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Monday, 29 February 2016 14:34

March Superintendency Message

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In Support of Support!

Every morning between approximately 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. 31,325 students across Weber County walk out of doors and head out to school.  At school they are welcomed by the most caring, well-trained administrators and teachers in the country.

Getting our students to school and supporting them in their learning is an enormous task and behind the scenes there is an army of dedicated support personnel that makes the experience of school in Weber District an inviting, safe and enriching experience.  To get a feel of the value of the work provided by support staff it is good to consider exactly what they accomplish each day:

  • We have 119 secretaries and 684 aides in the district.  They provide everything from incredibly detailed financial and personnel accounting to smiles and comfort for students, parents and fellow employees who just might not be having the best of days.  They literally make every person in the school system’s experience better and more comfortable.
  • There are 20,549 meals served up by 257 food service workers every single school day.  Lunch is served, come rain or shine or even power outage, due to the expertise and dedication of our lunch personnel.
  • 11,622 students ride 142 buses driven by 142 drivers, 31 substitute drivers and aided by 46 bus assistants.  Our school buses traveled 1,786,408 miles last school year.  Transporting students safely and in comfort is a monumental task and it happens every day in the district due to excellent service.
  • On average 10,210 computer/technical requests for service are satisfied each year by our 41 technical support personnel.  The nature of educational delivery has become so technically dependent this is an extremely vital service….and it works every single day because of highly trained and even more highly dedicated technical support professionals!
  • 80 full-time custodians clean and prepare 50 school district buildings and facilities to educate students in comfort with an environment that is clean and inviting. Due to their outstanding care, Weber District has exceptional schools and training facilities.
  • Last year our 57 maintenance personnel serviced more that 5,500 work orders (repairs and upgrades to buildings).   Not included in that 5,500 are the multiple emergency calls they regularly receive and service. To average that number out and put it in perspective, that would mean that each maintenance worker would be responsible for completing nearly 100 projects a year!
  • Food, instructional materials, custodial supplies and furniture are delivered each day to schools by our Warehouse Team consisting of 7 employees.  They deliver 100,000 lbs. of supplies per day throughout the district which equates to over 4 million lbs. per year!


We are very grateful for the dedicated professionals that make up the Weber School District Classified Employees and Educational Support Staff.  They make the educational experience of our students one of opportunity and support for achievement.  Through a dedicated and persistent effort, these great Weber District personnel,make our children’s lives brighter!



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