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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 00:33

April Superintendency Message

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I drive an older car. My car will quickly (might be more accurately to say slowly nothing moves quickly on my car) pass the 340,000 mile mark this month. Every morning when I start my car I wonder if this will be the day that the engine doesn’t rev or turn over. And yet each and every day, even in frigid weather, it starts. The paint is faded and peeling and my car is not nearly as handsome as the newer models, but the engine continues to perform all necessary tasks needed to function. Over the life of my car I have spent very little money on repairs. One may be amazed to find that my car has the original windshield, radio and seats. I imagine that I have many math and science teachers to thank, those who have inspired young future engineers to build an automobile that can perform so effectively. How many do I need to thank? How many elementary teachers were needed to make this happen? How many students spent hour upon hour studying diligently so that someday they could create just the right combination for internal combustion? How many parents sat with their child after school encouraging them to learn to read or to complete their science project? I know that I have been the benefactor of untold dedication by educators, students and parents. I know my ever trusty car is just the tip of the iceberg, I thank you all, wherever you may be.

The month of April is often times associated with the paying of taxes. Recently, I had a conversation with an individual that felt it unfair that he was paying taxes for schools when his children were raised and living out of state. “Why am I paying to educate other people’s children?” he asked. I know that taxes are an unpopular subject and there are many diverse opinions on how to best raise, use and distribute taxes. I am too faint of heart to offer solutions in those arena’s, but I will state boldly that society as a whole benefits from taxes spent on education, regardless if you have children currently attending a public school. Public education provides children the needed building blocks to create their future. An educated child is a more productive adult, one who can turn a heap of metal into a marvel of a car. When we pay taxes for education we are investing in the type of culture and society in which we want to live. I am convinced that I am still driving my car today in part because people willingly or unwillingly paid a portion of their taxes into the educational system. Weber School District firmly believes that we must be wise stewards of your tax dollars and do all we can to live up to your expectations of trust and competency. Thank you to all of you that help make this complex world a better place. Enjoy the sunshine. 

Linda Carver
Assistant Superintendent

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