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Junior High Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball Scores 2021-2022

Tryouts/Practice starts Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Tuesday, January 4th

North Ogden 59  AT Wahlquist 46
Orion 48 AT South Ogden 28
Rocky Mtn 67 AT Snowcrest 31
Sandridge 14 AT Roy 31

Friday, January 7th

North Ogden 56  AT South Ogden 37
TH Bell 35 AT Snowcrest 48
Wahlquist 68 AT Sand Ridge 23
Orion 23 AT Rocky Mtn 48

Tuesday, January 11th

Snowcrest   BYE    
TH Bell 35  AT North Ogden 61
South Ogden 33 AT Wahlquist 58
Sand Ridge 30 AT Orion 45
Roy 45 AT Rocky Mtn 66

Thursday, January 13 *Due to Prof. Learning Day

Orion   BYE    
Snowcrest 62  AT North Ogden 54
Sand Ridge 31 AT South Ogden 66
Roy 61 AT TH Bell 52
Rocky Mtn  62 AT Wahlquist 45

Wednesday, January 19th

South Ogden   BYE    
 Roy 33  AT North Ogden 57
Sand Ridge 14 AT Rocky Mtn 70
Orion 55 AT Snowcrest 60
Wahlquist 73 AT TH Bell 37

Friday, January 21st

Wahlquist   BYE    
North Ogden 64  AT Sand Ridge 56
Snowcrest 34 AT Roy 33
Rocky Mtn 58 AT South Ogden 52
TH Bell 34 AT Orion 57

Tuesday, January 25th

Sand Ridge   BYE    
North Ogden 56  AT Rocky Mtn 71
Roy 32 AT Orion 49
 Snowcrest 30 AT Wahlquist 68
South Ogden 59 AT TH Bell 29

Friday, January 28th

Rocky Mtn   BYE    
Orion 50  AT North Ogden 48
Wahlquist 65 AT Roy 43
TH Bell 37 AT Sand Ridge 45
South Ogden 44 AT Snowcrest 48

Tuesday, February 1st

North Ogden   BYE    
Wahlquist 45  AT Orion 35
Rocky Mtn 82 AT TH Bell 30
South Ogden 40 AT Roy 58
Snowcrest 54 AT Sand Ridge 41

Playoff Friday, February 4th


Championship Wednesday, February 9th



School Wins Losses
North Ogden 
Orion  5
Rocky Mtn  8  
Roy  3  5
Sand Ridge
Snowcrest  2
South Ogden  6
TH Bell    8
Wahlquist  2


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Junior High Athletic Schedule

Board of Managers Handbook

Thousands of secondary school students participate in extracurricular athletics. Teams are available in football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, soccer, wrestling, drill team, and cheerleading. Many more students participate in “Club” sports (e.g., hockey, rodeo, lacrosse, etc.). 

Studies have shown that students participating in sports, when compared to their peers who do not participate in sports, have shown the following positive effects:

• higher grades, expectations, and attainment;
• greater personal confidence and self-esteem;
• greater connections with school— that is, greater attachment and support from adults;
• stronger peer relationships;
• more academically oriented friends;
• greater family attachment and more frequent interactions with parents; and
• more restraint in avoiding risky behavior; 

High School Scores and Schedules

Please visit each school's website for high school sports scores and schedules.

Junior High School Scores and Schedules


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Junior High Baseball

Baseball Scores 2021-2022

Tryouts/Practice starts Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Tuesday, March 22nd

North Ogden AT Wahlquist 15
Orion 6 AT South Ogden 2
Rocky Mtn 23 AT


*Played at Rocky Due to snow

Sandridge 3 AT Roy 7

Thursday, March 24th

North Ogden AT South Ogden 6
TH Bell 17 AT


*Played at TH Bell due to snow

Wahlquist 14 AT Sand Ridge 1
Orion 7 AT Rocky Mtn 12

Tuesday, March 29th

Snowcrest   BYE    
TH Bell 16  AT North Ogden 2
South Ogden 0 AT Wahlquist 16
Sand Ridge 0 AT Orion 13
Roy 6 AT Rocky Mtn 10

Thursday, March 31st

Orion   BYE    
Snowcrest AT North Ogden 16
Sand Ridge 10 AT South Ogden 8
Roy AT TH Bell 4
Rocky Mtn  0 AT Wahlquist 15

