Monday, 31 October 2016 13:34

Seizure Action Plan

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Monday, 31 October 2016 13:03

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Plan Request

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Monday, 31 October 2016 12:45

Health Care Plans

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1Asthma Questionnaire 2017 18Asthma Questionnaire 2017 18Empty0 times
2Asthma Questionnaire - SpanishAsthma Questionnaire - Spanish65.4 KB1532 times
3Asthma Questionnaire  2020Asthma Questionnaire 2020107.23 KB758 times
4Asthma care plan 2017Asthma care plan 2017Empty0 times
5Asthma AP 6 4 20 ADA fillableAsthma AP 6 4 20 ADA fillable1.07 MB475 times
6Asthma Action PlanAsthma Action Plan Locked by Claudia Streuper 2 years ago509.23 KB1727 times








Seizure Action Plan Request


1Seizure Parent Questionnaire FormSeizure Parent Questionnaire Form191.3 KB1692 times
2Seizure Medical Management Orders 2020Seizure Medical Management Orders 2020151.95 KB419 times
3Seizure Log FormSeizure Log Form67.37 KB1803 times
4Seizure Guidelines 2020Seizure Guidelines 20203.89 MB496 times
5Seizure Emergency Action Plan 2020Seizure Emergency Action Plan 2020155.84 KB512 times
6Diastat policyDiastat policyEmpty0 times

Health Care Plan

Health Care plansHealth Care plans

1Health Care Plan Initiative FormHealth Care Plan Initiative Form55.54 KB1780 times

G-Tube Feeding

G-tube FeedingG-tube Feeding

1Tube Feeding Physician Orders FormTube Feeding Physician Orders Form74.55 KB1923 times
2Tube feeding physician ordersTube feeding physician ordersEmpty0 times
3G-tube Dislodgement at School ProceduresG-tube Dislodgement at School Procedures88.15 KB2052 times
Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:46


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1Purchasing Requirements 2021Purchasing Requirements 202142.96 KB60 times
2Purchasing Requirements 2017Purchasing Requirements 2017Empty0 times
3Purchasing Policies 2021Purchasing Policies 20216.99 KB39 times



1Sole Source Request Form 2021Sole Source Request Form 2021294.79 KB52 times



IFAS Training DocumentsIFAS Training Documents

1Receiving GuideReceiving Guide30.54 KB1435 times
2Purchasing 101Purchasing 101643.75 KB1514 times
3IFAS Training DocumentsIFAS Training Documents456.66 KB2685 times
4IFAS GuideIFAS Guide359.25 KB1792 times
5Entry of PO in next FY 2006Entry of PO in next FY 200635.78 KB1302 times


P-Card Training DocumentsP-Card Training Documents

1P-Card Training ManualP-Card Training Manual1.25 MB1380 times
2P-Card Lost Receipt FormP-Card Lost Receipt Form82.77 KB957 times
3P-CARD LOGP-CARD LOG30.49 KB986 times
4P-Card ApplicationP-Card Application323.79 KB1106 times
5P-Card AgreementP-Card Agreement84.13 KB1032 times
6Accessing Your P Card StatementAccessing Your P Card Statement2.77 MB43 times




Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:44

Staff Directory

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Hall, Kelli

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (80.1) .476-7887

Henrie, Jamie

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (80.1) .476-7905

Smith, Stacey

Purchasing Buyer

PURCHASING (80.1) .476-7828

Teuscher, Dax

Purchasing Agent

PURCHASING (80.1) .476-7800

Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:40

Invitation to Bid

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Want to be a vendor?

The following documents may be included in this solicitation: Solicitation forms, general terms and conditions, provisions and general instructions, and bid specifications.

Please review all documents carefully before completing.


1Invitation to Bid Vendor Response FormInvitation to Bid Vendor Response Form68.83 KB1865 times
Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:31


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Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:15

Suicide Prevention

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Suicide ResourcesSuicide Resources

1Warning Signs of SuicideWarning Signs of Suicide55 KB1651 times
2Talking with your Child about SuicideTalking with your Child about Suicide50.19 KB1846 times
3Prepare FuneralPrepare Funeral44.14 KB1418 times
4How Children understand DeathHow Children understand Death55.19 KB1582 times
5Help Students DealHelp Students Deal31.76 KB1585 times
6Frequently Asked Questions About Youth SuicideFrequently Asked Questions About Youth Suicide799.45 KB1275 times
7Dealing with the Empty DeskDealing with the Empty Desk43.31 KB2292 times
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