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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 14:34

Summer Superintendency Message

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Training always makes a difference!

A few weeks ago at Fremont High School, in one of our athletic training classes a student/athlete suddenly experienced a life threatening medical emergency. As the student lay motionless on the gymnasium floor, a group of our great coaches and teachers sprang into action. 911 was called, and CPR was initiated on the student in jeopardy. While doing CPR one of the coaches ran for the AED (automatic external defibrillator) machine installed outside the door of the gym while others ushered the other student/athletes to another room. Under the direction of the AED machine, the student was shocked 3 times amidst vigorous CPR administered by the coaching staff. Plain City Fire and others responded quickly and the student was transported to the hospital for treatment of this serious incident. Fortunately for this student and his family he is well on his way to a full recovery, thanks in large part to the initial care provided by an excellently prepared, caring coaching staff at Fremont High School. When asked about the incident Mr. Cole Price stated that "the training we received from our School Nurse, Mrs. Pam Ballif and Mr. Doug Kapp last year really paid off when it counted."

As Orion Junior closed out the school year, their student failure rate was an incredible 1%! Although we expect and want every student to succeed, for Orion's great staff to pull students through at that rate is a tremendous testament to their dedication and the massive amount of training and preparation they have participated in as a staff over the past several years. Joe Jensen, Principal of Orem Junior High and the 2013-14 Principal of the Year in Utah stated, "Research shows that the most likely people to not graduate are those who build a credit hole in 9th grade." This fact is something we have known as a district and are working hard to eliminate....the staff at Orion, has prepared to tackle this challenge.

The success of our Roy Cone Project has been well documented and recognized to the extent that in the past legislative session Representative Ann Millner ran and passed a bill earmarking funding for schools to duplicate the Roy Cone Model. Every school in the Roy Cone has seen remarkable increases in attendance, student achievement and ultimately graduation rates. This success has come through multiple teacher and staff trainings as well as new and innovative methods adopted by all staff members throughout the cone. They have prepared and trained and the results are that all students are more successful!

Throughout the past 3 years in our Bonneville Cone all of our schools have participated in a training program, Assessment to Achievement, designed to enhance Professional Learning Communities and increase direct intervention with struggling students. The number of students failing and falling through cracks has decreased significantly and they too are seeing increased graduation rates as a result of commitment and dedication to increased learning and training.

Our students get better when we as professionals get better! Attendance, student engagement in school, graduation rates all go up as our dedication, and application of professional training and knowledge goes up. YOU make a difference to the individual as well as to the masses.

As we enter summer break from school, we encourage you to read a book, attend a conference, even just contemplate lesson plans and method of all makes us better and in turn saves students' lives....sometimes literally! It's the Weber Way!

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