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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 13:23

Orion Junior High

Photo of Orion Junior High
Scott Elliott 8014524700


Scott Elliott


370 W 2000 N
Harrisville, UT 84414


P. 8014524700

F. 8014524777

Orion Junior High School is located in Harrisville, Utah which is near Ogden.  It serves the residents of Pleasant View, North Ogden, and Harrisville.  It is part of the Weber School District and includes grades 7-9.  The elementary schools that feed into Orion are Green Acres, Lomond View, Majestic and a part of Pioneer.  Orion serves approximately 950 students and is steadily growing.  There are 44 teachers, and a total of 85 staff members, here at Orion at the present time.

Orion Junior High was opened in August 2003.  A dedication ceremony was held on October 29th. The name Orion was chosen, after the Orion constellation.  These stars, in the Orion constellation, represent a fictional person in Greek Mythology.  He was known as a powerful hunter.  A hunter must depend on wisdom, skill, knowledge and hard work, all attributes which students here at Orion possess.  Orion is also a millennial word that means far reaching, to hunt, seek, pursuit, and to look for something. Students and staff, here at Orion, are always looking for ways to improve themselves. 

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