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Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:55

Roosevelt Elementary

Photo of Roosevelt Elementary
Shelly Harris 8014524520


Shelly Harris


190 West 5100 South
Ogden, UT 84405


P. 8014524520

F. 8014524539

We are the Roosevelt Raptors located in Washington Terrace in South Ogden, Utah.  Roosevelt Elementary, named after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, first opened as a six room school with 204 students on September 9, 1957. The school was built to relieve over crowded Washington Terrace Elementary. In 1958 eight more rooms were added and we have continued to grow.

As a Title One school we provide lower class sizes and offer extended day kindergarten. This helps us provide additional academic support with our highly qualified staff and current technology. We currently have approximately 540 students and 50 staff members. 

Our school motto is: “Raptors United Are . . . Respectful, Always Caring, Positive, Trustworthy, Open, Honest & Fair, Responsible and Safe Citizens. We believe that every child should be preparing to go to college.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:52

Riverdale Elementary

Photo of Riverdale Elementary
Jennifer Thomas 8014524540


Jennifer Thomas


1160 West 4400 South
Ogden, UT 84405


P. 8014524540

F. 8014524559

Riverdale Elementary School is located in Riverdale, Utah, with an enrollment of about 550 students. It is part of the Weber School District and includes grades K-6.
Riverdale Elementary was built in 1967 after the original school burned down. Riverdale is home of the KAT kids (Kids Against Tobacco) and have helped make the school and surrounding public areas a smoke-free environment. The KAT kids helped to influence the passing of the law to have the area's parks and public areas smoke-free. The 4th and 5th grade students have won the Truth About Tobacco Contest and the school received grant money.

Riverdale Elementary is the home of the Roadrunner Drama Club, Brain Games, and the before-school STAR reading program.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:48

Plain City Elementary

Photo of Plain City Elementary
Sherilyn Elliott 8014524220


Sherilyn Elliott


2335 North 3600 West
Plain City, UT 84404


P. 8014524220

F. 8014524239

Plain City Elementary has an approximate enrollment of 700 students including Kindergarten through 6th grade. It serves the majority of residents in Plain City, and is part of the Weber School District. Plain City Elementary was built in 2007, replacing the previous 1906 location which is approximately one mile to the west in the heart of old “downtown” Plain City. The old Plain City Elementary was a patchwork of additions and remodels dating back to 1906 and forward to 1984. While Plain City is growing rapidly, the building currently sits adjacent to open grazing fields and farmland.


Students, teachers, and parents love the spacious nearly 14 acre site and 80,000 square foot building. Designed with many windows and skylights, the building is bright and appealing to students and staff. Plain City Elementary carries a long standing tradition of educational and child-centered excellence. This deep-rooted heritage represents the collaborative efforts of countless invested and caring stakeholders who are impassioned about the education of our children.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:46

Pioneer Elementary

Photo of Pioneer Elementary
Shane Rasmussen 8014524560


Shane Rasmussen


250 North 1600 West
Ogden, UT 84404


P. 8014524560

F. 8014524579

Pioneer Elementary is located in Marriot-Slaterville Utah. We have approximately 550 students from grades K-6. Pioneer is tucked in a quiet little neighborhood just east of I-15 and a bit north of 12th street in Ogden. Our students come from Harrisville, Farr West, Marriot-Slaterville, as well as unincorporated areas of Weber County. Pioneer is part of Weber School District.

Pioneer is a very tech friendly school. We have SMART Boards and document cameras in every room. The faculty is very adept at incorporating technology into the learning experience. This provides a very engaging education for our students.  

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:43

North Park Elementary

Photo of North Park Elementary
Michel Strate 8014524340


Michel Strate


4046 South 2175 West
Roy, UT 84067


P. 8014524340

F. 8014524359

North Park Elementary is a proud part of Weber School District and provides a high-quality PreK-6 educational program. The school provides an extended day kindergarten program, a preschool program, and two functional life skill classes to support unique learning needs. The new facility opened its doors in August 2014 and is located on the north end of the city of Roy. The original North Park Elementary was constructed in 1959 and was located just south of the current school location. Designed with many windows, the new building is bright and appealing to students and staff. The building has incredible views of the majestic mountains of the Wasatch Front to the east and breathtaking views of the Great Salt Lake to the west. Located on the spacious outdoor area of the school are several play structures as well as an All-Abilities Playground provided through the generous support of the Weber School Foundation. North Park Elementary is a part of a community development that includes the Southwest Branch of the Weber County Library System and a spacious new city park area.

North Park has approximately 560 students enrolled in the school. The staff of 65 include teachers, aides/paraprofessionals, secretaries, cooks, and custodians, along with a school counselor, media specialist, reading specialist, EL teacher, school nurse, speech/language pathologist, and many other support personnel. North Park also enjoys additional support from the Community Council, North Park PTA, community business partners, and many local volunteers. The school mascot is the tiger and the school colors are orange and black.

Within the walls of this beautiful building, the important work of educating the whole child takes place every day. The school mission is to guide all students in developing their own self-confidence through high levels of academic, social, and emotional learning in order to ensure whole community success. Students have the opportunity to participate in academic rigor in all core areas of the curriculum. The school is committed to staying current on technology and using it to enhance, support, and expand the educational experiences of students. Additional opportunities to challenge students include Math/Science Olympiad, Iron Kid, STEM Fair, Future Problem Solvers, and various writing and visual art contests.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:39

North Ogden Elementary

Photo of North Ogden Elementary
Ranel Cox 8014524300


Ranel Cox


530 East 2650 North
Ogden, UT 84414


P. 8014524300

F. 8014524319

North Ogden Elementary serves the families in the North Ogden and Pleasant View communities with an enrollment of approximately 600 students and 50 staff members. The original North Ogden Elementary opened in 1937 and functioned with just a few improvements until it was torn down in 2009. The new building boasts beautiful open hallways with large picture windows bringing in lots of natural light and incredible views of Mt. Ben Lomond. 

