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Friday, 26 January 2018 09:38

USBA Education and Training Presentation

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Weber School District CTE has created a K-12 Teaching as a Profession pathway to help combat the teaching shortage.  Our goal is to “grow our own” teachers.  This program is part of the national Education and Training cluster.  This program will offer students opportunities to explore careers in teaching, planning, managing, and providing education and training related learning support services.  

The K-12 Teaching as a Profession pathway begins in the 9th grade with Exploring Education.  The 10th and 11th grade classes are Teaching as a Profession I & II.  In these courses students will explore teaching as a profession through hands-on experiences, gaining first hand knowledge of what it is like to be a teaching professional.  As a capstone to the program, students will have the opportunity to earn concurrent college credit through Weber State’s Education 1010 course and can also participate in a Work Based Learning Internship in our district schools with mentor teachers.  

Weber District CTE was given the opportunity to present our K-12 Teaching as a Profession pathway at the Utah State Board Association conference



Friday, 26 January 2018 09:20

Kanesville Elementary hosts VEX IQ Competition

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Kanesville Elementary recently hosted the VEX IQ Competition. This competition is the elementary version of robotics designed for students to compete against other teams. Similar to legos, the students design, build, program and drive these robots. Qualifying teams go on to compete at the state level. Weber School District was well represented with 20 out of the 36 teams. Kanesville and Green Acres were amongst the winning schools. The state championship will be held in February at Davis High. We wish these talented students and teachers the best of luck!

VEX competition at Kanesville Elementary - Team Competing

VEX competition at Kanesville Elementary - Team Competing

VEX competition at Kanesville Elementary - Team Competing

VEX competition at Kanesville Elementary - Team Competing

VEX competition at Kanesville Elementary - Team Competing

VEX competition at Kanesville Elementary - Students Winning Trophy

VEX competition at Kanesville Elementary - Team Photo

For many years, the Wahlquist Spanish Department carried out a service project for the students in central Ogden, delivering school supplies, hygiene items, warm clothing, and books to Dee Elementary. With the closure of Dee, the project has now been reestablished at Madison Elementary School.  

A fundraiser that started in November and a coat drive through December allowed Wahlquist Spanish students to bring a large supply of donations and over a thousand books for Ogden’s inner city students to keep and read during the winter break.  Wahlquist’s choir provided a beautiful performance for their school, and then students from the Spanish Department helped little kids find books they wanted to read. Thanks to all those who have and continue to support this project!


Wahlquist Jr. High Service Project Tradition Continues

Wahlquist Jr. High Student helps student pick a book

Elementary Students reading books

Students read a book

Geoff Anderson, choir teacher at Fremont, has been selected as the 2017 recipient for Music Educator of the Year from the Utah High School Activities Association. This Distinguished Service Award honors individuals for their service and contributions to high school activities. This is Geoff's 24th year as choir teacher and director at Fremont. 

Geoff took upon himself the challenge of creating the music program at a new high school, creating standards of excellence and tradition through instruction, performance, mentoring, and service. He has positively influenced thousands of Fremont students throughout the 24 years he has taught at the school. He currently directs six ensembles, including three auditioned choirs, two non-auditioned choirs, and a handbell choir. He has taught 11 years of Advanced Placement Music Theory classes as well as a Weber State University Concurrent Enrollment Music Appreciation course at Fremont. Geoff is a supportive chairperson for the performing arts department, spending countless hours at drama productions, dance, band and orchestra concerts, as well as community productions. He designs lights and sound for each school production, assembly, or any outside group who uses the Fremont auditorium.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Geoff Anderson has quietly served his students, his school, the Weber School District and the state of Utah as a representative of the very best we have to offer in music education. His legacy will last many generations.


Fremont choir teacher has been selected as the 2017 Music Educator of the Year!

Fremont choir teacher has been selected as the 2017 Music Educator of the Year!

Weber School District Career Technical Education (CTE) received a warm reception and gracious hospitality on a recent visit to Kimberly Clark.

Students had the opportunity to listen to various speakers from Kimberly Clark. The students now have a better idea of all the things that happens behind the scenes to make and produce diapers and other products made by Kimberly Clark. The information the speakers provided gave our students additional resources as they make decisions about their career choices.

One highlight from the event was when each speaker talked about what it took to work in their field, whether it was additional education or on-the-job training. It showed they never stop learning. Students also heard them talk about the passion they had for the job they were doing! This is something that all students need to hear and see in action. It was great to hear from people who love their careers or jobs, and make learning fun! Various speakers also talked about the need for collaboration, communication, and problem solving.


Weber School District Career Technical Education Visits Kimberly Clark

Weber School District Career Technical Education Visits Kimberly Clark

Weber School District Career Technical Education Visits Kimberly Clark

​For the PTA booster-thon Fun Run, Freedom Elementary principal, Diane Rockwood promised to let the kids make her into an ice cream sundae if they met the goal of $25,000. She also promised to shave 50% of her head if they raised $30,000. The kids raised $30,023!

Freedom Elementary celebrates fundraising goal with an ice cream sundae



Wednesday, 08 November 2017 00:46

Lakeview Elementary Students Visit November Board Meeting

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Some of the students from Lakeview Elementary were invited to the November board meeting to share how they are using the 7 Habits of Happy Kids at Lakeview. We had a student from each grade share how they have had success with implementing the habits in their lives. The whole group shared our school mission statement.    

The West Haven Academic Team visits the Weber School District Tech Shed and uses The Design Thinking Process to update the mission and vision statement for the school. This thinking process is a structured framework for identifying challenges, gathering information, generating potential solutions, refining ideas, and testing solutions.

Feat westHaven

Feat westHaven1


Wednesday, 01 November 2017 03:18

Majestic Recognized as Imagine Learning Beacon School

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In October Majestic was recognized as a Beacon school by Imagine Learning. They had the most minutes than any other school in the state. They were recognized by Mayor Brent Taylor from North Ogden City and Mayor Bruce Richins from Harrisville City and Senator Allen Christensen. Congratulations Majestic students

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