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Friday, 27 October 2017 00:38

Transition Fair

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The Weber School District Transition Fair:

Learn about services for youth and adults with disabilities.

Location Information

November 2, 2017 from 6-8PM

Weber Innovation Center
1007W. 12th Street
Ogden, UT 84404
(Rear Entrance)

Speaker Presentations

  • Guardianship Associates 6:15PM & 7PM
  • Division of Services for People with Disabilities 6:15PM
  • Vocational Rehabilitation 7PM

Event Details

  • FREE Admission
  • Food Trucks
  • $5.00 food truck gift cards given to first 20 students who check in with parent
  • Best Buddies Lounge for students who need a break from the fair
  • .25 attendance credit make-up for attending

Representatives from

  • Utah Integrated Services
  • Job Corp
  • Ogden-Weber ATC
  • Weber State University
  • LIFE Program
  • Workforce Services
  • S'Plore & National Ability Center
  • Utah State Aggies Elevated
  • National Alliance for Mental Illness
  • And so much more!!!


Thursday, 27 October 2016 08:36

Teacher Resources

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The Weber School District is not responsible for the content of the following links or the pages they lead to.

Thursday, 27 October 2016 08:30

Transition Services

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What are Transition Services?

Transition services are activities, academic and functional, that help a child who has a disability, move effectively from school to post high school outcomes. The intent of transition is to focus on the student’s needs, strengths, preferences, and interests.  Administrators, teachers, parents, related professionals, and the student work together to develop and implement a plan for attaining a successful and satisfying life after high school. 

Transition services include considering the following domains:

  • Employment, including supported employment
  • Postsecondary educational activities, including education and vocational training
  • Independent living, including exploration of residential options and adult daily living skills 

Helpful Transition Linkages

Thursday, 27 October 2016 08:24

Support Teams

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Augmentative Team: 

Assesses to determine the most appropriate methods of alternative communication.

Autism Team:

Confers with special and regular educators to adapt and modify curriculum and environments to meet the needs of students.

Student Support Team: 

Consults with school to identify positive behavior intervention strategies for students who are not succeeding behaviorally.  
   Student Support Team Toolbox

Motor Team: 

Consults with teachers to develop fine and gross motor skills.
    Motor Therapy Referral

Traumatic Brain Injury Team: 

Assesses needed services and supports for students who have an acquired traumatic brain injury.

Please contact your special education teacher or coordinator for additional information.

Thursday, 27 October 2016 08:16

Staff Directory (Special Education)

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Bailey, Katie

Speech-Language District Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7867

Benney, Chandler

School Psychologist

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Borjon, Kelsey

Registered Behavior Technician Sped

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Champi, Chelsea

Counselor/Social Worker

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Cragun, Kelly

Sp Ed Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7818

Day, Angie

Sped Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .452-4960

Favero, Jenna

Occupational Therapist

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Fronk, Scott

Sp Ed Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7862

Galbraith, Aimee

Sped Nurse

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-3978

Hadley, Tess

Student Support Assistant

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .452-4340

Hill, Hannah

Student Support Asst/Social Work Intern

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Holbrook, Jacob

Sped Social Worker Intern

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Karlinsey, Quinn

Director Of Special Education

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7884

Lewis, Nicole

Sp Ed Secretary

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7864

Lopez-Alicia, Dayraliz

Occupational Therapist

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Moses, Heidi

Sped Counselor

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Peters, Amy

Special Education Preschool Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-3960

Peterson, Lillian

School Psychologist

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Shepherd, Heather

Sp Ed Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7862

Shinney, Lora

Sp Ed Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7861

Smith, Dana

Sp Ed Preschool Registrar

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .452-4936

Sorenson, Krystal

Counselor/Social Worker

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800

Spell, Lori

Sp. Ed. Coordinator

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7825

Sullivan, Heidi

Executive Secretary - Special Education

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7863

Warren, Jennifer

Special Education Supervisor

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7860

Wolthuis, Nikki

Sped Social Worker (Intern)

SPECIAL EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7800