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Friday, 06 March 2015 13:14

Board Recognizes Shelly Harris and Brian Fendrick Featured

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This month the Weber School District was given the opportunity to recognize Mrs. Shelly Harris and Mr. Brian Fendrick during our monthly school board meeting. Mrs. Harris was nominated for the I Love Teaching Award by Principal Kitty Barney of Bates Elementary, and Mr. Fendrick was nominated for the I Love Teaching Award by Dr. Rod Belnap, principal of Fremont High School.

Mrs. Shelly Harris is a 3rd grade teacher at Bates Elementary. This year she began teaching the English portion of the Chinese Immersion Program. She enthusiastically took on this responsibility, working countless hours to incorporate her entire grade level in making them feel that they are a part of the Chinese Immersion Program. Mrs. Barney states that Mrs. Harris is "a true leader among her peers, parents, and students." Her particular passion is for reading and helping students who are struggling become connected to reading and truly love it. Mrs. Harris is a strong proponent for education, and her efforts have expanded not just to her own community, but on a state level as well. She has worked with the Utah State Office of Education in helping to write SAGE test questions. She taught at the Utah Core Academy for several years. Most importantly, Mrs. Barney reports that Mrs. Harris genuinely loves the children she teaches, and that "her desire to be of service to children, teachers, and to the school community mark her as an outstanding person and educator."

When describing Mr. Brian Fendrick, Fremont High School Principal Rod Belnap states that he has an "enthusiasm that makes students want to keep coming back, to know more, and to work harder… to be their best." And who wouldn't love learning when you have a teacher like Mr. Fendrick who greets each one of his students at the door, likes to teach ON his desk, sings Happy Birthday to every birthday kid, and who participates in the daily "Good Morning" scream ritual. Mr. Fendrick is a very special teacher who was "born to teach." He has a love of literature, writing, and critical thinking and is one of the mostly highly requested teachers at Fremont. He is also the yearbook editor who has received numerous awards for innovative technology. Mr. Fendrick teaches both regular and AP English with equal zeal and expertise. His AP pass rates are among the best in the district. His classes are academically rigorous, but his students rise to the challenge because they know how much he cares for them. Mr. Fendrick's desire to teach the "whole student" extends into student government as an advisor. He is committed to making sure that his students have the full high school experience.

Congratulations to these two deserving award winners. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to recognize your unique gifts and talents. We express our gratitude for your dedication and enthusiasm!

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