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Assessment and Accountability

Assessment and Accountability (6)

Friday, 04 November 2016 11:45

WSD Civics Test Information

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53A-13-109.5 American Civics Education Initiative - Effective 7/1/2015:

A public school student who graduates on or after January 1, 2016, must pass a basic civics test as a condition for receiving a high school diploma. Students enrolled in an adult education program must also pass the basic civics test as a condition for receiving an adult education secondary diploma. Students must correctly answer a minimum of 35 out of 50 questions in order to pass and can take the test as many times as necessary beginning in the 8th grade.




Friday, 28 October 2016 13:19

Test Results

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 Test ResultsTest Results

Friday, 28 October 2016 13:11

2024-2025 Assessment Schedule and Forms

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AAPPL = Dual Language Immersion Assessment
ACCESS = ELL Academic Language Acquisition Assessment
ACT = 11th grade test for college admission
ACADIENCE = Early Literacy and Math Assessments
DLM = Dynamic Learning Maps (1% of students)
NAEP = National Assessment of Educational Progress (schools randomly selected for participation)

PEEP = Preschool assessment of literacy and numeracy
RISE Benchmark = Short, optional tests aligned to individual reporting categories used as predictors of potential RISE achievement
RISE Interim = Optional tests covering all reporting categories used as predictors of potential RISE achievement (two windows per year)
RISE = State summative end of grade tests (Readiness, Improvement, Success, Empowerment); Grades 3- 8
Utah Aspire Plus = State end of grade test for college and career readiness; Grades 9 - 10|
Core Standards Benchmarks = Short, optional tests aligned to Utah Aspire Plus content areas

Parental Exclusion Forms

2024-2025 Assessment Calendar

2023-2024 Elementary Assessment Summary

2023-2024 Secondary Assessment Summary

Friday, 28 October 2016 12:51

Test Administration

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RISE: Grades 3-8

Testing Aide Resources


RISE Testing Aide Training - 2023/2024

Additional Testing Documentation


Utah Aspire Plus

Testing Aide Resources

 Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile (KEEP)

  Entry Assessment (KEEP)

   Exit Assessment (KEEP)

  Alternate Assessment (KEEPAA)