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Remote Learning Options

General Information for Remote Learning Options

  • All learning options will follow the regular district quarter schedule. Acceleration opportunities will be available.
  • Summer courses will be given 45 days after the entry date.
  • “F” grades will be issued for courses that aren’t completed within the 45 days.
  • Edgenuity courses will have a standardized grading system embedded in each syllabus.
  • Students will sign up for one quarter at a time
  • Every effort will be made to create a safe environment for the student to come into the testing centers to test with a proctor. 
  • If the student’s health is compromised, an online test can be scheduled.
  • Courses beyond a full class load will be available at a cost of $35/quarter credit.


Edgenuity uses a combination of animations, simulations, video-led direct instruction, relevant websites and a myriad of activities that support the lesson’s topic. Students have a wealth of information at their fingertips that can be reviewed as many times as necessary to achieve mastery. Students will also have the support of a teacher from their school. Edgenuity is appropriate for students who want video-led instruction with limited teacher support from their home school. Edgenuity offers a variety of courses including AP, honors and general education courses. Edgenuity offers language support for English language learners as well. 

Edgenuity Specifics:

  • Edgenuity will provide courses in: Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. At this time, no elective courses are offered through this program.
  • The program builds tools into the platform including a graphing calculator, interactive periodic table, reading materials, videos, guided notes and notepad to help students complete activities.
  • Lessons are designed with explicit instruction supported with scaffolding. Information is broken into manageable chunks. Real-life connections are made to lesson concepts. 
  • The courses use audio, video and text content and different types of assignments including writing assignments, projects and graded tasks to support different learning styles.
  • English Language Learners (ELLs) can translate a text into their native language or select the option to hear it read aloud in their native language. The audio speed can be adjusted to best suit the individual’s needs.
  • Parents and students can access progress and grades through the Edgenuity platform. Student information will not be on MyWeber until final grades have been posted. Users have access to a “Student Progress Report,” which includes details related to progress, the overall grade, estimated time remaining for completion of the course and a color coded progress bar. Parents can also opt for daily, weekly or monthly student progress email notifications. An online help center is also available 24/7. 
  • Expect up to a two-day delay for students to have access to Edgenuity courses.
  • Support documents: Family Support for Digital Learning; Award-winning k12 Digital Curriculum;

Weber Online

Weber Online courses are built for students with any learning style.  Our courses are filled with tutorials, Khan Academy lessons, links, teacher-created videos, popular YouTube videos and other great resources.  Weber Online courses have been developed and refined over the years by analyzing and implementing feedback from our most valuable customers and stakeholders: Weber School District students and families. The most important aspect of Weber Online courses is that they are taught by experienced, certified WSD teachers. We also offer live, online tutoring through the course itself (called Canvas conference) from the teacher when your student needs help. Students are expected to reach out to their assigned Weber Online teacher for questions and support.

Weber Online Specifics

  • All courses are built and taught by Weber School District certified teachers who have many years of experience with online instruction.
  • All courses are built in Canvas (a learning management system) that is used by most Utah universities.
  • Parents can log into the parent portal and see their student’s progress at any time. They can also communicate with instructors via email.
  • Teachers will communicate with students frequently.
  • Courses have been vetted using a rigorous rubric of standards with best online practices, procedures and curriculum by a committee of teachers certified in the course content area.  
  • Each course follows a similar format to be easily navigated by students. This outline can be viewed here.
  • Students have ongoing personal interactions with their teachers, including live conferencing.
  • Click Here to see student feedback from 7,065 Weber School District students.