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Tuesday, 01 January 2013 10:33

January Superintendency Message

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Linda Carver, Asst. Superintendent of Weber School District

I was planning on writing this message about New Year’s resolutions and other more light minded reading.  However the horrific attack in Newtown, Connecticut has forced me to put that commentary on hold. It has literally taken days for me to put this in print as I am still trying to get a grasp in my mind as to what happened. This tragic event has left fear, worry, numbness and shockwaves across our country, our state and our community. I see the uneasiness and apprehension on so many faces as they ask “could something like that happen in our schools?” Although I cannot ease your worry, I can tell you that Weber School District works tirelessly to do everything within our control to keep children out of harm’s way. We recognize that we do not have the power to prevent horror in this world but we will do all possible to keep our students and schools safe.

It was no surprise to hear the stories of the Newtown educators, some of whom even gave their lives, to protect the students. Educators here would do no differently; there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. Our employees always go the extra mile to make safety our number one priority in all of our schools. While it’s almost impossible to foresee every random act of violence, we will continue to work to do everything within our power to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.

Our hearts go out to the families, friends and neighbors impacted by this terrible tragedy. It’s hard to imagine what they must be going through. I have been touched by the outpouring of love and caring given to the family of Emilie Parker. The pink ribbons that have surrounded our streets have been a constant reminder of the importance of community. I am thankful for our police, fire and emergency response professionals and all others who are charged with protecting and preserving our lives. For this and much more, I believe we are truly very blessed.

As always, we value the partnership we have with our local police departments as well as the Weber County Sheriff’s Department. Weber School District will continue to work closely with all local law enforcement to ensure our emergency plans are up to date, clear, easy to use and ready to be implemented instantaneously. We will continue to work with our School Resource Officers to review all of our safety protocols and procedures. We are continually reassessing our practices and we reaffirm our commitment to make certain we are doing everything conceivable to keep our children protected

Please feel free to contact any of our school administrators or counselors if you have concerns about a child or if parents need help in talking to their children about this difficult subject. We have several resources available. 

In closing, I wish to thank you for your continued support and wish you the best for a safe, happy and healthy new year.

Linda Carver


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