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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 15:59

Nurses Resources

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Nurses Resources

Documents and FormsDocuments and Forms

Air QualityAir Quality

1Air Quality Recess guidelinesAir Quality Recess guidelines160.46 KB2617 times
2Air Quality ProceduresAir Quality Procedures73.95 KB2462 times
3Air Quality FAQsAir Quality FAQs123.61 KB2562 times

Asthma Training FormsAsthma Training Forms

1Side by Side MDI Transition Guide with PicSide by Side MDI Transition Guide with Pic1.3 MB1800 times
2Asthma QuestionnaireAsthma Questionnaire207.74 KB602 times
3Asthma Inhaler ChecklistAsthma Inhaler Checklist104.18 KB1597 times

Bite FormsBite Forms

1Nursing Protocol for Human Bite Incident at SchoolNursing Protocol for Human Bite Incident at School434.58 KB2659 times
2Human Bite Parent NotificationHuman Bite Parent Notification148.55 KB1621 times

Field Trip FormsField Trip Forms

1Medication Procedures for FieldtripsMedication Procedures for Fieldtrips54.23 KB1512 times
2Field Trip Medication WorksheetField Trip Medication Worksheet32.84 KB1600 times

Head Injury FormsHead Injury Forms

Head LiceHead Lice

Vision FormsVision Forms

1Vision Symptoms QuestionnaireVision Symptoms Questionnaire880.5 KB1561 times
2Vision Screening Opt Out FormVision Screening Opt Out Form143.68 KB1496 times
3Vision Referral Form SpanishVision Referral Form Spanish88.42 KB507 times
4Vision Referral  FormVision Referral Form893.78 KB1674 times
5Utah School Vision Screening Policy 2023Utah School Vision Screening Policy 20231.39 MB2857 times



Tuesday, 01 November 2016 10:53

Staff Directory

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Monday, 31 October 2016 13:34

Seizure Action Plan

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Monday, 31 October 2016 12:45

Health Care Plans

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1Asthma Questionnaire SpanishAsthma Questionnaire Spanish65.4 KB252 times
2Asthma Questionnaire 2020 EnglishAsthma Questionnaire 2020 English107.23 KB331 times
3Asthma Guidelines 7 22 20 FINALAsthma Guidelines 7 22 20 FINAL1.97 MB293 times
4Asthma AP 6 4 20 ADA fillableAsthma AP 6 4 20 ADA fillable1.07 MB451 times





1Medical Special Meal Request 2019Medical Special Meal Request 2019544.51 KB358 times
2Epi Pen ProceduresEpi Pen Procedures1.17 MB310 times
3Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guidelines 7 16 20Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guidelines 7 16 20823.71 KB296 times
4AAEAP 8 10 21 ADA fillableAAEAP 8 10 21 ADA fillable850.37 KB398 times





1Seizure Rescue Medication Management Order 8 13 20 fillableSeizure Rescue Medication Management Order 8 13 20 fillable806.67 KB292 times
2Seizure Log 2016Seizure Log 2016106.26 KB275 times
3Seizure Guidelines 2020Seizure Guidelines 20203.37 MB258 times
4Seizure Action Plan 8 3 20 fillableSeizure Action Plan 8 3 20 fillable880.79 KB397 times

Health Care Plan

Health Care plansHealth Care plans

1Health Care Plan Initiative FormHealth Care Plan Initiative Form55.54 KB2743 times

G-Tube Feeding

G-tube FeedingG-tube Feeding

1Tube Feeding Physician Orders FormTube Feeding Physician Orders Form74.55 KB2715 times
2G-tube Dislodgement at School ProceduresG-tube Dislodgement at School Procedures88.15 KB3517 times
Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:46


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1Sole Source Request Form 2021Sole Source Request Form 2021294.79 KB586 times



 IFAS Training DocumentsIFAS Training Documents


P-Card Training DocumentsP-Card Training Documents

1WSD Purchasing Card Application (1)WSD Purchasing Card Application (1)Empty0 times
2P-Card Training ManualP-Card Training Manual Locked by Casey Dalpias 7 months ago3.01 MB2147 times
3P-Card Lost Receipt FormP-Card Lost Receipt Form82.77 KB1422 times
4P-CARD LOGP-CARD LOG30.49 KB1421 times
5P card training manual 2016P card training manual 2016Empty0 times
6P Card Application and AgreementP Card Application and Agreement425.76 KB223 times
7Accessing Your P Card StatementAccessing Your P Card Statement2.77 MB514 times




Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:44

Staff Directory

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Henrie, Jamie

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (801) 476-7905

Lewis, Nicole

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (801) 476-7880

Mortensen, Mandy

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (801) 476-7887

Paul, Dawn

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (801) 476-7980

Teuscher, Dax

Purchasing Agent

PURCHASING (801) 476-7800

Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:40

Invitation to Bid

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Want to be a vendor?

The following documents may be included in this solicitation: Solicitation forms, general terms and conditions, provisions and general instructions, and bid specifications.

Please review all documents carefully before completing.


1Vendor response form 07152016Vendor response form 07152016Empty0 times
2Invitation to Bid Vendor Response FormInvitation to Bid Vendor Response Form76.87 KB2626 times
Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:31


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 Warehouse Catalogs 

   Custodial ServicesInstructional Warehouse









Purchasing Staff


Dax Teuscher, Purchasing Agent


Buying Resposibilities: Audio Visual Equipment, Computer & Technology, Contracted Services, Copiers, New Construction,
P-Card Manager, Playground Equipment, Surplus, Transportation

Jamie Henrie, Buyer


Buying Responsibilities: Athletic Apparel, CTE, Maintenance Supplies, Safety Equipment, Transportation, Uniforms (Custodial, Maintenance) P-Card 

Nicole Lewis, Buyer


Buying ResponsibilitiesChild Nutrition, Fine Arts; Music & Art, Piano, Equipment, Science, Uniforms, Amazon,

Mandy Mortensen, Buyer


Buying Responsibilities: Curriculum, Furniture, Instructional Supplies, Special Education, Textbooks (Rebind & Discards), D.O Supplies, P-Card

Dawn Paul, Buyer

Buying Responsibilities: Tech Equipment, P-Card




 Bid Information

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