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Friday, 01 February 2013 00:33

February Superintendency Message

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Jeff Stephens, Superintendent of Weber School District

Recently, I learned of a high school teacher who went to extraordinary lengths to reach a struggling student. This student, who at one point was in jeopardy of not graduating high school, is now back on track and eager for graduation later this spring. No doubt, many caring teachers were instrumental in her turnaround. I had an opportunity to meet and talk with this young woman. She described her enthusiasm for school and attributed her recent success to her teachers. When I asked about her future goals, she told me that she plans to attend Bowling Green University for a bachelor’s degree and then the University of Miami for her master’s degree in marine biology. I was deeply touched by the transformation in this student and the fact that it was teachers who inspired the change.

Of the many ways that teachers impact students, their capacity to inspire them is perhaps the most far-reaching. There’s simply no way to measure it!  Teachers have the uncanny capacity to recognize the talent and potential in students. Frequently, the students themselves fail to recognize their own ability. But, insightful teachers see it and daily go about encouraging and developing those gifts. 

Last year, a high school principal introduced me to their math Sterling Scholar. This student told me that she wasn’t always good at math, but her junior high math teacher helped her see her own potential. High school math teachers continued nurturing her talents. This young woman inspired me when I asked, “What is it about mathematics that you enjoy so much?”  After a moment’s reflection, she thoughtfully responded, “Math gives me the hope that every problem has a solution.” No doubt, she will contribute much to the world.

In a letter to his wife, Abigail, dated July 7, 1776, just three days after America had determined its independent course, John Adams wrote the following: “Children have capacities equal to anything.  There is a vigor in their understanding and a spirit and fire in the temper of every one of them, which is capable of ascending the heights of art, science, trade, war, or politics.” Teachers and other adults in our schools play a unique role in seeing that “spirit and fire” in children and inspiring them as they ascend “the heights” toward achieving their potential. We are most grateful for the impact that all professionals in our schools have on young people!



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