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Digital Teaching and Learning

Nick Harris

Online Digital Learning Director

(801) 476-7977

930 W 200 N BLDG 10A
OGDEN, UT 84404

Weber District Digital Teaching and Learning

The Weber School District Director of Technology is Nick Harris.If you have questions or comments you can email Nick at .

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 Mental Health ServicesMental Health Services

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 11:06

Staff Directory (Mental Health Services)

Abney, Jamie


STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Arrington, Brinlee

Elementary Counseling Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .452-4050

Ballif, Pamela

PT Nurse

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .690-3975

Beus, Mary

Elementary Counselor Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .452-4420

Burnett, Jeridee

Student Services Secretary

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7811

Burt, David

Student Services Coordinator

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7810

Campbell, Debra


STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7811

Coombs, Melinda


STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .452-4124

Dalton, Shauna

Yic Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .668-3926

Deamer, Matthew

Student Services Coordinator

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7812

Deimer, Tracine

Youth In Custody Aide


Evans, Marie

PT Nurse

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Felt, Ronda

Elementary Counseling Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Fuller, Staci

Student Services Secretary

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7817

Gacioch, Loralee

Student Services Coordinator

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7809

Hadley, Natalie

Elementary Counselor Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Hollingsworth, Marcia


STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .452-4800

Kirkham, Laurel

Youth In Custody Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .710-2324

Lambert, Richard

Home/Hospital Teacher

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-3909

Larios, Ruth

Counseling/Teacher/Tssa Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .452-4140

Laub, Colette

Youth In Custody Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .920-5941

Leifson, Zachary

Mental Health Specialist

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7892

London, Jerae

Mobile Contact Tracer

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Lords, Patricia

School Nurse

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Mines, Debra


STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7811

Moesinger, Sheila


STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Phelps, Lisa

PT Nurse

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .452-4060

Porter, Karla

Student Service Director

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7873

Ramage, Jill

Student Services Coordinator

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7808

Simpson, Stacie

School Nurse

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Stephens, Leila

Youth In Custody Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Streuper, Claudia

Head Nurse

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7885

Thorsted, Karen


STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Wade, Larue

Youth In Care Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .395-5610

Waite, Brianne

Mobile Contact Tracer

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Welch, Lori

Home/Hospital Teacher

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .725-0804

Whitesides, Janessa

PT Nurse

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-7800

Wilcox, Angela

Elementary Counseling Aide

STUDENT SERVICES (80.1) .476-5400





Friday, 22 February 2019 12:28

No Blog / Moved Blog

Thanks for letting us no you do not need our help to complete this task.  If you have any other concerns not related to blogs feel free to create a ticket today so one of our Technical Services employees can assist you.


help ticket




Tuesday, 19 February 2019 10:18

Blog Move Training

We realize that this puts some undue stress on those of you that have used blogs regularly. Rest assured, we have trained EdTech coaches in your buildings on viable replacements for your blogs and they are ready and willing to help you migrate content over to those options. Please understand that after March 15th, whatever content you have on those blogs will no longer be available, so please begin migrating content as soon as possible.

We anticipate that some of you might be wondering if blogs will be coming back at some point. The answer to that is no. Again, we have some viable alternatives that we think will take blogs’ place and will work better. For example, some teachers used blogs as a way to have an online calendar with daily updates. Both Canvas and Google Classroom have this ability built in and is more streamlined to send out announcement to students and parents--again, great alternatives to blogs.

Additionally, we encourage you to please subscribe to our new Training Channel on YouTube. We have uploaded a couple applicable videos that can help as you migrate your content and we will be uploading training videos frequently going forward.


Thursday, 03 November 2016 07:12

Free Family Event - STEM Expo

Monday, November 7, 2016 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Davis Conference Center. (1651 N 700 W, Layton, UT)

Bring your family to the free STEM EXPO (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Parents and students from Davis, Weber, Ogden, and Morgan School Districts are invited to attend this free family event featuring local STEM business and education institutions.

