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Interactive Computer Arts (ICA)

Class HS Credit CE Credit
Creative Apps

0.5 Digital Studies
0.83 Core Science
1.0 CTE

WSU CS 1030 (4 cr)
WSU CS 1010 (3 cr)
Applications 1.33 Core Science
0.5 Digital Studies
0.5 CTE
WSU CS 1400 (4 cr)
WSU WEB 1400 (3 cr)
Algorithms 2.66 CTE WSU CS 1410 (4 cr)
WSU CS 2420 (4 cr)
Cyber Security 2.0 CTE WSU NET 2200 (3 cr)
WSU NET 2300 (3 cr)



ICA Creative Apps

Students develop basic skills of app creation using a variety of programming languages: MIT App Inventor, Python, HTML, & CSS to design and develop a wide variety of custom apps and games.

ICA Applications

You will learn how to design & develop websites and complex programs and algorithms. Students will use Java, HTML, CSS, java script, and object oriented programming to meet specific design requirements.

ICA Algorithms

Students will learn Object Oriented Programming using C++ to control systems such as robotics and automated processes. This completes the Programming Essentials Certificate at Weber State University.

ICA Cybersecurity

Students will learn network and computer security along with computer repair and maintenance. This completes the Cybersecurity Essentials Certificate at Weber State University.