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Thursday, 19 January 2017 09:13

Medical Forensics Magnet

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This year-long course is designed to create an awareness of the branch of health science relating to medical forensics. This course focuses on introductory skills and assessment in order to develop the ability to identify, analyze, and process logically using deductive reasoning and problem solving. Medical forensics involves many aspects of health science instruction including laboratory skills and safety, microscopy, toxicology, measurement, physical evidence identification, pathology, anthropology, entomology, psychology, blood spatter analysis, and career exploration.



  • Credit: CTE
    This class counts as the 3rd Science Core credit.
  • Grade level: 11, 12
  • Schools: Magnet program at Weber High
  • Course length: year, 2 periods each semester
  • Fee: $10
  • WSD Course #: 47485
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