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Child NutritionChild Nutrition

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch MenusBreakfast and Lunch Menus

12020-01 Elem Lunch Menu2020-01 Elem Lunch Menu7.68 KB388 times
22020-01 Elem Break Menu2020-01 Elem Break Menu7.47 KB99 times
32019-9 JR Lunch Menu2019-9 JR Lunch Menu9.23 KB3859 times
42019-9 JR Break Menu2019-9 JR Break Menu8.89 KB875 times
52019-9 High Lunch Menu2019-9 High Lunch Menu9.27 KB2631 times
62019-9 High Break Menu2019-9 High Break Menu8.73 KB721 times
72019-9 Elem Lunch Menu2019-9 Elem Lunch Menu7.68 KB18874 times
82019-9 Elem Break Menu2019-9 Elem Break Menu7.43 KB2044 times
92019-8 JR Lunch Menu2019-8 JR Lunch Menu7.07 KB2861 times
102019-8 JR Break Menu2019-8 JR Break Menu6.94 KB1025 times
112019-8 High Lunch Menu2019-8 High Lunch Menu7.18 KB1444 times
122019-8 High Break Menu2019-8 High Break Menu6.9 KB722 times
132019-8 Elem Lunch Menu2019-8 Elem Lunch Menu6.84 KB11934 times
142019-8 Elem Break Menu2019-8 Elem Break Menu6.78 KB2446 times
152019-4 Elementary Lunch Menu2019-4 Elementary Lunch Menu7.45 KB3846 times
162019-12 JR Lunch Menu2019-12 JR Lunch Menu7.59 KB1220 times
172019-12 JR Break Menu2019-12 JR Break Menu7.34 KB149 times
182019-12 High Lunch Menu2019-12 High Lunch Menu7.72 KB908 times
192019-12 High Break Menu2019-12 High Break Menu7.4 KB132 times
202019-12 Elem Lunch Menu2019-12 Elem Lunch Menu7.26 KB6957 times
212019-12 Elem Break Menu2019-12 Elem Break Menu7.09 KB598 times
222019-11 JR Lunch Menu2019-11 JR Lunch Menu9.15 KB3063 times
232019-11 JR Break Menu2019-11 JR Break Menu8.85 KB335 times
242019-11 High Lunch Menu2019-11 High Lunch Menu9.21 KB2133 times
252019-11 High Break Menu2019-11 High Break Menu8.66 KB241 times
262019-11 Elem Lunch Menu2019-11 Elem Lunch Menu7.59 KB15089 times
272019-11 Elem Break Menu2019-11 Elem Break Menu7.37 KB1291 times
282019-10 Elem Lunch Menu2019-10 Elem Lunch Menu7.72 KB17435 times
292019-10 Elem Break Menu2019-10 Elem Break Menu7.46 KB1919 times
302019 5 Elem Lunch Menu2019 5 Elem Lunch Menu7.34 KB127 times
312019 10 JR Lunch Menu2019 10 JR Lunch MenuEmpty0 times
322018 5 JR LUNCH MENU2018 5 JR LUNCH MENUEmpty0 times
332018 5 JR BREAK MENU2018 5 JR BREAK MENUEmpty0 times
342018 5 HIGH LUNCH MENU2018 5 HIGH LUNCH MENUEmpty0 times
352018 5 HIGH BREAK MENU2018 5 HIGH BREAK MENUEmpty0 times
362018 5 ELEM LUNCH MENU2018 5 ELEM LUNCH MENUEmpty0 times
372018 5 ELEM BREAK MENU2018 5 ELEM BREAK MENUEmpty0 times
382018 4 JR LUNCH2018 4 JR LUNCHEmpty0 times
392018 4 JR BREAK2018 4 JR BREAKEmpty0 times
402018 4 HIGH LUNCH2018 4 HIGH LUNCHEmpty0 times
412018 4 HIGH BREAK2018 4 HIGH BREAKEmpty0 times
422018 4 ELEM LUNCH2018 4 ELEM LUNCHEmpty0 times
432018 4 ELEM BREAK2018 4 ELEM BREAKEmpty0 times
442018 3 ELEM BREAK2018 3 ELEM BREAKEmpty0 times
452018 2 ELEM LUNCH2018 2 ELEM LUNCHEmpty0 times

