initiated by the Superintendancy. Subsequent permission can be granted from the superintendent to the director and supervisor of Technical Services, the director of Secondary Education, the director of Elementary Education, Community Relations/Safety Administrator, and Technical Services Web Development emergency notification support. (Blayne Christensen, Geoff Brooks, Justin Reeve) Geoff Brooks is the point of contact.

How: To activate the Emergency Notifier contact one of the persons in the above list. 

Twitter Notifications*

You do not need to have a Twitter account to follow and receive text messages sent from the WSD Notification Twitter account. Do the following to receive WSD Notification tweets as text messages on your mobile device:

Send “follow @wsdnotification” to the number “40404”