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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 07:39

Career and Technical Education

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Rod Belnap CTE Director (801) 476-6522

Rod Belnap

CTE Director

(801) 476-6522

1007 W. 12th Street
OGDEN, UT 84404

CTELogoBridgeMottoThe Mission of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to provide students with the technical skills and academic knowledge needed to prepare them for future employment and/or a successful transition to post-secondary education. CTE Pathways show students a direct connection between doing well in high school and being able to transition smoothly to post-secondary opportunities or getting a good job when they graduate. CTE offers a wide variety of courses at the junior high and high school level. Many of our high school CTE courses offer Concurrent Enrollment (CE) credit through Utah colleges and universities.

The workplace in our country has become increasingly more dynamic and demanding at a phenomenal pace. Knowledge and skills that are useful and marketable today may be completely obsolete before the end of the year or even sooner. For this reason, the students of today need an education that is not only rigorous and relevant, but one that prepares them to advance in a career.

CTE training is vital. Nearly one-third of the fastest growing occupations will require an associate’s degree or a post-secondary vocational certificate, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employers will be hiring more people with technical education than any other group. In addition, the fastest growing job categories in the United States will be technology related. In Utah, a coalition of business and education leaders have a vision for educating our youth to revitalize Utah's economy. Check out the web site at and learn why Education is the key to Utah's prosperity.

CTE offers students the opportunity to learn from extremely well qualified, professional instructors in a contextual setting using up to date, “real world” technology. CTE continually works at building collaborative, articulated programs with post-secondary educational institutions to increase the educational options for our students. A majority of our programs have state administered competency tests associated with the course of study. Our goal is to consistently score above the state average in every program area.

Student leadership opportunities along with local, state and national competitions are available through our CTSO's (Career and Technical Student Organzations).

Work Based Learning (WBL) opportunities are provided to qualified 12th grade students. After completing a Critical Workplace Skills independent study course, apprenticeships and/or internships are available at local businesses, medical facilities, schools, and government entities.

A nontraditional career is any occupation in which women or men comprise 25 percent or less of its total employment. Our teachers and counselors work to enhance awareness about nontraditional careers and dispel stereotypes and myths about these careers.

We believe in our students, support our teachers and constantly look for ways to improve our programs!

The Weber School District CTE Department is committed to excellence in education!

Career & Technical EducationCareer & Technical Education

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