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Monday, 17 July 2023 10:26

PowerSchool Status

System reboot scheduled for 6pm tonight. Hoping this fixes issue with attendance and general change logging.

11:15am - Schools should continue enrolling students. Enrollment issue has been confirmed to be resolved.

2:30pm - The issue that was identified earlier has been resolved.  New students can now be enrolled. Testing to make sure everything is fixed before letting schools know. Anticipate 8/10/2023 before noon to let schools know to start enrolling students again.

10:30am - An issue has been identified enrolling students and entering contact information. We have a PowerSchool engineer working on this and will get an update out when we know more.  ETA for a fix is by the end of today.  The issue is that when a new student is enrolled that student can get the same ID as another student in the system. The problem with that is then you can't access the new student but only the original student with the same ID. Student enrollments done via the web by parents are fine.  Those enrollments go into the Pre-Enrollment holding area to be approved.  When attempting to approve those new students the system will indicate that there is a duplicate error.  So, the issue is with office staff entering new students into PowerSchool. There is also an issue entering new contacts for students. Still looking into this one; it's likely related to the new student issue above.

Monday 8/7/2023 around 2pm a problem was discovered with enrollment data in PowerSchool (basically all enrollments were deleted and could not be recovered). It was determined that a data restore was the best option. So, around 5pm PowerSchool data was restored to what it was at 2pm. This means that all changes in the system for that ~3 hour period (8/7/2023 2pm to 5pm) were discarded and need be re-entered into the system.


PowerSchool Production Site

Data Loaded from Mystudent into PowerSchool Status
Student Accounts Done
Staff Accounts Done
Guardian Accounts Done
Courses Done
Student Enrollments Done
Immunizations Done
Program Enrollments Done
Transcripts  Done July 31
Incidents - setup complete In Progress
Incident Data (Historical Tracker Info)  October 1 for historical incidents (this info still in MyStudent) 
Test Scores August 26 
Weber Online Flex No ETA; School created and ready 8/8. Working on 3rd party connections
WIC Online No ETA; School created and ready 8/8. Working on 3rd party connections


Features and Tasks

Product Status Comment
Import Lunch Balances into Titan DONE  
Lunch Balances in InTouch DONE 8/18/2023
Lunch Balances in PowerSchool DONE ETA 9/15/2023
LunchCode share w Fee Waiver Pgm Titan->PowerSchool DONE ETA 9/15/2023
Lunch Deposits sync from InTouch to Titan DONE 8/14/2023
Icons in PowerSchool: SPED, 504, ELL, etc. DONE 8/9/2023
WeberOnline Flex In Progress  
WIC Online In Progress  


3rd Party Integrations and Exports

Product Type Status Comment
AcyMailer SFTP DONE  
Canvas Plugin DONE  
Canvas (WOL and WIC Online) Custom App In Progress  In-house app
Clever Custom Plugin DONE Done. Missing a few staff members still. Marking as Done.
Destiny SFTP In Progress (Jill)  Assigned 8/22/2023
EasyBridge Plugin In Progress Need to Test
EdPlan Custom Plugin In Progress (Jill) Need to Test
HMH Plugin In Progress Need to Test
Identity Manager Custom App In Progress Currently a nightly manual process; Working on automation
IncidentIQ  Plugin DONE  
InTouch Plugins DONE  
Learn Platform Plugin In Progress (Jill) Assigned 8/22/2023
Level Learning Plugin In Progress (Jill) Assigned 8/22/2023
Panorama Plugin In Progress  Plugin is done. Need to create 2 additional file exports
Titan Plugin & SFTP DONE 8/10/2023
Transfinder Custom Plugin DONE Completed 8/10/2023; Testing done 8/15/2023
USIIS SFTP In Progress (Jill)  
Utah Studies SFTP In Progress (Jill)  Assigned 8/22/2023
UTREx - State Reporting Plugin DONE Cleaning up Errors in Data

PowerSchool Status Site

Friday, 14 July 2023 11:02

Haven Bay Elementary

Photo of Haven Bay Elementary
Justin Skeen


Justin Skeen


3300 S. 5100 W.
West Haven, UT 84401




Haven Bay Elementary School is currently under construction.

Friday, 14 July 2023 10:59

Mountain View Junior High School

Photo of Mountain View Junior High School
Matthew Patterson


Matthew Patterson


2100 S. 2700 W.
West Haven, UT 84401




Mountain View Junior High School is currently under construction.

Friday, 14 July 2023 09:40

West Field High School

Photo of West Field High School
Michael Martini


Michael Martini


2200 S. 4300w.
Taylor, UT 84401




West Field High School is currently under construction.


Friday, 07 July 2023 13:26


New Employment/Change Forms


Wednesday, 28 June 2023 14:41

Free and Reduce Price Application

Applications are Online

Use our NEW online system to apply for your free & reduced-price meal benefits instead of the old paper application.

Apply Online | Fast and Discreet | Receive Meal Benefit

Online applications can help your child's application be processed much faster than a paper application. 

Apply online after July 1st at or download the Linq Connect App.

Questions about free and reduce-price meals? Call 801-476-7836.

Paper applications are available at all schools, the CNP office, and below:

Free & Reduced LunchFree & Reduced Lunch

 This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

CNP Online Application Notification

Bonneville High School students recently competed in the National German Exam competition. Over 15,000 students across the nation compete in this exam, and many of our students scored in the top half of the nation: Collin Reynolds, Madison Brand, Allie Robinson, Jake Roberts, Bailey Hyde, Ryan Torres, Dantley Doutre, Chandlyr Noble, Mackenzie Faulkner, Drew Parry, and Issac Martinez.
Two students in particular, Lucas Staten and Speirs Fonnesbeck, scored in the top 10% of the nation! As a result, both of these students advanced to the state-level competition.
Lucas Staten placed first in Utah, advancing to Nationals where he won a gold medal and a trip to Germany. He will be traveling to Germany in June to further his language studies, live with a local family, and attend a German high school in Berlin. Congratulations, to Lucas and all of our Bonneville High School German Class students and faculty who are representing Weber School District so well on a national stage.
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