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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:04

Bonneville High automotive team places 1st.

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Bonneville High School competed in the 17th Annual Weber State Automotive Written Test. This year 30 high schools from the Western Region (Oregon, Texas, Idaho, Nevada and Utah) competed for a chance to be one of few high schools to compete at the Hands on Test on February 9, 2017. The seniors on the Bonneville High automotive team placed 1st out of all 30 high school.  This is the second year in a row they have received this award! Way to go Bonneville High Automotive! 

Monday, 12 December 2016 11:33

E+ Team Award!

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This month, the Weber School District presented the Two Rivers High School Team the E+ Teaching Award. The team consists of: Amy Anderson and Annette Pham.

These two teachers do amazing things in their classes to build relationships, help students see relevance in the subject matter and strive for increased rigor. Amy and Annette constantly strive to address the needs of the whole student. They have sacrificed their lunchtime to open a school store where they provide a safe place for students to have a snack, enjoy a healthy conversation and make a connection with a caring adult. 

They have also spearheaded activities like, Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving, planting trees on our campus, organizing a student council and partnering with the Kiwanis Club to organize a Key Club at Two Rivers. These wonderful teachers have organized a food pantry and have helped students put together grub bags that contain an easy recipe and the ingredients that go with it. 

We congratulate them on this amazing accomplishment, and we are honored to have them as part of our team here at the Weber School District!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:30

Boundary Adjustment Study

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With massive growth in the western areas of Weber County, many of our schools are reaching maximum capacity or even exceeding it.  Take for example Fremont High School.  Built in 1994, with a permanent capacity of 1750 students, enrollment is at 2061 students this school year with projections adding another 90 students next year.  With the addition of 15 portable classrooms, we’ve increased the current capacity to 2054, but this puts a lot of strain on other facilities such as the lunchroom, auditorium, restrooms, and crowded hallways.  Excluding any additional growth in the communities that feed into Fremont, we expect the 2017-2018 enrollment will surpass 2250 students.  The school simply cannot accommodate these numbers.

Other schools are also bursting at the seams including Kanesville Elementary.  Built in 1977, with another eight classrooms added in 2009, current enrollment this year is 842 students.  Permanent capacity sits at 825, and with one portable, we’re already looking at adding more.

Under the current economic conditions, accelerated growth is projected to continue in the communities surrounding these schools.  This expansion presents many challenges to our staff and facilities, along with creating serious safety concerns.

The Weber School District has decided to implement a Major Boundary Adjustment Study.  The goal of this study is to relieve overcrowding at certain schools by re-aligning boundaries and moving students to surrounding schools that can accommodate more students.

On November 16, 2016, a District Boundary Study Committee met to discuss the boundary adjustment process.  This committee is comprised of teams from each school that could possibly be affected by any changes.  Each team includes a school principal, teacher, and PTA member or Community Council parent.  The study teams are organized into two groups to represent the Weber and Roy cones (schools that feed into Fremont).

These teams are tasked with going back to their schools to form Local Boundary Study Committees.  The local committees will consist of up to 10 members and will include more parents and community members.  Each Local Committee has been asked to come up with two boundary adjustment proposals that will be submitted to the District Committee on January 18th, 2017.  We encourage those parents who would like to be involved in this process to contact their school for more information.

After receiving the proposals, the District Committee will meet to review the recommendations.  An open house will then be held the end of February in order to receive more input from the public.  In March, the District Committee will then submit a final proposal to the Weber School District Board of Education for discussion and approval.

More information will follow as we move through this process.  The Weber School District understands that boundary adjustments can greatly impact the lives of our students and parents.  Our promise is to provide a completely open process to allow for parents and citizens to express their ideas and concerns.  We appreciate your support and encourage your involvement as we move forward in the best interest of our schools and each child.

Washington Terrace Elementary honored Veterans and retired their flag. The program consisted of Bonneville High School's Drumline, Veterans holding flags surrounding the school, a Q&A in the classrooms, and a ceremony to retire the school's flag. Thank you to all of those who participated in the program today and for the PTA for making this happen!

Thank you to all the men and women that selflessly serve our country! #VeteransDay

Thursday, 03 November 2016 07:12

Free Family Event - STEM Expo

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Monday, November 7, 2016 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Davis Conference Center. (1651 N 700 W, Layton, UT)

Bring your family to the free STEM EXPO (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Parents and students from Davis, Weber, Ogden, and Morgan School Districts are invited to attend this free family event featuring local STEM business and education institutions.

Learn about career opportunities in the local STEM industries. Learn more about STEM with hands-on activities, and meet with representatives of local colleges and universities to explore educational pathways. Come be a part of the explosive and exciting world of STEM.


