Health Sciences

Class HS Credit CE Credit
Medical Anatomy & Physiology

1.0 Science Elective
OR 1.0 CTE

Medical Terminology 0.5 CTE WSU HTHS 1101 (2 cr)
Medical Forensics 1.0 Science Elective
OR 1.0 CTE
Intro to Physical Therapy 1.0 CTE  



Medical Anatomy & Physiology

Through hands on labs, students learn about the medical anatomy of all body systems and how they work together. Students dissect hearts, eyes, kidneys, suture and visit the anatomy lab at WSU.

Medical Terminology

CE course that give students the ability to break down medical terms into common terms that everyone can understand.

Medical Forensics

Develops the ability to identify, analyze, and process logically using deductive reasoning and problem solving to help solve crimes through hands on labs and guest speakers.

Intro to Physical Therapy

This class covers therapy treatments, terminology, history, and ethical considerations that will prepare students for a career in Physical Therapy through hands on labs and clinical observations.