 **Roy vs. TH Bell game cancelled due to rain

Tuesday, April 12th RESCHEDULED due to Rain Mon 18th

South Ogden   BYE    
 Roy 10  AT North Ogden 5
Sand Ridge AT Rocky Mtn 11
Orion 17 AT Snowcrest 2
Wahlquist 18 AT TH Bell 3

Thursday, April 14th

Wahlquist   BYE    
North Ogden AT Sand Ridge 10
Snowcrest 0 AT Roy 15
Rocky Mtn 13 AT South Ogden 0
TH Bell 17 AT Orion 7

Tuesday, April 19th

Sand Ridge   BYE    
North Ogden AT Rocky Mtn 13
Roy 7 AT Orion 1
 Snowcrest 0 AT Wahlquist 17
South Ogden AT TH Bell  11

Thursday, April 21st

Rocky Mtn   BYE    
Orion 10  AT North Ogden 9
Wahlquist 14 AT Roy 3
TH Bell 8 AT Sand Ridge 12
South Ogden 7 AT Snowcrest 1

Tuesday, April 26th

North Ogden   BYE    
Wahlquist AT Orion 8
Rocky Mtn 4 AT TH Bell 10
South Ogden 9 AT Roy 7
Snowcrest 3 AT Sand Ridge 11

Playoff Tuesday May 3rd


 Rocky VS Roy played April 29th

TH Bell VS Wahlquist playing May 2nd

Championship Monday May 9th at 3:30 PM



School Wins Losses
North Ogden  *1  6* 
Orion  5 3
Rocky Mtn 6
Roy 5 3
Sand Ridge 4
Snowcrest   8
South Ogden *2  5*
TH Bell 5 3
Wahlquist 7


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Staff Directory (Secondary Education)

Browne, Lori

Executive Secretary - Secondary Education

SECONDARY EDUCATION (80.1) .476-7878

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 14:17

Secondary Education

Gina Butters


(801) 476-7866

OGDEN, UT 84405

“If you want a good job, get a good education.” Utah Governor Gary Herbert, 2012. 

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has set the goal that “66% of all working-age Utahns will have, or will obtain a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2020”. In order to obtain this goal the Governor has established as a guide, the acronym PACE which is defined by P-prepare young learners, A-access for all students, C-complete certificates and degrees, E-economic alignment. 

In Weber District we believe in the value of education and the correlation it can have to an individual’s success in life. It is the mission of Secondary Education in Weber School District, to provide every student with the opportunity to attain the education and skills necessary to have a successful life. We believe that every child should be able to attend a safe school where caring, competent teachers, administrators and staff assist that child to realize their greatest potential. The 21st century presents ever increasing challenges in all facets of life, but particularly economically. The education our children receive today must be relevant and rigorous enough to ensure opportunity, but it also must be dynamic in nature in order to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology and the volatile shifts in economic and societal trends. We are committed to continually challenging ourselves as professional educators to be able to provide a 21st Century education to our students in Weber School District. We join Governor Herbert in continually challenging ourselves to provide a “good education” for our students and look forward to the opportunity we have each day to make a difference in the lives of children. 

If you are new to the area you can now use our Boundary Map to find your school. You can also use the Bus Stop Locator to find your new stop for this school year.





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Weather Station and Air Quality


Proud to be part of the Mesowest weather network, the Environmental Center weather station provides current and historical weather data for the area click here . Mesowest is a University of Utah sponsored network of weather stations that provide weather data that assist forecasters and computer models with ground based real time weather information.

Spend some time at the sight adjusting the viewing parameters to see what happened here yesterday, last week, last month or last year. Check out other sites in Weber County and around the state. Mesowest is truly a valuable tool for those interested in weather in Utah and beyond.


Air Quality.

A global network of Air Quality sampling stations allow you to see what the PM 2.5 level is in your area.  Search for "Purple Air." 

Near the Swanson's North Fork Environmental Center are two (8) stations, 

and .  

Link to those stations to get a good idea what the air quality is at the Center and compare it to stations near your school.

Let's work together to see just what the air quality problem is and how we can reduce levels of harmful pollutants.


Things you can do:

Reduce vehicle idle time.

link your errands so you drive less.

