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Monday, 12 October 2015 09:03

Christine Ferrario and Hooper Elementary 6th Grade Team Recognized Featured

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This month the Weber School District was given the opportunity to recognize Ms. Christine Ferrario and the Hooper Elementary 6th Grade Teaching Team during our monthly school board meeting. Ms. Ferrario was nominated for the "I Love Teaching" award by former Canyon View Principal Jennifer Warren and the Hooper 6th Grade Team was nominated for the "E+ Teaching" award by Principal David Gerstheimer of Hooper Elementary.

Ms. Christine Ferrario is a Speech and Language Pathologist at our Canyon View campus. This facility is a supportive learning environment for students with disabilities who require supervised special education services for social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Christine serves a daunting 104 students. Often, her job can be "difficult" and "emotionally draining." Former Principal Kelli Booth commented that, "In those moments she shows patience, empathy and a never-give-up attitude." Christine treats even the most challenging students with respect and care. She is innovative and always looking for ways to implement new speech therapy modalities. Christine has implemented a process by which to supplement speech therapy at home, and recent data has shown the results to be incredibly positive. Data show that this program has "sky rocketed" student outcomes. Mrs. Booth stated that Christine "goes out of her way to interact with our students even when they are not on the 'speech therapy' clock. This is a true reflection of her innate nature and her love of children."

Stacy Tonioli, Sheri Leak, and Sandy Porter are the three dynamic ladies who make up the Hooper Elementary 6th Grade Team. They are affectionately known as the "Fab 3." Mr. Gerstheimer says that these ladies are "master teachers" who have a way of "engaging their kids" in a way that brings out the best in them. A key component to this team's teaching success is creating lesson plans that contain exciting ideas to help spark student interest -- a highly motivational approach. The team has an understanding of the state core, and uses this understanding to help students make connections to the real world. Because they have excellent classroom control, the children have learned how to effectively manage their time with limited supervision; a skill that is helping the children work towards independence. Mr. Gerstheimer states, "I am appreciative to have them on our staff at Hooper and look forward to their continued success working with the students for years to come."

Congratulations to these deserving award winners. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to recognize your unique gifts and talents. We express our gratitude for your dedication and enthusiasm!

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