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CTE teachers and students attend the jr highs to promote CTE course at the high school level.  This help the 9th grade student in deciding which courses to choose for high school that meet their interest in a career pathway.








Tuesday, 31 January 2017 15:01

ProStart I (11-12)

The ProStart® I is a program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation that introduces students to career opportunities in the restaurant and foodservice industry and provides them with foundational skills in culinary arts and restaurant management that will jump-start their post-secondary experience, in college and/or careers. In Utah, FCCLA may complement this course.




Ms. Morgan’s Pro Start class at Bonneville are  having a “SOUPER BOWL”.  Students are learning the art of making soups.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 14:59

Our female Robotics team!


Our female Robotics team involved in “Project Lead the Way” (WSD Engineering Pathway),at The Weber Innovation Center. They are now qualified and registered for the state tournament on March 4th in Farmington. These girls have done an excellent job!

Monday, 21 November 2016 03:40

Transportation Technology (9 grades)

An introductory course that focuses on the world of transportation technology. Students will gain an understanding of how transportation technologies impact politics, the environment, society, and the economy. Students will develop a foundation in essential abilities and attitudes that will in turn expand their occupational opportunities in the world of transportation.





Scott Palmers Transportation and Energy class at North Ogden Jr High school learning how to disassemble and re-assemble small engines.

Saturday, 29 October 2016 22:01

Plant and Soil Science I (grades 9-12)

Students will develop knowledge and skills in a wide range of scientific principles, such as genetics, disease, pests, and management practices. The scientific processes of observation, measurement, hypothesizing, data gathering, interpretation, analysis, and application are stressed. Career opportunities and educational preparation are examined. Learning activities are varied, with classroom, laboratory, and field experiences emphasized.



Mr. Smalley’s Plant and Soil Class at Roy High are  learning about ‘Soil Erosion’ and ‘Control Methods’, through the Plant and Soil class.

College and Career Awareness offers exploration and preparation in college and career pathways focusing on jobs that are high skill and high demand, as well as satisfying and financially rewarding. The College and Career Awareness course is designed to help students identify their interests, abilities, and skills. Through application-based lessons, College and Career Awareness allows students to utilize technology, develop foundational skills, and explore careers. The course provides information regarding additional courses and training related to each student’s career field of interest, as they begin to prepare for college and career.







This course is designed for students who have previously taken the Veterinary Assisting course and wish to further their education and training in the veterinary field. The Veterinary Technician course expands student knowledge, reinforces skills previously learned, and builds proficiency in highly scientific areas, such as pharmacology, anesthesiology, radiology and imaging, fluid therapy, and critical care nursing..

veterinaryScience copy

Mr. Paces’ Veterinary Science: Veterinary Technician class provides care for goats by trimming hoofs, immunizing, tagging and de-horning. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016 21:58

Teen Living (9-10)

teenliving1This course helps students understand and cope with personal, family, and social challenges. Emphasis is paced on communication, decision-making skills, and building stable relationships with family and peers. The course enables students to implement positive coping mechanisms and promotes understanding of self. It addresses issues that impact teenagers: self-concept, family and peer relationships, substance abuse, personal loss, dating and teenage pregnancy, and child abuse. Emphasis is placed on students taking personal responsibility for life. FCCLA may be an integral part of the course.

Teen Living students in Ms. Judkins class at Wahlquist Junior High participated in a small service learning project.  Students gathered materials such as washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap to make hygiene kits to give to local people in need. They were challenged to carry the bag with them or put it in their car and pay attention to the people they see in their community.  When each student finds a person they think will benefit from receiving the kit they are to give the kit to that person. 

Ms. Lucero presented information to the students about local humanitarian organizations and about the non-profit humanitarian organization she has created called Hands for HOPE.  Her organization works to perpetuate education for children in Ghana.  During Ms. Lucero visit each student wrote a letters to a child in Ghana.  Their letters explained what life is like here in Utah and what it is like to be a teenager in the United States. 


Saturday, 29 October 2016 21:57


Future Business Leaders of America provides students with opportunities for leadership, community involvement, business partnerships, and competition with other students in events ranging from Public Speaking to Job Interview to Parliamentary Procedures. 


Julie Thorngren’ s Jr. High students at the  FBLA State Competition. Consist of 7th, 8th, 9th graders from Snow Crest.  Congratulations! 

Saturday, 29 October 2016 21:57

ProStart I (11-12)

This basic course from the National Restaurant Association introduces students into the world of professional cooking. Basic communication skills, safety and sanitation, food preparation, meal planning, and other topics are taught in this beginning course. FCCLA may be an integral part of this course.


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