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Student Organizations (CTSO's)

Benefits of CTSOs

CTSO Policies and Procedures

  •  This study revealed that CTSO members experience a higher level of academic motivation and engagement than non-CTE non-CTSO students. When compared to non-CTSO CTE students, CTSO members experienced higher academic motivation, career self-efficacy, and civic responsibility. Additionally, the report finds that female students and students of color get even more benefit from joining a CTSO.
  • This study examined public school administrators' perceptions of CTSOs. It found that 80% of administrators perceived CTSOs very favorably as being either mostly effective or very effective in developing student leadership skills, keeping students engaged, and improving student's technical skills and academic achievement.

Browse the Association for Career & Technical Education's High-Quality CTE Library to find other reports and benefits about joining a CTSO!


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