Tuesday, 01 November 2016 22:18

Weber Reads 2016-17

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Weber Reads is an annual community-wide reading program which provides an opportunity for people of all ages to read, reflect, and engage in conversations around a selected text or literary author. This year’s topic of the Japanese-American Internment is a part of Utah history that many people may not be familiar with. As a part of this project, each elementary and secondary school in our district received a box of books and sample lesson plans centered on the selected topic. Teachers can also make arrangements for volunteers from the library to visit their school and do a presentation. Included in this year’s collection is a variety of both narrative and informational books which promise to be engaging and informative to students of all ages. The books and lesson plans will be located in the school libraries to support teachers of all content areas throughout the year. The lesson plans include copies of primary source documents and photographs from the period. Additional information, lesson plans, a description of each of the books selected, and upcoming events that will be held at various branches of the Weber County Library are available online at the Weber Reads website:

We invite all parents and families in Weber School District to come visit our new Family Resource Center. We are located through the school's front doors; then to the left. We have many new items in our Parent's Lending Library. We will be offering more classes for adults and preschoolers after the first of the year. We have Internet-accessible computers with a printer available for your use.

Free public classes are being offered at Weber School District's Family Resource Center, now at:

Burch Creek Elementary
4300 S. Madison Avenue South Ogden, UT 84403

Children's Music and Movement

3 session class where you will sing, dance, play instruments, and get moving with your child aged 0-5.

10:00am - 11:00am
Thursdays, Nov. 3, 10 & 17
Instructor: Suzanne Stirland

Please call 801-476-5311 to register.

All About Apples

Come learn about the different varieties of apples. We will talk about how to pick a good apple and the best recipes to use them in. We will also be making an apple crisp for you to try. Free samples and recipes.

Tuesday, November 8th
11:00am - 12:00pm
Instructor: Nicki Bray with the USU Extension Service FSNE

Register at 801-476-5311.

Candy Making - Fabulous Fakes!

In this enjoyable class, you will learn how to make delicious candies that taste like the “real” thing without the expense and hassle. Simple and delicious! Samples and recipes provided. Free!

Tuesday, December 6th
11:00am - 12:00pm
Instructor: Carol Earl

Please register at 801-476-5311.

Mixing It Up With Mixes for the Holidays

Save time by combining basic ingredients ahead of time. Come learn how to prepare different mixes; from a multi-purpose mix, to our magic mix. We will have ideas for you on mixes that make great Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends. Free samples and recipes.

Thursday, Dec. 8th
11:00am - 12:00pm
Instructor: Nicki Bray with the USU Extension Service FSNE

Please call 801-476-5311 to register.

Busy Little Bees

A preschool group for children ages 4-5 beginning approximately the end of January 2017 (parent stays with child). Pre-registration is mandatory. Each class will be approximately 45 minutes. There will be stories, songs, finger plays, crafts, field trips, etc. Free! The classes are tentatively scheduled for Thursday mornings with groups at 9:00 and 10:30. Group size is limited.

Please call 801-476-5311 to register.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 18:00

Transition Fair

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Weber School District is excited to host over 30 organizations who provide services for students with disabilities through IEPs and 504s. Come and enjoy local food truck fare and meet with providers! Weber High and Bonneville High Best Buddies chapters will be sponsering a student lounge with games, movies, and a quiet iPad and sensory activities area for students who cannot participate with their parents. Post-secondary tranistion planning should begin at age 14 - come and learn what resources are available. The fair will be held Wednesday, November 2nd, at Weber Innovation Center (1007 W 12th Street) from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. 


Monday, 19 September 2016 08:48

Safety Alert U-47700

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The Weber School District would like parents and students to be aware of a new synthetic drug, U-47700, that has started showing up in our Utah communities.  Street names for the drug include “pink” or “pinky.”

Earlier this year, there were two reported drug overdose deaths in the state related to the use of U-47700.  Authorities are now investigating the deaths of two young teens from the Park City who are believed to have used U-47700.  Both teens attended the same junior high school and died just days apart.

U-47700 is a synthetic opioid that is growing in popularity around the country.  It is easily purchased online by performing a simple Google search.  The DEA just recently proposed a temporary placement of the drug into Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substance Act.  It is most commonly found in a powder form and its side effects can include: analgesia, sedation, euphoria, constipation, itching, and respiratory depression.

Parents should take the time to talk to their children about these new synthetic drugs as they are extremely dangerous and easy to obtain.  Parents should also be diligent in monitoring their child’s behavior and to watch for potential warning signs.  These could include packages being shipped to the home from countries in Asia, suspicious activity on the Internet related to chemistry and narcotics searches, and sudden changes in their child’s behavior.  Social media accounts should also be closely scrutinized.

Numerous resources are available to parents and students at our schools or by contacting:

SafeUT 1(800)273-8255 (anonymous tip and crisis line)
Weber School District Student Services (801)476-7800
Weber Human Services (801)625-3700


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