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Thursday, 27 October 2016 13:52

Staff Directory

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Charlesworth, Sherie

Accountant - Schools

FINANCE (801) 476-7842

Craynor, Theresa

Accounts Payable Lead Administrative Assistant

FINANCE (801) 476-7840

Davis, Christine

Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant

FINANCE (801) 476-7834

Goodsell, Melissa

Business Administrative Assistant

FINANCE (801) 476-7831

Hodson, Julie

Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant

FINANCE (801) 476-7857

Meyerhoffer, Keri

Business Support Specialist

FINANCE (801) 476-7839

Olsen, Michele

Business Support Accountant

FINANCE (801) 476-7844

Petersen, Robert

Business Administrator

FINANCE (801) 476-7841

Pilkington, Seth

Assistant Business Administrator

FINANCE (801) 476-7843

Russell, Tamara

Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant

FINANCE (801) 476-7837

Thursday, 27 October 2016 13:48


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Robert Petersen Business Administrator (801) 476-7841

Robert Petersen

Business Administrator

(801) 476-7841

Melissa Goodsell Business Administrative Assistant (801) 476-7831

Melissa Goodsell

Business Administrative Assistant

(801) 476-7831

OGDEN, UT 84405

Our department provides budget and finance services to district administration, district staff, state and federal agencies, and community patrons.

The Weber School District Business Department functions as the finance and budgeting arm of the Weber School District. The staff includes a business administrator, assistant business administrator, accountants, accounts payable clerks, a purchasing agent, buyers, and school finance support positions. We provide business and payroll services to all schools and departments. We also provide important budget information to state and federal agencies, the Weber School District Board, district staff and administration, and the Superintendent. For further information see related purchasing and other finance links.

To report a concern regarding misuse of public funds, contact the WSD Business Office at 801-476-7831, or the internal audit division of USBE using this link

Tuesday, 18 October 2016 13:33

Technical Services

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Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Technology Services Director (801) 476-7979

Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood

Technology Services Director

(801) 476-7979

Casey Dalpias Assistant Director Tech Services (801) 476-7960

Casey Dalpias

Assistant Director Tech Services

(801) 476-7960

930 W 200 N BLDG 10A
OGDEN, UT 84404

Weber District Technical Services Department is responsible for all computer related issues.  The district is a large and diverse community of approximately 30000 students and 4000 staff.  There are about 8000 computing devices for which the department has responsibility. Maintaining this base of hardware is an extensive task.  The support and functionality of these systems are paramount as everything from grading and daily attendance, instruction, school lunch, libraries, and all business practices are dependent on technology. As technology becomes an increasingly important component of the educational process, it is critical that these systems are reliable and efficient.

The safety of our students is of primary importance. While many systems and protections are in place for this purpose, we ask that parents, staff and other responsible adults do all they can to support us in this effort to keep children safe online.  

Some of the areas for which we have responsibility are:

  • Hardware and software implementations
  • District web presence
  • Online instruction
  • Operation and management of the Student system
  • Operation and management of financial and personnel systems
  • All internet connectivity including wireless
  • Call center and helpdesk

Weber District is a leader in instructional technology. No computer is older than 4 years. Every classroom has a mounted projector and a majority of classrooms document cameras, SmartBoards, Chromebooks, and other technologies available. Every teacher has access to a class blog, and all classes have an online component for teachers to use. Real-time information on grading, attendance, progress reports, transcripts and other information is available to parents online through our portal 24/7/365. The department strives for 100% availability of all systems and takes pride in the speed and performance of Weber School District's systems. The Technical Services staff is a dedicated group of professionals with an impressive array of abilities. The Technical Services Department is comprised of:

  • 25 On-Site technicians
  • 4 Field Engineers
  • 8 developers, engineers, and analysts
  • 3 web specialists and instructional technologists
  • 3 support staff
Monday, 03 October 2016 13:44

Grama Request Form

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Note: Utah Code § 63G-2-204 (GRAMA) requires a person making a records request furnish the governmental entity with a written request containing the requester’s name, mailing address, daytime telephone number (if available); and a description of the record requested that identifies the record with reasonable specificity.

Note: The more specific and narrow the request, the easier it will be for an agency or office to respond to the request. If you are unsure about the records’ description, contact the agency or office records officer.

Note: Government keeps records in “series” or groups of records. To find out what series an agency or office maintains, visit the Archives’ website, The record series retention schedules on the Archives’ website include relevant descriptions.

GRAMA Request Form

Downloand and fill out the form and email it to Lane Findlay, or mail it to:

Lane Findlay
5320 Adams Avenue Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405

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