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Coping Skills

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Coping Skills are tools and techniques a person can use to help handle difficult emotions, decrease stress, and increase mental wellbeing. In short, coping skills are things we do, to change the way we feel.  Coping Skills are very person specific. Something that helps one person to cope well, may have little effect on another. Often experimentation is needed to find coping skills that work for us.  Below you will find resources you can use at home to help teach this important skill to your child. 

Resources for Young Children:


Teaching Kids Coping Skills

Developing Coping Skills-5 Ways to Help

How to Teach Kids Coping Skills to Manage Big Feelings


15 Coping Strategies for Kids

18 Coping Skill Activities


Belly Breathe

Thought Bubbles

Resources for Adolescents:


5 Coping Skills Teens Need to Know

Teaching Teens Strategies for Coping Wish Stress


30 Healthy Coping Skills for Teens

Coping Skills for Anger, Anxiety, and Depression

Teach your Teenager Coping Skills for Wellbeing


A-Z of Coping Strategies

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