When buying a vehicle consider fuel efficiency and zero emission vehicles as you make your choice.

If you have a wood burning stove replace it with a natural gas stove or clean burning wood stove.  There are grants available to do just that.


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Staff Directory (Environmental Center)

Bowen, Grant

PT Custodian


Hadlock, Carri

Food Technician Manager


Wednesday, 26 October 2016 13:46

Scheduling Information

For the current school year

To schedule the center for the current school year, look through the "Day's Still Available" page. Find an open date or dates that suit your needs. Then call Roxie Sianez, 801-476-7877,  at the District Office to get your date(s) reserved.

For the next school year

Scheduling for the next school year begins March 1 and is on a first come first served basis. Notification of next year's schedule is sent out to all applicants in May. After May 1st, check the "Days Still Open" page for available dates and then call Roxie Sianez, 801-476-7877 or  to get your date(s) reserved. We are not taking reservations for any groups outside of the Weber School District at this time.  Check back in October to see if that changes.

What its all about

Field trips to the Center are all about helping kids have a powerful and fun learning experience. The Center is a place where students can be out in a mountain environment to see and feel the interactions there. It is a place where students can be challenged with fun and exciting activities they will remember for a lifetime. 
Field trips also aim to build teamwork and cooperation and to allow students to discover new things about themselves and their abilities.

To accomplish these objectives we must limit the number of people at the Center at one time.  Maximum group size target is 80 people.








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Materials and Equipment

Picture of snow shoe equipment.

The Environmental Center has materials and equipment to help you engage your students during your time at the Center.

Below is a list of available materials:


  • Sound System: Amplifier, computer, VCR, BluRay Player
  • LCD projector and big screen
  • microphone


  • Big rolls 36" wide in colors
  • Scratch paper

Writing Materials

  • Chalk
  • Crayons
  • Magic markers
  • Pencils


  • Staplers and staples
  • Masking tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Lap boards 

Cooking (Outdoors)

  • Dutch ovens (5-#14)
  • 8 burner Propane Grill with two skillets
  • Propane fire bowl for marshmallow roasting
  • Fire pit
  • Water jugs
  • Ice Chest

Science Materials

  • 8x hand lenses 
  • Microscopes
  • Compasses 
  • GPS units (35)
  • Telescopes (3)
  • Animal track keys
  • Bird books
  • Mammal books
  • Digital Thermometers (5)
  • Infra-red thermometers (7)
  • Avalanche transceivers (10)
  • Snow science tools like shovels (36), probe poles (5), crystal size cards (12), clinometers (5)


  • Indoor climbing walls (2)
  • Outdoor volleyball court
  • Ping pong tables (8)
  • Hiking trails
  • Cross-country skis and groomed trails (200 pair and 25 km of trails)
  • Snowshoes (155 pair)
  • 9 holes of disc golf and discs
  • 10 lane archery range with equipment
  • Speed Stackers
  • Tipi
  • Tomahawk throwing (8 targets, 25 tomahawks)

Outdoor Communication

  • Bull horn 

 USE GOOGLE MAPSDO NOT USE MAPQUEST or Apple Maps (They take you to the wrong place)

From Ogden Canyon

  • Travel east on 12th street, up Ogden Canyon to Pineview dam.
  • Turn left across the dam (or proceed around through Huntsville if the dam road is closed) and follow the highway to the 4-way stop by Valley Market in downtown Eden.
  • Turn left and drive for 2.9 miles, on hwy 162 past Snowcrest Jr. High, to 4100 N. where there is a 3-way stop.
  • Turn left and travel West for.2 miles.
  • Turn right on 3300 E. and travel North for 1.3 miles.
  • Turn left on 5100 N. and drive West the 1.5 miles to the Environmental Center black archway sign and the parking lot.
  • Park your vehicle in the parking lot and walk the .5 miles up to the Environmental Center.

From North Ogden Divide

  • Turn left on 3300 E. in Liberty like you were headed to Avon and North Fork Park. 
  • Travel North for 1.3 miles.
  • Turn left on 5100 N. and drive West the 1.5 miles to the Environmental Center black archway sign and the parking lot.
  • Park your vehicle in the parking lot and walk the .5 miles to the Environmental Center.
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