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Municipal Elementary hosted author Frank L. Cole on March 13th. The assembly was a huge success! The students enjoyed Frank's enthusiasm for reading and books. He is the published author of 10 books, with his latest book "Potion Masters" being released just this past January. Frank told great personal stories about a substitute bus driver when he was a student in Kentucky, another about his clock radio transmitting his sister's telephone conversations, and best of all, teaching the students that to become an amazing author they need to do four things: 1) Be weird! 2) Read 3) Observe 4) Believe! After the assembly, Mr. Cole did a book signing in our foyer with our students. He autographed each book and gave each student an autographed poster as well. The students & faculty at Municipal were impressed and enjoyed our Frank L. Cole visit. 

Municipal Elementary Students Meet Author Frank ColeMunicipal Elementary Students Meet Author Frank Cole

Municipal Elementary Students Meet Author Frank ColeMunicipal Elementary Students Meet Author Frank Cole

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Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:36

Municipal Elementary

Photo of Municipal Elementary
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Becky Dills


5775 South 2200 West
Roy, UT 84067


P. 8014524120

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Municipal is a community school which comprises four different sub communities of Roy City. The older and more established community is in the South East corner of the city. About 2/3 of the population of Municipal is bussed in from the newer or west side of the city. Many of the Municipal students are bussed past other schools to help fill the it’s classrooms. Municipal years ago was established in the heart of the city. It was the neighbor to the Police, Fire and Roy Municipal building. Behind the school use to be the recreation building and next door was the public swimming pool. Today all of those features and resources have moved further north and west as the growth of Roy moved in those directions. Municipal is centrally located close to the Roy exit of the freeway, Hill Air Force Base and much of Municipal School’s border is adjacent to the Davis School District border.

Municipal has been a smaller school in comparison to some of the newer schools that will hold up to 1000 students. Municipal currently holds up to around 450 students. Municipal is a great place to receive an education. The school has been in the community for over 50 years. It has had at least 2 remodels in that time. The school utilizes the city park as it’s playground and seems to be the gathering place for many people after school hours. The school has about 35 staff members and 21 classrooms. The class sizes vary from 20 – 34 students depending upon grade level and pockets of students. A cool fact for our school is the current Police and Fire Chiefs both attended Municipal as elementary students. Come visit and join the Municipal Eagles where it takes a whole village to help raise a child.

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