Learn about career opportunities in the local STEM industries. Learn more about STEM with hands-on activities, and meet with representatives of local colleges and universities to explore educational pathways. Come be a part of the explosive and exciting world of STEM.


Tuesday, 01 November 2016 22:18

Weber Reads 2016-17

Weber Reads is an annual community-wide reading program which provides an opportunity for people of all ages to read, reflect, and engage in conversations around a selected text or literary author. This year’s topic of the Japanese-American Internment is a part of Utah history that many people may not be familiar with. As a part of this project, each elementary and secondary school in our district received a box of books and sample lesson plans centered on the selected topic. Teachers can also make arrangements for volunteers from the library to visit their school and do a presentation. Included in this year’s collection is a variety of both narrative and informational books which promise to be engaging and informative to students of all ages. The books and lesson plans will be located in the school libraries to support teachers of all content areas throughout the year. The lesson plans include copies of primary source documents and photographs from the period. Additional information, lesson plans, a description of each of the books selected, and upcoming events that will be held at various branches of the Weber County Library are available online at the Weber Reads website:

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 10:53

Staff Directory

We invite all parents and families in Weber School District to come visit our new Family Resource Center. We are located through the school's front doors; then to the left. We have many new items in our Parent's Lending Library. We will be offering more classes for adults and preschoolers after the first of the year. We have Internet-accessible computers with a printer available for your use.

Free public classes are being offered at Weber School District's Family Resource Center, now at:

Burch Creek Elementary
4300 S. Madison Avenue South Ogden, UT 84403

Children's Music and Movement

3 session class where you will sing, dance, play instruments, and get moving with your child aged 0-5.

10:00am - 11:00am
Thursdays, Nov. 3, 10 & 17
Instructor: Suzanne Stirland

Please call 801-476-5311 to register.

All About Apples

Come learn about the different varieties of apples. We will talk about how to pick a good apple and the best recipes to use them in. We will also be making an apple crisp for you to try. Free samples and recipes.

Tuesday, November 8th
11:00am - 12:00pm
Instructor: Nicki Bray with the USU Extension Service FSNE

Register at 801-476-5311.

Candy Making - Fabulous Fakes!

In this enjoyable class, you will learn how to make delicious candies that taste like the “real” thing without the expense and hassle. Simple and delicious! Samples and recipes provided. Free!

Tuesday, December 6th
11:00am - 12:00pm
Instructor: Carol Earl

Please register at 801-476-5311.

Mixing It Up With Mixes for the Holidays

Save time by combining basic ingredients ahead of time. Come learn how to prepare different mixes; from a multi-purpose mix, to our magic mix. We will have ideas for you on mixes that make great Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends. Free samples and recipes.

Thursday, Dec. 8th
11:00am - 12:00pm
Instructor: Nicki Bray with the USU Extension Service FSNE

Please call 801-476-5311 to register.

Busy Little Bees

A preschool group for children ages 4-5 beginning approximately the end of January 2017 (parent stays with child). Pre-registration is mandatory. Each class will be approximately 45 minutes. There will be stories, songs, finger plays, crafts, field trips, etc. Free! The classes are tentatively scheduled for Thursday mornings with groups at 9:00 and 10:30. Group size is limited.

Please call 801-476-5311 to register.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 18:00

Transition Fair

Weber School District is excited to host over 30 organizations who provide services for students with disabilities through IEPs and 504s. Come and enjoy local food truck fare and meet with providers! Weber High and Bonneville High Best Buddies chapters will be sponsering a student lounge with games, movies, and a quiet iPad and sensory activities area for students who cannot participate with their parents. Post-secondary tranistion planning should begin at age 14 - come and learn what resources are available. The fair will be held Wednesday, November 2nd, at Weber Innovation Center (1007 W 12th Street) from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. 


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