North Ogden Elementary is a Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) School. Our school provides K-6 visual arts-integrated instruction, effectively increasing student performance in every subject—from language arts and social studies to math and science. The North Ogden Eagles have the mission of doing what is best for students by focusing on what works to achieve high levels of learning for all students. 

North Ogden Elementary enjoys an involved community of volunteers with an active PTA, Community Council, and AmeriCorps Read. Graduate. Succeed. Tutoring Program. It is our vision to collectively collaborate, embrace change, focus on best practices, use data to make informed decisions and assist students in becoming confident, responsible, scholars who persevere, take ownership, and succeed in their learning.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:36

Municipal Elementary

Photo of Municipal Elementary
Becky Dills 8014524120


Becky Dills


5775 South 2200 West
Roy, UT 84067


P. 8014524120

F. 8014524139

Municipal is a community school which comprises four different sub communities of Roy City. The older and more established community is in the South East corner of the city. About 2/3 of the population of Municipal is bussed in from the newer or west side of the city. Many of the Municipal students are bussed past other schools to help fill the it’s classrooms. Municipal years ago was established in the heart of the city. It was the neighbor to the Police, Fire and Roy Municipal building. Behind the school use to be the recreation building and next door was the public swimming pool. Today all of those features and resources have moved further north and west as the growth of Roy moved in those directions. Municipal is centrally located close to the Roy exit of the freeway, Hill Air Force Base and much of Municipal School’s border is adjacent to the Davis School District border.

Municipal has been a smaller school in comparison to some of the newer schools that will hold up to 1000 students. Municipal currently holds up to around 450 students. Municipal is a great place to receive an education. The school has been in the community for over 50 years. It has had at least 2 remodels in that time. The school utilizes the city park as it’s playground and seems to be the gathering place for many people after school hours. The school has about 35 staff members and 21 classrooms. The class sizes vary from 20 – 34 students depending upon grade level and pockets of students. A cool fact for our school is the current Police and Fire Chiefs both attended Municipal as elementary students. Come visit and join the Municipal Eagles where it takes a whole village to help raise a child.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:33

Midland Elementary

Photo of Midland Elementary
Kevin Chase 8014765400


Kevin Chase


3100 West 4800 South
Roy, UT 84067


P. 8014765400

F. 8014765459

Midland Elementary was constructed on farmland that had been used to grow onions and corn. The student population in Roy was growing rapidly prior to construction of the school. To accommodate this growth, students attended split sessions at Country View Elementary until Midland Elementary was completed in 1985. The original building had twenty-six full size classrooms along with a multipurpose room complete with a stage, and an open library. Nearly ten years later the library was enclosed and an additional eight classrooms were built on the north end of the existing building.

There are currently seven hundred students enrolled at Midland served by twenty-nine and a half teachers. Fifteen support staff including classroom aides, secretaries, custodians and cooks also work at Midland Elementary.

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:28

Majestic Elementary

Photo of Majestic Elementary
Libby Jacobsen 8014524260


Libby Jacobsen


425 West 2550 North
Ogden, UT 84414


P. 8014524260

F. 8014524279

Majestic Elementary School is located in Harrisville, Utah in the shadow of Ben Lomond Peak. It serves approximately 775 students. Majestic includes grades kindergarten through sixth, and it is home to a Spanish dual immersion program. Majestic opened its doors in the fall of 1998. It draws students from three surrounding cities (Harrisville, Pleasant View, and North Ogden). The school was originally built to house approximately 600 students and was added onto in the fall of 2004 with extra classes and a gymnasium. Majestic currently has a faculty and staff of approximately 65 members. The mascot is a “Mountaineer”. 

Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:19

Lomond View Elementary

Photo of Lomond View Elementary
Justin Skeen 8014524780


Justin Skeen


3644 North 900 West
Pleasant View, UT 84414


P. 8014524780

F. 8014524799

Lomond View Elementary is located in the heart of Pleasant View, Utah on the benches of the majestic Ben Lomond Peak. Lomond View is enthusiastic about student achievement due to the efforts of its approximately 650 students, 1300+ parents & Grandparents, 27 teachers & 18 support staff. This dedication is manifest in our performance in the top 10% of Weber School District on CORE, and other benchmark testing. Services provided include complete regular and resource education courses, counseling, speech therapy, and occupational and physical therapy is provided on an as-needed basis. Breakfast and lunch are served each day school is in session. As home of the Lions, we take pride in providing a safe learning environment where we help each other succeed, and consistently improve ourselves. The Lomond View Lions are a proud part of the Weber School District.

A few of the great opportunities students can choose to participate in include: Orchestra, Choir, Science Club, Math & Science Olympiad, Iron Kid competition, Chess Club, multiple service projects, Newberry Bingo Challenge, and new this year will be the Lego Robotics Club. Lomond View Elementary is committed to staying current on technology and best teaching practices. This year we finished purchasing interactive Smart Boards for every classroom, and staff members participated in over 1400 combined hours of professional development.

The school was originally constructed in 1959. Six additional classrooms and an enclosed ramp connecting the upper and lower concourses were added in 1967. In 1985, extensive modifications were made including the addition of a large gymnasium and storage areas, four new classrooms, a new media center, and an enlarged kitchen space. Spring of 2011 brought a new coat of paint and updated floor coverings to most of the common areas of the school and the Northern classrooms. Currently, the supportive Lomond View PTA is working on replacing the school’s marquee with a new, electronic version to better inform our parents and students of upcoming events.

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