Carbohydrate Counts

Carbohydrate CountsCarbohydrate Counts

12020-01 Elem Lunch Carb2020-01 Elem Lunch Carb32.93 KB94 times
22020-01 Elem Break Carb2020-01 Elem Break Carb28.45 KB84 times
32019-9 JR Lunch Carb2019-9 JR Lunch Carb54.91 KB574 times
42019-9 JR Break Carb2019-9 JR Break Carb34.37 KB554 times
52019-9 High Lunch Carb2019-9 High Lunch Carb54.66 KB548 times
62019-9 High Break Carb2019-9 High Break Carb35.69 KB506 times
72019-9 Elem Lunch Carb2019-9 Elem Lunch Carb32.83 KB744 times
82019-9 Elem Break Carb2019-9 Elem Break Carb28.37 KB706 times
92019-8 JR Lunch Carb2019-8 JR Lunch Carb27.57 KB545 times
102019-8 JR Break Carb2019-8 JR Break Carb18.7 KB550 times
112019-8 High Lunch Carb2019-8 High Lunch Carb27.77 KB502 times
122019-8 High Break Carb2019-8 High Break Carb19.33 KB507 times
132019-8 Elem Lunch Carb2019-8 Elem Lunch Carb17.11 KB759 times
142019-8 Elem Break Carb2019-8 Elem Break Carb16.33 KB696 times
152019-12 JR Lunch Carb2019-12 JR Lunch Carb42.39 KB118 times
162019-12 JR Break Carb2019-12 JR Break Carb27.01 KB97 times
172019-12 High Lunch Carb2019-12 High Lunch Carb42.65 KB102 times
182019-12 High Break Carb2019-12 High Break Carb27.96 KB94 times
192019-12 Elem Lunch Carb2019-12 Elem Lunch Carb26.51 KB234 times
202019-12 Elem Break Carb2019-12 Elem Break Carb22.8 KB150 times
212019-11 JR Lunch Carb2019-11 JR Lunch Carb49.86 KB190 times
222019-11 JR Break Carb2019-11 JR Break Carb30.55 KB176 times
232019-11 High Lunch Carb2019-11 High Lunch Carb49.72 KB156 times
242019-11 High Break Carb2019-11 High Break Carb32.68 KB139 times
252019-11 Elem Lunch Carb2019-11 Elem Lunch Carb30.23 KB313 times
262019-11 Elem Break Carb2019-11 Elem Break Carb27 KB248 times
272019-10 JR Lunch Carb2019-10 JR Lunch Carb54.82 KB525 times
282019-10 JR Break Carb2019-10 JR Break Carb33.25 KB490 times
292019-10 High Lunch Carb2019-10 High Lunch Carb54.68 KB494 times
302019-10 High Break Carb2019-10 High Break Carb35.62 KB460 times
312019-10 Elem Lunch Carb2019-10 Elem Lunch Carb33.02 KB710 times
322019-10 Elem Break Carb2019-10 Elem Break Carb28.36 KB637 times
332019 4 Elem Lunch Carb2019 4 Elem Lunch Carb27.52 KB52 times
342018 5 JR LUNCH CARB2018 5 JR LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
352018 5 JR BREAK CARB2018 5 JR BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
362018 5 HIGH LUNCH CARB2018 5 HIGH LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
372018 5 HIGH BREAK CARB2018 5 HIGH BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
382018 5 ELEM LUNCH CARB2018 5 ELEM LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
392018 5 ELEM BREAK CARB2018 5 ELEM BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
402018 4 JR LUNCH CARB2018 4 JR LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
412018 4 JR BREAK CARB2018 4 JR BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
422018 4 HIGH LUNCH CARB2018 4 HIGH LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
432018 4 HIGH BREAK CARB2018 4 HIGH BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
442018 4 ELEM LUNCH CARB2018 4 ELEM LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
452018 4 ELEM BREAK CARB2018 4 ELEM BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
462018 3 JR LUNCH CARB2018 3 JR LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
472018 3 JR BREAK CARB2018 3 JR BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
482018 3 HIGH LUNCH CARB2018 3 HIGH LUNCH CARBEmpty0 times
492018 3 HIGH BREAK CARB2018 3 HIGH BREAK CARBEmpty0 times
502018 3 ELEM Lunch Carb2018 3 ELEM Lunch CarbEmpty0 times
512018 3 ELEM Breakfast Carb2018 3 ELEM Breakfast CarbEmpty0 times

Free and Reduced

Free & Reduced LunchFree & Reduced Lunch



12019-9 JR Lunch Sodium2019-9 JR Lunch Sodium54.2 KB491 times
22019-9 JR Break Sodium2019-9 JR Break Sodium33.98 KB541 times
32019-9 High Lunch Sodium2019-9 High Lunch Sodium53.81 KB480 times
42019-9 High Break Sodium2019-9 High Break Sodium35.22 KB510 times
52019-9 Elem Lunch Sodium2019-9 Elem Lunch Sodium32.46 KB495 times
62019-9 Elem Break Sodium2019-9 Elem Break Sodium28.04 KB647 times
72019-8 JR Lunch Sodium2019-8 JR Lunch Sodium27.25 KB476 times
82019-8 JR Break Sodium2019-8 JR Break Sodium18.52 KB513 times
92019-8 High Lunch Sodium2019-8 High Lunch Sodium27.37 KB484 times
102019-8 High Break Sodium2019-8 High Break Sodium19.1 KB500 times
112019-8 Elem Lunch Sodium2019-8 Elem Lunch Sodium16.92 KB495 times
122019-8 Elem Break Sodium2019-8 Elem Break Sodium16.17 KB580 times
132019 4 Elem Lunch Sodium2019 4 Elem Lunch Sodium27.22 KB61 times
142018 5 JR LUNCH SODIUM2018 5 JR LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
152018 5 JR BREAK SODIUM2018 5 JR BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
162018 5 HIGH LUNCH SODIUM2018 5 HIGH LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
172018 5 HIGH BREAK SODIUM2018 5 HIGH BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
182018 5 ELEM LUNCH SODIUM2018 5 ELEM LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
192018 5 ELEM BREAK SODIUM2018 5 ELEM BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
202018 4 JR LUNCH SODIUM2018 4 JR LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
212018 4 JR BREAK SODIUM2018 4 JR BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
222018 4 HIGH LUNCH SODIUM2018 4 HIGH LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
232018 4 HIGH BREAK SODIUM2018 4 HIGH BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
242018 4 ELEM LUNCH SODIUM2018 4 ELEM LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
252018 4 ELEM BREAK SODIUM2018 4 ELEM BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
262018 3 JR LUCH SODIUM2018 3 JR LUCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
272018 3 JR BREAK SODIUM2018 3 JR BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
282018 3 HIGH LUNCH SODIUM2018 3 HIGH LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
292018 3 HIGH BREAK SODIUM2018 3 HIGH BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times
302018 3 ELEM LUNCH SODIUM2018 3 ELEM LUNCH SODIUMEmpty0 times
312018 3 ELEM BREAK SODIUM2018 3 ELEM BREAK SODIUMEmpty0 times


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